Scent Diary, Feb. 6 – Feb. 12, 2017

February Roses

Monday, Feb. 6 – Funny how everything appears really bleak at home when you’ve been spending your days in a literal bubble decorated with exotic plants, waterfalls, and strings upon strings of Christmas lights. A sad side effect of vacation. (Luckily, the Drab at Home effect has no effect on people. The boys and the dog look as good to me as ever. :))

Keeping on with the Month of Roses project at Chemist in the Bottle, SOTD was L’Arte di Gucci. The CEO did laundry all day yesterday, but there is STILL a large pile of dirty clothes in the laundry room.

Gaze came home by himself after track practice. “Where’s your brother?” I asked him, confused.
“He’s at a MACC [academic challenge] match. Auburn HS. Should be home by 8 or so.”
“Wait, there was MACC and you didn’t go?” Gaze is captain of the Social Studies team.
“Needed to go to track because we have the conference meet on Wednesday. Besides, I wanted to see how they would do without me.”
As it turned out, they LOST. Boo. Taz is going to have to step up his MACC game next year.

Tuesday, Feb. 7 – Like yesterday, it’s warmer than it should be for February, in the upper 50sF. This is wrong in all kindsa ways. The CEO can cheer about warmer weather all he likes, but I want my winter! Testing Neela Vermeire Rahele this morning, roses later. (Rahele review later, too.) SOTE was Caron Parfum Sacre. So good.

My dad has been in the hospital with breathing difficulties. As it turns out, it’s just bronchitis, but he needed some breathing treatments and heavy-duty meds before they let him go home. Now Mom is sick too. Boo.

Wednesday, Feb. 8 – Warm again. Bleah. At least the kids can go outside to warm up before their races at the track meet today (yeah, they CALL it Indoor Track, but there isn’t enough room to warm up inside, so you just hope it’s not snowing). SOTD was Iris Poudre.

The CEO went to the meet to cheer on the boys. Our teams did unexpectedly well, the girls’ team finishing third by only six points (two points behind the runner-up) and the boys’ team coming in second by one point. ONE. Gaze finished 5th in the 3200M, right behind teammates finishing 2nd, 3rd, and 4th; he’ll go on to the regional meet. Taz finished 8th, not high enough to advance, but he cut his time from last week almost nine seconds, so we’re super proud of that. He barely qualified for conference with a time of 11 minutes 22.77 seconds. His new PR is 11:13.88, go Taz!

They didn’t get home until late, after 1 a.m., poor guys.

Thursday, Feb. 9 – The rain that started last night dried up, but the wind has not abated and it is COLD. This really stinks, because if we’d gotten the cold front before the precipitation, it would have been snow. Grr. Annnnnyway, SOTD is Lolita Lempicka Eau de Minuit, from that bottle I got in Nashville last week. Nice.

SOTE wound up being a dab or two of Tauer Une Rose Chypree, from a sample I’ve had, like… at least seven years. I think it’s going off; it smells a bit like used cooking oil. I never needed any more than a sample of URC because it’s such a powerhouse and I don’t, after all, love it. I just like it. But I think this particular sample, which I’ve used and enjoyed probably a dozen or more times already, should probably be jettisoned.

Friday, Feb. 10 – Had conferences with the boys’ teachers for this semester, except Taz’ drama teacher. It’s okay, I’ll catch up with Mr. McCoy later – he was holding rehearsals for the “Love the Bus” bus-safety presentation that the drama class puts on for the elementary school students in the county. The script changes every year, but it’s meant to be a fun and funny reminder of how to be safe on and around school buses, and what to do in emergencies. Gaze is doing well. So is Taz, except that nobody can read his handwriting. This is a perennial issue. I think his brain works faster than his hand can write. SOTD was the pleasant, pretty Cuir de Lancome.

Bookworm did not get rain in New Haven. Bookworm got snow. Here is a picture of her, at left in the turquoise and gray jacket, in the middle of a friendly snowball fight.

Saturday, Feb. 11 – Went to a gathering of church ladies (nice ones!) for a cupcake-decorating event. That was fun. We didn’t even eat the cupcakes until we were all finished. πŸ™‚ SOTD was again Lolita Lempicka Eau de Minuit, probably too much of it, but it was okay with all the sugar in the air. It’s warm again. Taz is sick: stuffy nose, headache, fever. He’s staying in his room and reading.

My refurbished wind chimes (Grace Notes Earthsong Medium, tuned to a mellow pentatonic scale – click here to listen) came home yesterday, all shined up and repaired! The CEO gave them to me twelve years ago, and they had needed repair. I’m glad to have them back. When Gaze and I took them out of the box and they rang out in the house, Hunter started singing with them. He’s so funny!

Sunday, Feb. 12 – Taz is better today. The bottle of Le Temps d’une Fete was calling to me, and it’s still warm, so I got a good three spritzes in. I’m going to be so sad when it’s all gone.


10 thoughts on “Scent Diary, Feb. 6 – Feb. 12, 2017”

  1. The Yale library photo popped up in my Facebook feed…how fun. I don’t have memories of that much snow from back in the day, it always seemed to rain in New Haven. I see you’re getting good use out of your new LL… I still want one of the Minuit bottles even though I absolutely don’t need the perfume!

    1. The library is probably her favorite place on campus! Since Bookworm has been in New Haven, we’ve been sort of tracking the weather and comparing it to here. Surprisingly, the temperature always seems to be within about 2-3 degrees of here, year round — but they’ve gotten a little more rain and a lot more snow.

      The Minuit is really nice. I am mildly missing that green note in the original LL, though.

  2. Hey Mals86,
    I have an old bottle of Le Temps d’une Fete that gets only a few wears a year. It’s the 100ml slope shouldered bottle with quite a bit in it.
    I think you have my email, send me your address and I’ll mail it off.
    Portia xx

    1. I do smell great! Last summer I did rose scents for about ten days in a rose, and I noted at the time that between bottles, decants, and samples, I could wear a different rose fragrance every day for a month. I’m not quite doing that this month, but I’m trying to focus on my roses. Thanks for the nudge.

  3. Love wind chimes! And it has been very windy here lately!
    My son’s handwriting is also terrible and very, very small. He was allowed to use an index card with notes on it for some exams in high school. My husband and I used to joke that he could fit half the book on one!

    1. Apparently Taz *can* read his own writing. Too bad nobody else can… πŸ™ He hasn’t gotten to the classes where he has to write essays on tests, but he will. Ay ay ay.

      I do love my chimes. Do you have some?

  4. We have two. A cheap one , on our deck, which sounds fine to me, and a large, expensive one. The expensive one is Music of the Spheres in Pentatonic scale, don’t know which octave. My husband gifted it to himself, and it hangs from a very, large old beech tree behind our house. We don’t have any neighbors behind us (or a fence) . It is really too large for our backyard and our neighborhood. I would be unable to even lift the thing! It does sound wonderful!

    1. We don’t have any *close* neighbors – I doubt they can hear our chimes from their houses, and only faintly from the ends of their driveways. The Music of the Spheres one sounds really nice, I listened to its sample.

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