Scent Diary, Jan. 6-12, 2014

Monday, Jan. 6 – The boys went back to school.  Rachel, the orphan calf we’ve been feeding for several months, went out into the field to join the other calves her age, since she is now well capable of foraging for herself on grass. (I’m glad. She was very aggressive about going after her food, whether it was a bottle or a bucket of grain. Whew.) The freezing weather we had last week seems to be in abeyance for the moment.  SOTD: Alahine. I love Alahine. Did I say that before?

Tuesday, Jan. 7 – Bookworm and I hung out some today, which was lovely.  SOTD: L’Artisan Traversee du Bosphore. I like this… don’t love it, but it’s nice. Oh well. It would be hard to love everything.

Wednesday, Jan. 8 – Bookworm went out with Jeff (our farm guy) to help him haul calves to the livestock market. While they were there, the truck (the dually, the 2005 Silverado that we bought last year to pull the cattle trailer? Long John? Him) wouldn’t start, and they had to first try to jump his battery off another truck, which didn’t work, and then start him on a hill, which did. They still came home decorated with mud and manure; Bookworm didn’t seem to mind terribly.

The CEO left for a National Cattlemen’s Beef Board meeting in Denver very early. It was cold but bearable. SOTD was Memoir Woman.

Thursday, Jan. 9 – Temperatures in the upper 30s today, not bad at all. However, I had to drive Bookworm to the airport in Roanoke so she could catch her 9am flight back to school. There was a delay at her layover stop in Philadelphia, so she didn’t get back to her dorm room until nearly 5pm, about an hour and a half later than scheduled. Went sniffing at the mall after dropping her off, and tested several things, including Marc Jacobs Daisy edp, which I have always liked, and Estee Lauder Modern Muse since I liked it so much on a paper strip.

First community chorus practice of the semester. It went okay, I think – we’re going to be performing several spirituals and a short cantata called “The Seven Last Words of Christ,” which we’ve sung before. It’s old, written in the 1830s, but quite accessible to the modern ear without being too “classical.”

Friday, Jan. 10 – School was out! We had ice in the morning, and school was first delayed two hours and then canceled at the last minute, about 7:00 (schools start between 8:20 and 8:33). It wasn’t nearly as bad for us as it might have been for other people who live in less-accessible places in the county, but it was still nasty. We had a lovely fire. The high school band left as planned at 3pm anyway, since it’s tough to back out of a parade.  SOTD: Soivohle Centennial, which is a warm cozy blanket of a scent; I swear it feels fuzzy.

Saturday, Jan. 11 – My birthday! We did get to see Gaze’s band march in the inaugural parade for Virginia’s newly-elected governor, Terry McAuliffe.  As usual, however, the videocameras showed the front of the band with the banner, the flags, the drum majors, flutes, clarinets, and then cut to a different angle to show the saxophones, trumpets and percussion going past, then cut to the rear view to show the tubas – completely missing the low brass and trombones.  (BOO HISS. WHY DO THEY ALWAYS SKIP THE TROMBONES???) SOTM: The Body Shop Moroccan Rose body cream.

In raincoats because it was pouring!  Photo courtesy Isaac Sarver.
In raincoats because it was pouring! Photo courtesy Isaac Sarver.

Pulaski Co. (VA) HS Golden Cougar Marching Band Inaugural Parade 2014

Bookworm is in NYC with the Yale pep band for the Harvard-Yale hockey game at Madison Square Garden. I wonder what she’s making of the City? She’s SO not a city girl.  Anyway, she texted us from time to time during the game (we couldn’t get it on our TV) and told us she thinks the band really messed with the Harvard goalie’s mind during the second period, the only one where Harvard’s goal was at the end of the ice near the band.  Yale won 5-1.

Dinner was at our local pizza place (run by a Mexican family); I had calzone. Birthday cake was white with raspberry filling, yum. Also, I got to open the Chanel No. 19 edp that Bookworm bought for me at the Rome airport duty free shop on her Europe trip last summer, so that was the scent of the evening.  It’s lovely, it really is.

Sunday, Jan. 12 – Church was nice; we had soup for lunch. SOTD: Chanel No. 19 edp again, of course.


9 thoughts on “Scent Diary, Jan. 6-12, 2014”

  1. Happy Belated Birthday! What a wonderful birthday gift from Bookworm. Love No.19, although I’ve never had a chance to smell the EdP. Enjoy!

    1. Well, technically The CEO paid for it… but she asked before she went, “Anything you want me to pick up for you?” and of course there WAS!

  2. A pizza place run by a Mexican family…not sure why but I think that’s too funny. And happy belated birthday! How nice to have something you love that was brought to you from Rome by your daughter! Cannot imagine either of my sons bringing perfume back but we’ll see.

    Gotta admire a girl who can haul cattle one day and return to Yale the next!

    I can’t put my hands on my sample of Centennial. Tried it, liked it (I think) and poof! it has disappeared. I’ve enjoyed so many of Liz’s perfumes but I saw this on her tumblr page the other day and felt sad.
    I have two new perfumes that were created over the past two or three years, ready to go in 2014. But after that and after trimming down the line to just the things I really love, I will go back to creating spontaneously. Every scent will be like a new painting. Nothing will be written down. I will once again be creating scents as true works of art. No paint by numbers perfumes. They will be very small batch, often no more than two or four ounces that will be bottled numbered and sold. The way I did it when I was giving everything away to friends and creating special things for myself.
    It was the “nothing will be written down” that got me. I own quite a few Soivohles but to think I could fall in love with something that can’t be reproduced scares me.

    1. Bookworm was so sweet… “Any perfume you want me to bring you from Europe, Mom?” So I told her what I wanted and couldn’t get in the US, and where I saw it, and her dad told her to just put it on the credit card. She also brought me a scarf from Paris. She likes being a country girl at Yale, though! She knows at least two other freshmen who grew up on farms, one whose dad owns a dairy farm in WI and one who lives on a cattle ranch in OK. Both boys. She likes them. Isn’t interested in dating them.

      OHHHH NOOOOOO. Great, now I will have to save up for a bigger bottle of Centennial before it disappears. Anniversary/Mother’s Day in May, hope that’s soon enough. Or maybe buy now and set aside for May. I understand that Artist ideal, I just hate that it stomps on something I already love! And there are plenty of people who love her perfumes. It’s not that what she will now be producing will be of any lesser quality, it’s that those of us who don’t live anywhere near Chicago will be out of luck in terms of smelling and purchasing. Also, there will be very little point in reviewing her stuff if it is only available in very small quantities.

      My two cents, anyway. It’s her company, and if she wants to paint instead of perfume that’s her deal.

        1. Found it! Thing is… which ones does she love? I don’t know. Violets & Rainwater (which I liked and was considering getting a small bottle of) is gone already.

  3. Verona’s has REALLY GOOD calzones. The pizza’s good, too, but best calzones I’ve ever had.

    And, no, I don’t mind being covered in mud and manure and smelling like cows. I like cows. Also, the smell of manure makes me happy. I think it has something to do with “helping” Dad on the farm (meaning I went with him and watched while he worked) and spending summer days at my grandmother’s house when I was little. (She lives about a mile from our house beside a dairy.)

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