Scent Diary, Jan. 17-23, 2011

Monday, Jan. 17: Every Monday, Gaze comes down for breakfast and bangs things around sullenly. If you ask him what’s wrong, he says, resentfully, “It’s Monday.” He’s not even a teenager yet. Huh. I don’t hate Mondays. I don’t even remember hating Mondays as a teenager.

Well, maybe as a college student.   SOTD: Mariella Burani.

Tuesday, Jan. 18: The Malta trip planning is going forth! We bought our airline tickets last night and booked a Malta hotel which looks really nice but seems inexpensive. It will be Carnival Week when we go, which I’m not all that thrilled about, but I should probably loosen up a little.

SOTD: Santa Maria Novella Gardenia, which was a lovely green, tropical gardenia for two hours and then became increasingly unpleasant on my skin for the next two hours. I can’t even identify why it’s unpleasant – just that it went all chemically and weird. After the weird two hours, it went to plain white musk.

SOTEvening: Mary Greenwell Plum, to take the chemical weirdness of SMN Gardenia off my mind. Meant to mail a couple of swap packages today but didn’t get to. Too busybusy.

Wednesday, Jan. 19: Windy all day, windy all night, windy enough to bang the shutters and make the pleasantly-tuned wind chimes a cacophony and blow the trash cans across the porch. I finally sat down and ordered some thermal curtains online for the sliding glass door to the back deck. Our December electric bill was $286, and January is turning out even colder.

SOTD: Si Lolita. Which is still pretty, a light floral oriental with pink pepper (pink-pepperophobes, stay away!) that lasts far less long than you’d think, for a floriental. Respritzed twice. My 5ml mini is half gone.

Thursday, Jan. 20: I’m behind at work. It’s freezing cold, in the wake of that wind: 20F and windy, feels like 5F. SOTMorning: the purportedly-risque Agent Provocateur. Which turns out to be merely nice, not slutty. I find that I mind patchouli much less than I usually do when it’s paired with a strong rose presence.

Read a blurb on Now Smell This about how Guerlain will soon be releasing a version of Idylle with the rose and patchouli brought forward, called Idylle Duet. I commented something like, “What, there wasn’t enough patchouli in the first one??” because that was my honest take on it: nice musky floral with way too much patchouli. Then I found my sample and spritzed a bit, and I must have been patch-desensitized by the Agent Provocateur, because the patchouli in Idylle is still too much, too sour, too grating – but it didn’t icepick me in the eyeballs this time. Progress! (Maybe.)

Friday, Jan. 21: Not feeling well today, with digestive tract in an uproar and fever. Stayed home. Slept most of the day. The cat curled up on me and kept me warm, but I honestly couldn’t say whether it was because she was being sweet or that I was simply lying in her preferred nap spot. In the afternoon, put on a bit of Shalimar Light in hopes of comfort.

Watched “Speed” on TV with The CEO, after I got to feeling better. It’s probably the best Dumb Action Movie ever made, not that I’m a big fan of action movies. There are plot holes big enough to drive that darn city bus through, but somehow you don’t care. Similarly, Keanu Reeves has got to be the best-looking bad actor that ever made it in Hollywood.

(Go ahead, argue with me. I’m waiting. 🙂 And I’ll admit I’m really not much of a film buff, so I might have missed something.)

Saturday, Jan. 22: Feeling somewhat better. Boxes of Christmas stuff have been languishing in the guest room, awaiting removal to the attic, and I meant to get to that today, but I’m Just Not Up To It.

Went with The CEO to a going-out-of-business sale at our local furniture store, to look at a recliner. The one we have is at least twenty years old, secondhand, with splitting upholstery – and it’s never been comfortable, much less attractive. We bought a new one. Which is something we almost never do, just up and buy stuff. Especially new stuff. This makes The CEO twitchy.

SOTD: Mary Greenwell Plum. Although later when we built a fire, I got a sudden craving for the lovely smokiness of Cuir de Lancome.

Sunday, Jan. 23: Early church today. Very cold and windy. The CEO went out early to check on an ailing cow that he and Gaze gave an injection of antibiotics to yesterday, on the advice of the vet, theorizing that she had a respiratory infection. However, she hadn’t made it through the night. This has been a bad winter for cows… well, our cows, anyway.

Suggested to The CEO this morning that he could take that Target gift card he got for Christmas and go pick up those new belts he needs (yes, needs – the belts he wore in college twenty years ago no longer fit, and his good dress belt broke last Sunday). His reply? “Now why would I do that, when there’s a perfectly acceptable Goodwill across the road from Target?” (Twitchy. I shouldn’t even have suggested it, so soon after the recliner.)

Put the Christmas stuff in the attic, mended some items, and supervised Bookworm’s first attempt at Lemon Squares. She did good.

SOTD: Amouage Lyric Woman: beautiful stuff. You know, there’s some of that resiny stuff that usually bugs me down in the bottom of this, but it’s not bothering me here at all. Huh. How many times have I worn Lyric and not noticed? The only thing on the (long) list of notes for this one that looks even vaguely suspicious is “incense.” Opoponax, maybe? Must look up the difference between opoponax and myrrh again – I love myrrh (La Myrrhe, Parfum Sacre, Oeillets Rouges). How can there be this big a gap between two related natural smells?

Image from Nat13 at Fragrantica.


10 thoughts on “Scent Diary, Jan. 17-23, 2011”

  1. I love to read your scent diaries!

    I definitely need to get my hands on some Mary Greenwell Plum, it sounds right up my alley. Agent Provocateur turns sour on me, just awful. But I love AG Strip.

    Lyric is gorgeous. I can’t decide if I prefer Lyric Woman or Epic Woman, both are amazing. I move into my new apartment soon (no more renting, yay!), and I plan to buy myself a bottle of Amouage as a housewarming gift 🙂

    1. Hm, AP was sour on you? I did like Strip, probably more than the original, but Strip reminded me of about three other things I already own decants of, so I reluctantly crossed it off my “consider” list. The last thing I need is a fragrance that smells like what I own… eek.

      I still haven’t tried Epic. I *think* I have a sample somewhere.

      Amouage would be a perfect housewarming gift! Whichever you decide, enjoy!

  2. I don’t think of Agent Provocateur as slutty/smutty either, and it goes on a little sour for me too (I blame the “saffron”) but if you spritz a bunch on and wait a couple hours, it darkens into something really great — very human and lived in, which is maybe where the sexiness comes in.

    1. E, it was definitely not anything to “frighten the horses” with, if you know that saying. I don’t think I would have called it sour… and of course I was dabbing, but it was all rose-gardeny, with nice green patchouli, and then it was sort of gone.

      Idylle was thiiiiiiiis close to being pretty great. Which is probably why I was so annoyed – the stuff that’s a definite No doesn’t haunt me, but the stuff that was close to genius yet ruined by one little issue does.

      1. You know, I think whether or not I find it a bit sour at first totally depends on what I’ve recently smelled. Kind of like how wine can taste sour if you’ve been eating something sweet.

        I kind of feel that way about Chergui — I still like it a lot, but it’s got that hair product note that eventually rears up.

      2. Hair product! It smells like floor wax and old houses to me, sort of musty.

        I think recent smellage has an effect, too. I was far less annoyed with Idylle after a day of AP than I was before. (The Pinot Noir was great after a bite of steak, not so good with the yeast rolls…)

  3. EwOuchErghAck…icepicks in the eyeballs…some things DO do that, and not just migraines. Yeehah. Now I’m askeered of the Idylle. As if I’d try it soon. But I keep MEANING to, largely because as described (and maybe the color associated with the ad campaign?) I think it might smell like Yves Rocher Commes Une Evidence. Just a brain post-it, waiting to be torn down.

    Twitchiness. Have reached the halfway point in life, and found a couple of times I made major purchases without some sort of interior drama. Mental and/or physical. With the line on “major” being somewhat…SOMEWHAT…mutable. What is it with that? When will I no longer be a starving student? Maybe when my kids are out of college? (Need to get them there…)

    I *want* resiny stuff from Lyric Woman. I suspect that perhaps a miserly little sample vial won’t help me find it. Twitch.

    1. Brain Post-its! I probably have miles worth of those on the interior walls. Have not smelled the Rocher – well, have smelled very few Rochers at all; they’re not available for free sniffage in these parts.

      The descriptor of “major purchase” does sort of shift around, doesn’t it? The CEO thinks nothing of buying eight cows, as he did last November, at about $600 a pop. And twice a year, I write a $22K check to his uncle as an installment on farmland. (Those make ME twitchy.) But those are business purchases. He’s only twitchy about items he might *personally* use.

      I didn’t find the resiny stuff in Lyric until I spritzed lavishly, either.

      1. “Spritz lavishly.” The ability to do that would be one of my arguments for not getting sample portions in anything less than a 2ml spritzer.

        Unfortunately, the calculus for that in an Amouage when placing an order starts tipping the scales back toward “major purchase…” Will look for an opportunity to share some Lyric Woman. The Man (perfume, Lyric speaking), I have. Well, I have The Man, too, but…oh, shoot, these ramblings…

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