Scent Diary, Feb. 27 – March 4, 2012

Melu Deco Perfume Bottles Collection

(Is this not a cool poster?  Apparently this furniture company active in the 1920-1940 time frame produced perfume, too.  Some of these bottles are gorgeous.)

Monday, Feb. 27: Warm today! Fed the orphan calf (we’re gradually cutting down the amount of milk powder in his daily bottle since he seems to be getting plenty of nutrition), did some straightening up, made a grocery run, worked on the practice prom dress. (Urgh, had to rip out what I sewed. I totally stink at gathers.) SOTM: Muse de Coty. SOTA: Penhaligon’s Eau Sans Pareil, the rerelease (thanks, Claudia!), which is some really nice stuff.

Tuesday, Feb. 28: Another warm day. Sorted through my ‘fume collection, picking out the unloveds and the backups I have decided I don’t really need, and listed them for sale in a private group. Wrote a little, though I am very very frustrated at the moment with one of my characters. She’s stopped talking to me. A bigger problem at the moment is that I’m not sure how to shape the details of the crisis she’s going to go through. SOTD: testing Laurence Dumont Les Senteurs Gourmands Vanille Bourbon on one wrist, Clinique Happy on the other.

Gaze is going to the state Geography Bee! And so is his cousin Curiosity. That ought to be a lot of fun. Bookworm has been selected to go to Girls’ State – and we’ve just found out that Drum Major Camp (should she be selected at the auditions next month) will be the same week, so she’ll have to choose. Eep.

Wednesday, Feb. 29:  Listed the cull bottles for sale on my Facebook perfume-group page. I may go ahead and list them here as well, after my FB peeps have a shot at them – and then after a week or so here, they’re going to eBay. I’ve never sold on eBay, so that’ll be an experience. I’m not expecting to make money on these, but I’m not using them and figured that someone else might enjoy them more. SOTD: miscellaneous tester things too varied to name.

Thursday, March 1: Hey, my daffodils are popping up! I should go take a picture of them – they’re so cheerful. SOTD: Crown Bouquet. I love this green-green springy little scent, so full of hyacinth and galbanum and white flowers.

I’ve had this cold for five weeks now, and I’m not getting better. Also, I can’t sing. I should go see the doctor.

Friday, Mar. 2: Another warm day. SOTD: By Kilian Rose Oud, such a lovely rose. Finally got my act together and took some pictures of the things I’m planning to donate to the Do Good Smell Good sale for charity over at Scents of Self! Started to work on my review of Denyse Beaulieu’s book The Perfume Lover, which hits book retailers on March 15. (I think that’s in the UK; not sure when it will debut in the US.) The fragrance sample that came with it will be released later in the year by L’Artisan Parfumeur. It’s called Seville a l’Aube, and I’ll be reviewing that too, probably just after posting the book review.

Aaaaarrrrgh, I have GOT to move furniture and clean and prepare for painting the living room. It’s been needing to be done for a couple of years, but now is the time. I like to paint; I do not enjoy the pre-painting cleanup.

The CEO and I went to the Indian restaurant for dinner, followed by mall sniffery. The food was wonderful, if pricey, and my cup of Darjeeling smelled so magnificent that I dawdled with my food! Managed to locate a tester of Aromatics Elixir (whooo-eeee, that stuff could run you right out of the elevator! I swear, it’s the Incredible Hulk) and sprayed a scent strip with it. Nearly got kicked out of the car on the way home if I insisted on playing with the AE strip… so I stuck it back into the plastic bag for peace in the Camry.

I talked to the nice Chanel SA who used to live in our neighborhood, back when we had a neighborhood, before we moved to the farm: she’s Iranian, and her two children are just a bit older and younger than Bookworm. The three used to ride the same bus. She’s moved to the neighboring town now. (I’ve always wondered if her family caught some anti-Arabic social fallout after 2001, which was just before we built this house.) I’ve talked to her before about perfume. She’s not one of us fumeheads, perhaps – she likes Burberry Body “because it’s nice and light” – but she knows how much I like perfume, and that I probably will want to smell everything I can get my hands on and then not buy anything. She hauled out every carded sample she could find for me, which was sweet of her.

Saturday, Mar. 3: Housecleaning. Taz to haircut; Gaze to football practice. SOTMorning: Hanae Mori parfum and edt. More housecleaning. The boys have been cleaning their own bathroom, and it’s a disaster so I go back and clean it after them. Bleargh. SOTAfternoon, post-shower: Jo Malone Peony and Moss, pretty little thing.

Valletta, Malta

It’s the 40th anniversary of the Godfather movies, so they’ve been all over the classic-movie TV stations, and The CEO and I are watching them piecemeal. I want to visit Sicily and smell its orange blossoms and its ocean, see its pale walls and its lavishly-decorated churches and its blue sky… I’ve been thinking of Malta and our trip there almost a year ago. I never wrote much about Malta, and I should have. It is beautiful.

I always want to go back to the other countries I’ve visited, and The CEO doesn’t. He says that we’ve only got so much time and he wants to see everything. I want to go to a place and see it at different times, different weathers. Learn a little of the language. Talk to people. Order food on my own after eating enough of the local specialties to find out what I like. Live there. Be that crazy American lady who’s so enthusiastic about everything. Find a handful of places in the world to love.

Sunday, Mar. 4: Cold and windy today. SOTMorning: SSS Nostalgie, over the dregs of DSH Chypre oil I dabbed on last night after I’d watched too much of The Godfather and was cold in bed.

We had a lovely fire in the fireplace today. Watched part of Shrek on TV with the boys and then Worst Cooks on Food Network with Bookworm. Worked on the practice dress (gah, I HATE gathers). SOBedtime: Champagne de Bois.  Oh, hey, and I opened the sample bag from Friday night, and the strip with Aromatics Elixir on it smells really nice – very floral-soapy.  Surprise, surprise.



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  1. My husband and I visited Malta last October, as part of a cruise that started out in Athens, went to Nafplia, and on to Sicily – Malta – then Sicily again, ending up on mainland Italy for visits to Paestum, Pompeii and Rome. It was a wonderful trip, and I did find Malta with its golden-stone houses both interesting and unusual. Being there in October, of course there was no vegetation (except for some awesome prickly pear cactus!) and the fields were plowed under. I’d like to see it again during greener months. We also made a trip to two Megalithic temples, which were fascinating. And this was all in one little corner of Malta! I’m sure there is lots more to see. I recommend visiting Sicily; we love history, and there is plenty of it there. It is also there (in Siracusa), where I actually smelled jasmine flowers on the vine!

    1. Oh, I SO want to go to Sicily now! YOur trip sounds so wonderful – I’m sure you enjoyed it.

      We were in Malta in March last year, the week of Mardi Gras, for a conference (long story, read it here if you’re that bored or you have that much time:, the Thursday comment). Five days there, and then two in Rome… sigh. Lovely.

      Those prickly pears! They’re all over the place, as windbreaks and walls, and I think people make jam out of the fruit. We were mostly on the island of Gozo, where we saw what’s purported to be the oldest temple in the world. I should go back and look at all the pictures and write down what happened – it was such a fun trip.

  2. Which facebook group do you speak of? Facebook fragrance friends? Would like to check out your sale.

    I was culling through some bottles this weekend myself… trying to resist the urge to hold onto things in the hopes I’ll start liking them or wearing them. I sent some pictures to Ari for her sale, and it felt kind of painful for a few of them… I’m glad Ari’s sale actually got me motivated to sort through stuff.

    1. (I’m not being more specific about the FB group because it’s a “secret group,” and membership is limited, and I’m not the administrator, and I think the admin would probably kill me if requests to join started pouring in… I’m sorry. I know that there are at least three groups on FB, as well.) I will go ahead and post here the things I need to divest, but not until next week.

      I started looking through my stuff thinking of things to donate to Ari’s sale, and I kept finding bottles I don’t love. Or things that I do love but have too much of. (I.e., if I love Parfum Sacre but I have only used up 12ml of it in the last two years, do I really need that 30ml original-packaging bottle still in shrinkwrapped box? No, I don’t. And that one got snapped up in a hurry. Shipping it out today, in fact.) I’m not having any regrets yet.


      1. TINC! 😉

        My two “should I or shouldn’t I’s” are things I don’t love, only like… I keep hoping I’ll wear them more or fall in love and I haven’t yet… beginning to feel guilty about them taking up shelf space…

        1. I’m coming around more and more to the theory that there are so many scents I love, why should I even bother with the ones I just like?

          Not quite fair, really – some days you need a wallpaper scent, something that just smells nice and is undemanding, which is I guess what other people might use cologne for. But I don’t like cologne, so I occasionally need a small bit of Infusion d’Iris or Marc Jacobs Daisy. Other than that – well, I don’t need that bottle of Samsara edt my mother gave me. It’s perfectly nice, and I don’t love it. Somebody else can benefit.

  3. Ah, Aromatics Elixer. I stuffed that scent strip in my wallet and mixed with the leather it smelled great for the looongest time! I have scent changing skin and somehow AE works on me. Then again, I make a cloud of one spritz and back into it. That’s usually enough for a good 12-16 hours.

    If you need help on those gathers I think I can coach you through it. I’m sort of assuming you are having a hard time making them evenly spaced?

    1. I will eventually get those gathers… It’s an issue of a shirred overlayer attached to a plain underlayer midriff, and then the whole thing sewn to a two-piece overlapping bodice (also with gathered area). One thing is certain: I am NOT making the actual prom dress with the shirred midriff. ForGET that. Plain midriff only.

      AE is sort of a bomb. Fuller review of it tomorrow! Glad it works on you.

  4. Couldn’t do the new formulation of the regular Aromatics Elixir, but took a chance on a bottle of the AE Perfumers Reserve. It is really lovely, and much smoother to me than the regular AE.

    1. I had been thinking that the PR was just sort of a limited-edition parfum version, but apparently it really is a different formula. Just read something about it on Katie Puckrik Smells recently.

  5. The AE Perfumer’s Reserve is a different scent. I love AE so much I bought the Reserve blind. And it’s not really me. I can see where if you didn’t really like AE you might like the Perfumer’s Reserve. But since I really love AE, the Reserve is well, just not quite there.

    1. I see! I had heard from some people that the PR version was much more to their taste than the usual, and I assumed it was just a raw-materials sort of difference. Interesting to know that it paled for you beside the original.

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