Scent Diary, Feb. 21-27, 2011

I’ll warn you now, it’s going to be another busy-busy-boring week. Paint and Kid Taxi and stuff like that… and I really must get out those swaps I promised.

Monday, Feb. 21: Feels like spring! Temps in the 60s, a stiff wind… SOTD: Cuir de Lancome. Sprayed some on just before I left the house, and The CEO said, “You smell great! What’s that you’re wearing?” The level in my 50ml bottle is dropping; I love it; I’m not sure that The CEO loves it but every single time I put it on he asks what it is; Cuir is discontinued; Parfum1 is having a 15% off sale. That combination of facts leads me to think that a backup bottle is a wise idea, particularly since I can get one for about $33 with shipping.

Started painting the family room today: that turquoise blue color I mentioned last week. I’ve done three of the nine walls of the U-shape, including the long wall. The blue actually looks very striking with the browns and bricks in the room, particularly if I’m going to touch up the moldings and trim, as I need to do, in a glossy cream color.

Tuesday, Feb. 22: Sunny, but considerably cooler today at 46F. SOTD: Chamade, vintage EdT. My “eBay steal” bottle has wonky topnotes, but it is a lovely scent after fifteen minutes.

Painted another third of the family room. Am very tired.

Wednesday, Feb. 23: Cloudy, chilly morning sliding into sunny, warmer afternoon. SOTD: Xerjoff XJ Elle, from a carded sample Dear Daisy was kind enough to send. The notes include galbanum (squee!), but there is no actual galbanum to smell in here. It’s all crème brulee gourmand. Smells like a quieter version of the cotton-candy/caramel half of Angel. It lasts allllll day, too. I’m just not much of a gourmand fan, I suppose. I do really love Hanae Mori (Butterfly), but only in small doses and only at home as a comfort scent.

Side note: I thought about nabbing another small bottle of Hanae Mori Haute Couture, because it’s discontinued and ridiculously inexpensive. I was buying a pair of curtains at for our family room, and on a whim checked to see if Overstock had any fragrances I’d want. They have 50ml Haute Couture – beautiful aldehydic citrus-jasmine – for about $17, and I was tempted, but then I remembered I still have most of a 50ml bottle and some Ines de la Fressange (the Calice Becker one, aldehydes-peach-rose) and the lovely citrus-rose of Moschino Funny! for summer wear. Aaaaaanyway, my point was that I looked at the reviews at Overstock for Haute Couture and saw a comment from someone who’d bought it unsniffed because she liked HM Butterfly, but was “disgusted” by Haute Couture, calling it “heavy” and “smells like old ladies, not light and fresh like Hanae Mori.” I can see how the aldehydes in HC might be deemed old-fashioned, but Hanae Mori, light and fresh? Crazy.

Did some prep work – cleaning, taping, spackling – for painting, but didn’t have time to paint.

Thursday, Feb. 24: Same temperature as yesterday, but raining as well. SOTD: Cuir de Lancome again. Such a pretty thing. I’m starting to wonder if perhaps that vial of Xerjoff Elle was mislabeled… there’s nothing on the vial itself to identify it, just the card it’s stuck into. I floated the idea to some Facebook friends who’ve tried Elle; the consensus seems to be that Elle is very floral, so what I tried clearly must be something else, possibly Xerjoff Verona, a gourmand containing (yes!) caramel notes.

Bookworm twisted her ankle at a track meet about three weeks ago, and it doesn’t seem to be getting better. The school’s athletic trainer has been taping her ankle up for practice, and she’s riding a bike around the track instead of running, but it’s still swollen. Took her to our family doctor, who says she has a mild sprain that nevertheless isn’t healing very quickly. She’s on anti-inflammatory Aleve twice a day for the next two weeks and forbidden to run for another ten days.

Respackled part of the wall – the spot just under the window where our cat, Silvia, used to leap up into the wide sill and sit. She left behind numerous clawmarks. She hasn’t been able to jump four feet up like that for a couple of years now; she’s 17 and arthritic. Getting old stinks.

Friday, Feb. 25: (This time next week The CEO and I will be on a plane to Rome! Very exciting.) Rain in the morning, changing to sunny and very windy in the afternoon. SOTD: Mary Greenwell Plum. This had largely worn off by the time I got home from work, so I put on some Cuir de Lancome in the afternoon. I don’t know why I’m craving it lately, but I am.

Painted the wall behind the TV (hahaha, no TV! The CEO is grumpy) and the wall containing the sliding door. Almost done; only the wall behind the computer desk remains. I can’t move the desk by myself, so that’ll have to wait until tomorrow.

Saturday, Feb. 26: Normal weekly cleaning day. It’s chilly but sunny outside. I usually don’t put on any fragrance until after I’ve cleaned up and showered, but I knew it would be later than usual today, so I put on a couple of goodly spritzes of Le Temps d’une Fete.

Finished painting! It looks good. (Just in time, too: Virginia Tech is playing Duke in men’s basketball tonight. Risking the Wrath of The CEO is not a Good Idea.)

Later, I sampled Carthusia Via Camarelle and Profumi di Capri Luna Caprese. The Luna Caprese is a nice quiet laundry-musk thing, rather pretty but not considerably different from a laundry detergent a coworker of mine uses. Via Camarelle is also quite nice, a more-citrusy version of Miller Harris Fleur de Matin, which I enjoyed very much on vacation last summer. I am still looking for a fragrance I’d like to buy in Rome and use for our Malta vacation – something “Italian” and light but not citrus-focused or of traditional cologne structure. This is turning out to be surprisingly difficult.

Put on some Mariella Burani just before bed and woke up in the most delicious cloud of benzoin-tonka-musk. (Wow, four fragrances in one day…)

GO HOKIES!  VT beats #1 Duke… The CEO is stoked.

Sunday, Feb. 27: Went to church wearing a sample of Bois 1920 Vento di Fiore, which sounds like it would be like its namesake, a “flowery breeze.” It’s so not. It is a bit of galbanum to start, and then an accord of woods, moss, and patchouli that reminds me quite a lot of Polo. I’m not going to wear it… unless… hey, this might work: if I layered it with a pretty rose soliflore like Tea Rose, it might approximate DSH Perfumes‘ lovely Rose Vert. (Well, minus some of Rose Vert’s citrus. It’s amazing to me how rose does a lot to counteract bitter green notes and make them palatable to me. And I’m sure that for some people, it would be the other way around – mossy greens do a lot to make rose palatable to them!)

Moved all the furniture out of the family room and vacuumed it, and then The CEO pulled up the old carpet. I knew it had been cheap carpet when we built our house nine years ago, but I hadn’t realized exactly how cheap… I’ll be so glad when we’ve got our modest upgrade carpet in.

SOTAfternoon: sampling Nobile 1942 Pontevecchio W. Now this is more like what I wanted: light and floral, quite feminine, with either a salty-marine or a citrus angle. It feels very much “me,” so this one goes on the short list. (I should go and check what a full bottle costs, and hope that it isn’t out of my range, because Pontevecchio W – there’s also a masculine with Pontevecchio in the name – is really up my alley.)

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12 thoughts on “Scent Diary, Feb. 21-27, 2011”

  1. Silly children! I’d definitely call Haute Couture “fresh” before I’d call Hanae Mori that.

    Cuir de Lancome is one of only two bottles I’ve bought backups of.

    1. I KNOW! I laughed out loud: HM “fresh.” Like I say, I like it, but it sho ain’t fresh.

      So what’s the other bottle, or shouldn’t I ask?

      I have backup bottles of Ines (I started with the 1 oz and wanted more), L’Arte, vtg Emeraude, and Le Temps (well, that one was from a swap). Oh, and TFBOVoile de Fleur. All discontinued/refo’ed except Le Temps…

      1. The other one is DK Gold (also DC’ed and inexpensive, and a Calice Becker!)

        There are a couple things I got full bottles of before running out of my decant or mini — not sure if that counts. Those would be Flower by Kenzo and Rossy de Palma.

      2. Ah yes, Gold. I have a bottle, and Bookworm does too – and I begin to have the feeling that “my” bottle is eventually going to become “her” bottle; she wears it far more often than I do.

    1. Well, we’ll only be in Rome for two days, and I think we’ll be doing some city tours with little time for wandering and sniffing. There is the Duty Free, though…

  2. I put on DK Gold this morning and I smell great if I may say so myself! I don’t have a backup bottle but now you and Elisa have me thinking I should probably buy one.

    Have a wonderful trip–looking forward hearing about your trip and your fragrance purchases!

  3. I must investigate as I would love to pick up a bottle of Ines de la Fressange. Am grateful to you for introducing me to it!

    “Respackled” is a word we don’t have over here – am wondering if it could mean to “pebbledash”?

    Have a wonderful holiday! I have a sample of Xerjoff Elle and it was pretty gourmand and distinctly raspberry-ish if that helps.

    1. You are welcome re: the Ines! It reminds me so much of being a university student, dressing up for mimosa brunches with my choir friends – pretty and lighthearted and floral… like a big picture hat, emphatically femme.


      I had to look up “pebbledash” – but it’s not that, spackle is for interior walls. (I “respackled” because the first pass at the cat scratches on the walls didn’t do enough…)

      Thanks for the holiday wishes. It was so much fun!

      I’m now wondering if several of those tester samples went out from Xerjoff mislabeled. Ruth just sent me a package with Elle from her bottle, so I’ll test that to see if they’re the same.

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