Scent Diary, Feb. 6-12, 2012

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Monday, Feb. 6: Errands today. Kids home early from school, due to parent-teacher conferences. Bookworm and Gaze had excellent report cards, and Taz’ was also good in terms of his academic grades. He did receive an “Unsatisfactory” in handwriting, however, and until further notice will be spending half an hour every day practicing writing legibly. Both his older siblings have miserable handwriting too, but at least you can read theirs! My handwriting isn’t all that great, either, but I can remember caring about it looking nice… seems like my kids don’t care at all. Sigh. SOTD: Liz Zorn Centennial, such a nice cozy fuzzy-peachy floral chypre.

Tuesday, Feb. 7: SOTM: various samply things. Worked on the “practice prom dress.” SOTEvening: YSL Paris. I had a miniature dabber bottle, but the plastic stopper split and would no longer seal the bottle, so I wound up decanting it into a glass atomizer. I like Paris. I’ve finally run across that greenish streak in it, where before I only noticed the pastel pink-and-purple rose-violet.

Wednesday, Feb. 8: It snowed just a bit this morning, but nothing stuck. The ground’s too warm. We’re going to get through this winter without any serious snow this year, darn it. I miss snow. I planned to go hit the mall to do some sniffery, so I did not wear any scent this morning. Instead, I did some laundry and wrote a little and reordered running shoes for Gaze, in the correct size this time.

This afternoon I went to Belk and attempted to cadge samples of fragrances, but the sales associates were unwilling to let me make my own. In fact, they sprayed the testers for me. (Must be store policy.) I sampled the following on tester strips: Chance EDT, EDP, and Eau Tendre, Cashmere Mist, Burberry Body, Light Blue, and Justin Bieber Someday. Of course, six hours later I can’t tell the difference between them by smelling the strips. I do remember what I thought of them when they were freshly sprayed. I asked to try Light Blue on my wrist, and then requested Sensuous Nude on the other wrist. That was hideous. It was only later that I realized that the SA had picked up the purple bottle of Sensuous Noir, not the flesh-toned one of Sensuous Nude. I didn’t notice at the time. I also asked for a big spritz of Beautiful on my scarf, to see if the Lauder base bothered me when it wasn’t on skin. Turns out that Beautiful is stunning on my scarf, thus ever-so-slightly reinforcing the idea that there is some strange kind of reaction between the Lauder fragrances and my skin.

Thursday, Feb. 9: Worked on “Bright as Day” some this morning, which shows some improvement in my mental state, at least. In the evening, I settled the boys with a DVD, a fresh pizza, and instructions for reheating green beans in the microwave, as well as instructions to GO TO BED BY 9 PM OR FACE THE WRATH OF MOM, and headed off to join The CEO at dinner at the Virginia Cattlemen’s Association conference. The hotel fed us very nice filet mignon, sautéed mushrooms, and steamed green beans, as well as some kind of custardy-pie-ish thing topped with raspberries, that was delicious but unidentifiable. Not really cheesecake, not really pie… I don’t know what it was, but yum. SOTEvening: Amouage Memoir Woman. Love it love it. Also, it is rather nice to dress up once in a while; our church attire is quite casual compared to the skirts and dresses I wore to church growing up.

Friday, Feb. 10: Boring day: supplementary grocery shopping, and some miscellaneous straightening-up. SOTD: Tom Ford Black Orchid Voile de Fleur.

Saturday, Feb. 11: Cold today, with blowing snow and enormous wind. Bleargh. Cleaned house, worked on sewing the “practice dress” related to Bookworm’s prom dress. Bookworm herself went to the regional indoor track meet, even though she wasn’t running herself (her feet are much better, but she hasn’t gotten a full go-ahead from her doctor, so no 3200 meter race for her today although her December time was good enough to qualify. Her girls’ team came in a close second, but the boys’ team turned in its usual lackluster performance… sigh.

SOTD: sample of Samsara EDP that I picked up in order to compare it to my little bottle of EDT that my mother gave me last year, and which I find rather shy and retiring and easy to wear, in contrast to the usual descriptions of Samsara. The EDP has a harshness that I don’t notice in my own bottle. SOTEvening: Amouage Ubar, the rerelease which I find terrific. Lemony civet, with rose and sandalwood? Great stuff! I have tried the original, which is much drier and more reserved, and it too is wonderful, but I prefer the more floral current version. It seems related to Parfum Sacre, in my mind.

Sunday, Feb. 12: Cold again, down to 15F this morning. Brrrr! The trashcans, full though they are, blew around on the porch all night. SOTD: Amouage Memoir Woman. I hope to write a review of this one this coming week – I had a revelation regarding its structure and I think it’s starting to make sense to me.

Worked on the practice prom dress again. Wrote some. Make some really yummy soup, the recipe for which will probably show up on Thursday: Zuppe di Pasta e Fagioli, which is ersatz Italian but tastes really great anyway.

Watched Rugby Sevens from Las Vegas this afternoon, in front of a lovely fire. The CEO was a little disappointed to see New Zealand lose in the championship game; he’s a big NZ fan after doing his master’s degree there just after college. Turns out, I like Sevens! Standard rugby just seems really, really silly to me – it’s the scrums. Grown men kicking each other’s shins, it looks like five-year-olds playing soccer. (My brother played, and Bookworm played at that age, so I know whereof I speak.) Yes, I realize that rugby is not actually five-year-olds playing soccer, but it looks like that, therefore in my world, it is Silly…


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  1. Aw, too bad you hated Sensuous Noir (purple bottle). I love it, and think it smells niche-y. I don’t think you’re missing anything with Sensuous Nude, personally — it basically smells like Coppertone.

    1. Well… in my defense, it’s probably that Lauder thing that goes all weird on me. I don’t think I said so here, but I noted elsewhere that innocent bystanders did actually RECOIL from my arm.

      And I don’t think it was the Beautiful on my scarf. No, pretty clearly it was the muddy fruity freaktastic Sensuous Noir on my wrist. Because it just smelled Wrong.

      1. Well, that’s my point: everybody else likes Lauder, and as I say, it smells FAB on my aunts… it’s me. (pout) I need to smell Sensuous again – I was running out of mental space and couldn’t test everything! – but I remember smelling it before and finding it pleasant and underwhelming. I have a sample of S Nude now, though. Might try it today.

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