Scent Diary, Jan. 20-26, 2014


Monday, Jan. 20 – Cold. SOTD is Pierre de Velay Extrait No. 11, which I really must review. It is a classic chypre formula with plenty of florals in it, and it reminds me most of Roja Dove Diaghilev, as well as a less-fuzzy version of Soivohle Centennial. Gorgeous stuff. Quite addictive, but since it’s produced by the Roja Dove Haute Parfumerie, it’s ridiculously spendy.

This is turning out, unexpectedly, to be Chypre Week. Weird.

Tuesday, Jan. 21 – SOTD is Leonard de Leonard, which Fragrantica calls a green floral but which I would call a floral chypre. I mean, okay, yeah, it’s green. And it doesn’t have that citrus/moss/labdanum triangle that Chypre Fascists insist upon. What it does have is the mossy-patchouli-amber stuff that creates the tanginess and bite that spells “chypre” for me. Such nice stuff. The CEO says of it that it’s very pleasant, very nice.  I told him it was “very 80s,” and he said, “That might be why I like it.”  It’s not the screaming loudness of it that suggests 80s perfumery, it’s the complexity and the utter lack of candy sweetness.

Gaze had a MACC (academic challenge team) meet today. He’s on the Social Studies team, and is apparently the only freshman, but didn’t get subbed out to “sit the bench,” so I’m proud of him. PCHS won the Social Studies, Science, and All-Around portions, lost the English, and they hadn’t done Math when he left so I don’t know about that one.  Bookworm did MACC too, though she was on the Science team – you can only be on two if one of them is the All-Around – and I got used to the English team being less than successful. What I don’t know is why.

Wednesday, Jan. 22 – Chilly. SOTD is the gorgeous/weird Memoir Woman, via the body lotion I got for Christmas.  The lotion has less, well, everything: less aromatic stuff up top, less leather/skank underneath, and the white florals in the middle are very smoothed out. It is altogether softer, but still that bizarrely gorgeous beast that the EdP is. (I admit to lusting after the extrait, too, which is more animalic and less floral. Wowsers.)

Thursday, Jan. 23 – C-c-c-c-c-COLD.  Only 18F, which we’ve certainly seen worse than around here, but it’s windy, cloudy and miserable.  School is going two hours late today because of the wind chill (there are kids in this county who have to wait at bus stops half a mile from their houses, at 7 am); my boys are happy about sleeping a little later in this cold.  SOTD is Pierre de Velay Extrait No. 11 again. So nice.

Friday, Jan. 24 – The thermometer said 6F when we got up today around 7:30, and when I was taking the boys to school at 10 am, Eddie Van’s thermometer said 3. But it’s sunny with no wind, and it doesn’t feel anywhere near as miserable as yesterday. I went ahead and took the two big laundry totes I use for recycling to the county receiving area – there are three bins there, for cardboard, mixed paper and mixed recyclables, and separated my waste out, and by the time I was done dumping it all, my hands hurt. Even through gloves. (They were just puny little knit gloves, though. I was stupid and didn’t take the suede ones.)  You people who can recycle by just setting your box out with your trash, you better be taking advantage of that service. Shame on you if you don’t – your locality is paying somebody to just pick up your stuff, so make it worth their while.  It’s a great benefit to not have to separate

SOTD: Vintage Lancome Magie Noir from a sample sent to me by someone who loves the stuff. I had been thinking that the mini edt I bought on ebay (1/4 ounce, about $13) had aged awkwardly because of this strangely sour/rotten note in it – something herbal and pickled, something eerie. However, the sample smells exactly like the stuff in my mini. I don’t wear it often because unlike other chypre type things, there is something about it that keeps screaming “NOT ME NOT ME.” It’s a little bit like wearing a Louise Brooks wig. I suspect that there is something like coriander in it, and I know for sure there is a lot of vetiver and patchouli; vetiver often smells sour on my skin. At the same time, it is bizarrely addictive, and I am able to pick up on the florals in it at this stage – rose and gardenia? Definitely a white floral.

Rented “Captain Phillips” at Redbox and watched it at home. Very tense. Interesting, how at the beginning you are all for the Americans, how dare those pirates just decide stuff is theirs for the taking? And why don’t the shipping companies hire security with machine guns for those cargo ships traveling in waters near Somalia? But then you begin to really notice how skinny those guys are. Their clothes are ragged, they have sandals or no shoes at all, and very little choice in how they earn their money.  Sad. I do not understand this “warlord” system. That’s the luxury of living in the First World, I guess.

SOTE: Caron Parfum Sacre, which is just so comfortable and pretty, and warm.

Saturday, Jan. 25 – Warmer than yesterday, but windy. So windy the porch swing is banging against the house and the dog quails at the front door, even though she needs to go out.  Blustery – like Hundred-Acre-Wood blustery, even.  Brr.  Another fire in the fireplace. House cleaning today, and no SOTD. I usually like to wait until I’ve finished my bathroom-cleaning and my sweeping and mopping, then shower, but since I got distracted with one thing and another during the day, I sorta forgot. I have a sampler set from Scent On Canvas, a Spanish company, to try, but I’m not sure I’m in the mood for any of them. Orientals and leather, mostly, though there are two which are supposed feminine florals. I just couldn’t work up the enthusiasm.

After dinner, I found my decant of Iris Poudre and put some on.  Yum.

Sunday, Jan. 26 – Warmer today. More Iris Poudre today for church, but it had largely wafted away by the time I got home, so I went back to my decant of Leonard de Leonard.  Which also wafted away by dinner time, so I went to bed in the deliciously warm Vamp a NY.  The Vamp has been described elsewhere (go see Musette’s review at Perfume Posse, it’s hilarious) as bubble-gummy, but what I get out of it is Tuberose/Root Beer Float. For what it’s worth, March at PP got root beer candy as well. Depending on your reaction to that description, you may either like it or shun it like the plague. I love it in summer, but it also has enough heft to hold up for cold weather.  However, I’ve found that it seems wrong in fall; it seems quite trashy at that stage, and I think it’s a function of weather.

Incidentally, we had to shut our water softener off because a fitting on the line leading from water inlet to tank is stripped. The CEO has not yet gotten it fixed, and so the dishwasher is not doing a great job, and my skin is very very dry and itchy despite my taking short cool showers.  Our levels of dissolved lime (calcium carbonate) were off the charts when the Culligan guy came to test it several years ago, and I want my softened water back.


4 thoughts on “Scent Diary, Jan. 20-26, 2014”

  1. Love your chypre longings and explorations, Mals! Okay, and, just a leetle bit, I covet your Coty Chypre 😀 I would probably not like it, but nerdly girl that I am, I want to experience it. It’s one of the things I’d like to smell at the Osmotheque someday. I’m so glad you have it, and adore it. I’m glad it has a loving home.

    Here, you have all these perfume houses I have not even heard about. Leonard de Leonard? Pierre de Velay? Never heard of them. I know there are gazillions of perfume houses, but I really read most of the blogs. Who carries these, I wonder and how did I miss out? (I will go ask Google) They sound fascinating. Thanks for pointing them out, and sharing your impressions.

    I adore green floral things! I missed out on the Centennial sale, and have a tiny sample that I love. I will likely cave and buy a small bottle one day, as I enjoy it beyond reason. Quietly, I will say I love it more than my Chamade extrait, and find it more wearable. That feels disloyal. Now I just sound weird. Must get sleep, soonest. Stay warm, over there, and enjoy your lovely perfumes. Be well.

    1. I paid through the NOSE for that Chypre. But it is gorgeous. THe citrus has gone faint in it and it is probably much more gentle than it once was – it is so pretty. The old Cotys, they just make me so happy. I don’t know if you have tried vintage Emeraude, but it too is so soft and plush, very unlike the stuff currently available.

      Leonard is an oldie – I think they still make some items but not many. That decant was a split that someone else recommended to me, and I bought the split unsniffed, but I was very happy with it. The first time I smelled it I thought, “Oh! Reminds me of Cachet.” Pierre de Velay I got from either TPC or StC (can’t remember), when they were having some kind of %-off sale, and I only have about 2ml. I want more. However, it’s priced like Roja Dove so I don’t know if I can swing that or not!

      Centennial is not particularly green to me; I always see it in my mind as being a very warm salmony-orange-peach, and FUZZY. Oh gosh. I must wear that today, now I’m craving it! You stay warm, too. 🙂

  2. I was thinking the same thing as Hemlock….so many here I’ve not tried or even heard of.

    Still cannot find my Centenntial sample but if Liz is going to let this one go bye-bye, perhaps just as well.

    I’ve been working through a backlog of samples and nothing I’ve tried has been a home run. A few likes here and there but I already have so much perfume I’m only interested in those that knock it out of the park.

    I won a bottle of Bombay Bling a few months back and I’m loving it. I liked the sample I had but this was so much better sprayed. Those other samples may languish a while longer since I’m reaching for this every morning. Makes me wonder how Trayee, Ashoka and Mohur might be sprayed instead of dabbed.

    We do have curb-side recycling and take full advantage. We have to pay for every can of trash that goes out so we’re careful about what goes into the garbage. The program was recently expanded to include Styrofoam, plastic lids, along with some other items. Very handy but not free. We pay an annual trash fee along with the per can fee but this beats how we used to haul it elsewhere to be recycled, much like you.

    1. I don’t know for sure that Liz is ditching Centennial, but I’m going to be checking the site regularly to make sure I don’t miss it. Love the stuff.

      I have a lot of likes in my sampling, but those true loves are rare. Bombay Bling I thought was lots of fun (and I’m not a big mango fan), but I was surprised to really enjoy Trayee. But like you, I was dabbing, and sometimes that makes a difference!

      We pay a garbage fee as well ($39 quarterly) for trash pickup, and I’m sure that includes fees for operating the recycling center. We can’t recycle styrofoam, but we can do plastic of all types, glass, metal (all those in the same bin – the regional recycling area has some kind of sorter thing), plus mixed paper and cardboard. I had no idea how much cardboard I had been throwing away until I started to recycle it! Things like cereal boxes, etc.

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