Scent Diary, July 14-20, 2014

Fourth of July at Glacier, Taz hitting Gaze with a snowball.  Photo by The CEO.
Fourth of July at Glacier, Taz hitting Gaze with a snowball. Photo by The CEO.

Monday, July 14 – Ugh. If Montana was too dry… well, then, Virginia is too humid! I’m never happy with summer. I’ve probably been sick of summer since I was in third grade and got chicken pox the first day of a week in which the temperature by the thermometer was 100 degrees Fahrenheit all week – and we didn’t have air conditioning. (Hardly anybody had it in the house then, though it was common for businesses to be air-conditioned. Hey – it was the 70s.) My sister and I both got chicken pox the same day, in fact, though my case seemed worse than hers, and hers was bad enough. We had spots on our scalp, under our hair, and Mom cut our hair very short to help with the itching. I even had spots inside my ears and mouth. I was miserable. We spent the week pretty much in the bathtub with colloidal oatmeal bath stuff in the cold water. We were itchy, spotty prunes.

(Incidentally, I am just waaaaaaiting for shingles to show up at some point. The CEO, who had a mild case of chicken pox, has already had shingles once. It was a small rash about the size of his palm, on his upper ribs. We didn’t know what it was until he developed a similar rash on his back, about the size of a Ping-Pong ball, when he described it as feeling not itchy but “on fire.” I remember saying, “I bet this has something to do with nerves – oh wait. Of course. Rash plus nerves, that’s shingles. Go see the doctor.” And sure enough, it was. Doctors will usually tell you that the more severe the case of chicken pox, the more likely you’ll get shingles as you age, which, GREAT. I’m probably going to want to die when I get it.

SOTD: Ralph Lauren Safari. Love the stuff. Took Taz to the orthodontist to see about his teeth; Dr. Vaughan says that the crowded teeth are about to come out, and the underbite may or may not be something that can be corrected with orthodontic treatment, so we’re on a six-month wait-and-see schedule for him.

Tuesday, July 15 – Gaze’s turn for a visit to Dr. Vaughan. He had the wires on his top teeth tightened and they’ll put the braces on his lower teeth next month. He seems to be doing okay with his braces, which has surprised me just a little. I would have thought he’d hate it, but apparently they’re common enough among his friends that nobody’s giving him a hard time about them. SOTD: DSH Pink Gardenia. Hmm… I know that at least a couple of bloggers really like this one, but it’s very sweet on me, very coconut/suntan oil. Beachy, sure, but for that I’d rather have Vamp a NY or de Nicolai Just une Reve.

I’ve been searching for another dog on Petfinder, which is sort of an online clearinghouse for pet shelters and rescues to post pictures and descriptions of the animals available for adoption. I don’t have anything specific against dog breeders, but since we are not interested in a particular breed and there are so many dogs out there without a home, adoption is the way we want to go. My criteria: Dog, preferably young, medium size (25-50 pounds or so), house trained.  No specific breed. We just want a dog who likes to cuddle and play, and I am of the opinion that we’ll know each other when we meet. I’ve contacted the caretakers of two dogs we liked the looks of on Petfinder; one of them I haven’t heard from at all, and the other sent me a lengthy adoption application that I had to fill out and have approved before we can even meet the dog. I turned it in on Saturday but have not heard back from them.

Wednesday, July 16 – SOTD: Jacomo Silences Eau de Parfum Sublime. It has been definitively decided that the new red Caravan, which looks just like the old red Caravan I called Eddie Van (for Eddie Van Halen), is not named Eddie II. Instead, he is Stevie Ray Van (in memoriam of the blues guitar player Stevie Ray Vaughan, of course). The CEO came up with that while we were on vacation, and I was resistant at first – but this evening, when I was taking Gaze and Taz to the park for cross-country practice, we actually saw Original Eddie Van! He caught my eye at a red light, and when I looked closer I recognized his dented bumper. “That’s Eddie,” I pointed out to Gaze. “Lots of red minivans,” he agreed. “No,” I insisted, “that’s really Eddie! Look! That’s his bumper!” Seeing Eddie so clean and well-maintained made me feel ridiculously happy, and at that point I felt that yeah, the new van could have his own name.

The CEO and Gaze are still editing the photos they took on vacation, but I’ll be posting some of them soon. They’re also getting a few of them printed and framed for entry into the photography division at the fair, which starts next week.

Thursday, July 17 – I cleaned out the closet under the stairs, which The CEO has been bugging me to do for a lonnnnnnng time. It took most of the day, but I was glad to have it done. Hauled all the old duffel bags/tote bags out, and the ancient sleeping bags we never use (now musty and mildew from storage); went through all the kid art and stashed the keepers in boxes. Got rid of some old computer accessory stuff.

SOTD: DSH Perfumes Reine des Fleurs, which is lovely but also quite familiar-smelling. It reminds me very much of Olympic Orchids Ballets Rouges, with something else in the base that reminds me of Soivohle Centennial. I’m not sure what that means, that suddenly everything is reminding me of something else, and dark rose fragrances are pretty common. Dunno. Will probably need to wear the two side by side. Reine des Fleurs was inspired by this piece of art, and I do get the relationship – bright rose on a dark background – but it’s also an all-natural fragrance, and it only sticks around on me for about 2 hours before subsiding into a skin scent. Grrr. I know proponents of natural/botanical fragrances feel that synthetics are bad for you, but with my scent-eating skin, botanical fragrances (with a very few exceptions) tend not to last long enough to bother with. I mean, really, I just have no patience with the short life and I don’t tend to have problems with synthetics, so why would I not rather have Ballets Rouges? (I do have it, actually. I finally broke down and bought a small bottle. Haven’t cracked it open, but I will.)

Friday, July 18 – Coolish day, which is nice – only up into the low 80s F. Gaze is off to Leadership Day with the other section leaders at marching band; hope that goes well.

Took a LOAD of stuff to Goodwill/trash/recycling, and cleaned the house in preparation for the kids from Bright Futures Atlanta to come visit tomorrow. SOTM: “An Impression Of” Marc Jacobs Daisy, from the cheapie versions they have at Walgreens. I love Daisy, it’s sort of a guilty pleasure, and I sometimes wish (sometimes) that I had more of it than a dabber mini, no matter how cute the mini is. The El Cheapo version doesn’t have that fruity topnote (on me, the real thing is two minutes of strawberry and ten of citrus) and zips through its generic white florals to plain musk, all in about an hour, so I can’t recommend it, not even for $18/50ml – but it isn’t awful.

SOTE: DSH Perfumes Scent of Hope, which is purported to be a recreation of Iris Gris. I’ve never smelled Iris Gris, and I’m not a huge iris fan, but Everybody Says Iris Gris is Stunning, so I’m testing this. It is rather wildly expensive, even in samples, but it is extrait strength, and you do get a FULL 1ml, not a short one, for your $23 (no added cost for shipping on a sample-only order) when you order it from the DSH website. I’m not loving it. That probably has a lot to do with it being primarily iris – it’s not that I mind iris, but I tend to find iris-focused fragrances a little… (ssshhh) boring. That probably says a lot about me, that I find iris boring and Daisy delightful to wear, but HEY. I yam what I yam. Not sorry.

Saturday, July 19 – More cleaning in the morning, but it was so wet (thank God for the rain, it’s been so dry here lately!) that the BFA leaders, Phillip and Gail, wanted to put off the visit until tomorrow. I did some straightening, took a shower, wrote a little, did some more straightening… no fragrance until after supper. I probably should have tested something new, but the rain impelled me to pick Jolie Madame extrait. Mmmmmm. It’s “Old Lady” in the best of ways – an old lady who could kick your butt. Like Granny in the Looney Tunes cartoons, the one that owns Tweety Bird, you know her: long black dress, gray hair in a bun, round glasses, little mincing steps, and a stunning facility with a shotgun. (Incidentally, I’ve been reading The Wettest County in the World, a semi-fictional account of the moonshining/whisky-running Bondurant Boys in Franklin County, Virginia, in the early 1930s. The book, written by a grandson of one of the Boys, was made into a movie called “Lawless,” starring My Boyfriend Tom Hardy… who says of his presentation of independent, stubborn, nearly-invincible, violent, steel-knuckle-toting Forrest Bondurant that he was inspired by Looney Tunes’ Granny – maternal and protective of those in his care, but unaffectionate to them and utterly ruthless to those who oppose him. It’s a horribly violent movie, and filmed in Georgia* to boot, so if you give it a pass I won’t be offended. I’ll never watch it again, after renting it from the library once. It’s not a bad movie, but it is horribly, horribly violent, and even TH can’t redeem it for me.)

Yet another gratuitous Tom Hardy photo... because I CAN, that's why. This is TH as Forrest Bondurant in the movie "Lawless."
Yet another gratuitous Tom Hardy photo… because I CAN, that’s why. This is TH as Forrest Bondurant in the movie “Lawless.”

*There’s nothing wrong with Georgia in itself. But if you’re filming a movie about mountain people, it might be good to film it in the mountains, ya think? It is not as if there were no places in Franklin County that aren’t still rural enough to pass for 1930s towns. Trust me. I live about 60 miles from the place, and grew up even closer.

Sunday, July 20 – The CEO was filling in for the minister at a very small Presbyterian church this morning, so we all went with him rather than to the lake to worship with our church. He’s still a commissioned Presbyterian lay pastor, even though we are no longer members of the Presbyterian Church, and will occasionally fill in (“supply” as the Presbyterians call it) for some of the smaller churches in the area, the ones that don’t have a regular pastor. This church has about 10-12 people show up on Sunday mornings, and I sometimes wonder how it can be worth it for them when there are three other Presbyterian churches (and probably two dozen churches of other denominations) within driving distance. Today, besides the four of us, there were only seven people in the pews. I played the piano – stick a hymnal in front of me and I’m usually decent, even with no practice – so at least there was music. SOTM: Frederic Malle Iris Poudre. So pretty… I never wear it without thinking the word “fluffy.”

Still have not heard back from the Radford Pound Pals, despite my sending an email asking if they received my application and wondering when they would have an answer. I specifically said that there was no rush, but that I wanted to know when I could expect to hear back from them.  I mean, when you apply for a job, typically they’ll tell you when you’ll hear from them. From these people? Nothing.  I know, I know, it’s a volunteer organization and people offer their time. But how hard is it to reply to an email saying, “Yes, we got your application, and typically it takes two weeks (or a month, or whatever) for us to process one.”?  Hmm?  Or even, “The dog you’re interested in may not be available because we’re talking adoption with another family. How about this one instead?” Instead, NOTHIN’.

However, I found another possible dog on Petfinder last night and sent an inquiry, expecting not to hear anything for several days, but I got a reply this morning. This rescue operation is two counties over, about 45 minutes’ drive, but I’m hoping that this dog might work out. We’ll see.

The Bright Futures Atlanta kids and staff came over this afternoon for a hayride, and apparently had a blast. It got warm and sunny about the time they got here, and the Iris Poudre was largely faded, so I spritzed a goodly amount of Moschino Funny! for its sunny citrus-rose. Phillip, one of the directors, drove the black Ford Ranger we use as a farm pickup (we call him Walker, for “Walker, Texas Ranger”) and Gaze drove the Gator, and The CEO drove the tractor with hay wagon attached. When they came back, they devoured 72 brownies plus six gallons of homemade lemonade, which always gives me a kick. They’re great kids.


6 thoughts on “Scent Diary, July 14-20, 2014”

  1. Don’t normally give health advice, but there is a vaccine for Shingles. Don’t think Drs like to give it to anyone younger than 60, but I would definitely check it out. Our neighbor had a terrible case several years ago, so I made sure my DH got his vaccination as soon as possible. I got the chicken pox vaccination a few years ago when working at a church with a daycare, since I’ve never had c.p., and I’ll probably get the shingles vaccine as well in a few year.

    Good luck on your quest for a new furry companion!

    1. I’ll check into that, see what my doctor says. My brother-in-law had a bad case before he turned 30, so apparently you never know when it will show up!

      I am longing for a sweet doggie to pet.

      1. To add to Sharon’s comment…our local pharmacist mentioned to me the other day that the Shingles vaccine can now be given to those 50 and older.

        Lucky is the dog who joins your household!

        1. Well… I’m still not 50 yet. 😀 But when I am… I am GETTING myself vaccinated! Thanks for info.

          I’m looking forward to meeting the potential dog tomorrow.

  2. I hope you find a sweet doggie, soon. I think it’s wonderful that you want to adopt a shelter animal. So many of them sit, waiting so long for a forever home.

    When my daughter was in junior high it seemed like all the kids had braces. One of her friends was not good about wearing her retainer and had to have her braces put back on two more times. Hearing that was incentive enough for my daughter to be fanatical about wearing her retainer.

    1. We probably delayed longer than we should have with Gaze’s braces – he just finished 9th grade and he’ll have them on for approximately two years. I didn’t have them myself, but both my sister and brother did, and The CEO did too.

      We are probably going to go meet one dog this week, and I hope we all get along well! Still haven’t heard back from the people I contacted about the first dog. Weird. Anyway, I feel pretty strongly that I do NOT want a puppy (don’t think I have the energy for THAT). We had bad experiences with taking in strays and an animal from the local pound (turned out his former owners had given him up because he was expensive to feed, but they lived about a mile from us and he kept running away back to his old house). Rescue dogs are different – they just want to be loved.

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