Scent Diary, Feb. 10-16, 2014

ice_heart_1__by_mikrox-d5l0kduMonday, Feb. 10 – Chilly, but not so bad as it has been. I got a perm (which my dear FIL used to call “a temporary”), and now I’m curly again. No SOTD in the morning – there was no point – but later in the day, I went with Memoir Woman, the only frag I’m reliably craving lately.

Tuesday, Feb. 11 – Not horribly cold. Taz started Chess Club at the middle school this week (they will meet every other Tuesday), and we had a good Bible study this evening. SOTD is DvF Tatiana, vintage parfum, deliciously spicy white flowers.  SOTE, after my Tatiana left, was Vamp a NY.  I am attempting to organize and track my perfume collection (again).

Yay, look, you get gratuitous Tom Hardy (as Raumont in "Marie Antoinette")! Twice in a week!
Yay, look, you get gratuitous Tom Hardy (as Raumont in “Marie Antoinette”)! Twice in a week!

Wednesday, Feb. 12 – Cold. No school today as it is supposed to begin snowing by 1pm; Gaze went out to do his running before the snow started, as the district indoor track meet is scheduled for Saturday. I went to the grocery store just after lunch, and sure enough – by 1:15 it was coming down heavily. SOTD: PdN Vanille Tonka, which by the way is lovely with snow coming down outside and a fire in the fireplace… and “Marie Antoinette” on TV.  Had a discussion with Gaze about how much better Marie Antoinette’s life might have been had anyone bothered to teach her (or her husband, who honestly seems to have been something of a dolt on his own) about budgeting.

Took The CEO 90 minutes to make the 35-minute drive home, because he didn’t leave Virginia Tech at 1pm as he’d planned to do. He left at 2:15, and by then the snow was really piling up. We watched some Olympics, and I made a prediction that Shaun White, one of my favorites, would not medal this go-round. I hadn’t seen any of his practice runs, I hadn’t seen anything of him at all except a three-second clip of him watching Russian Iouri Podladtchikov (who eventually won the gold for halfpipe), but in those three seconds I realized that White was looking far too intense. Intensity does not seem to pay off for snowboarders or freestyle skiers; they seem to perform much better when they can have fun.  SOTE: L’Arte di Gucci.

Thursday, Feb. 13 – More snow. And more Olympics. SOTD: Soivohle Centennial, which I adore. So cozy.  I wrote, we maintained the fireplace, we ate chili. The boys sledded and drank hot chocolate; The CEO bladed part of the road.  We watched an edited-for-TV version of Black Hawk Down (ooh yay more Tom Hardy!).

valentineFriday, Feb. 14 – The snowfall has stopped, but nobody can get out.  The CEO made me a valentine; I got him a six-pack of Reese’s Cups. More Olympics, more fire, more writing. The neighbor kid came over and sledded with the boys all day; they made a giant snowball and snow chairs. SOTD: Coty Aspen for Women, a fragrance I adored circa 1990… unlike the men’s version, this one’s been discontinued for years and I can’t find any notes for it. I bought “new old stock” on ebay and I still think it’s rather good.  SOTD: L’Arte di Gucci. Man, this is great stuff.

It’s my brother’s birthday.

Saturday, Feb. 15 – Warm, all the way up to 50F! Snow is melting. However, since it’s still difficult to get around, the district indoor track meet has been postponed until tomorrow. We cleaned up the house, and I managed to get out and buy some groceries (as usual, we had exhausted two gallons of milk in three days).  SOTD: Parfum Sacre. Yum.

This would have been The CEO’s father’s 89th birthday.

Sunday, Feb. 16 – Warmish, in the upper 40sF. SOTD: Serge Lutens La Myrrhe. I really should be wearing more aldehydes; this is so lovely.  I dropped Gaze off at the high school and went on to church, where we did a baby dedication for the 16-month-old daughter of our minister and his wife.  Wrote some more in the afternoon, while The CEO went to Tech and graded papers. Then we decided to go out for dinner for Valentine’s Day, to the Chinese buffet in Radford that we like. My La Myrrhe was gone, so I nabbed a spritz of Enchanted Forest – because blackcurrant goes pretty well with Chinese.

Gaze, being helped with his bow tie at District Band concert a few weeks ago. So handsome.
Gaze, being helped with his bow tie at District Band concert a few weeks ago. So handsome.

While we were out, Gaze texted me that he would be returning to the high school in 15 minutes (why, oh why does the child never let me know when he LEAVES someplace? I’ll say, ‘hey, let me know when you might be back,’ and ‘please let me know how the event went’ and things of that nature, but he never does), and then was surprised when he had to wait for us to get there. The CEO had estimated by the number of schools participating and the number of events to be run, it would take them until at least 8pm to return.

We were wrong. And thennnnnn… then, we found out that not only did Gaze not run any events, it was because his coach did not enter him in any events.


IT’S DISTRICTS. How do you not enter your athletes? He wasn’t the only one, either. We have an excellent hurdler on the girls’ team, someone with a legitimate shot at placing at the state level… and she didn’t run. Because she wasn’t entered.

I am upset. I don’t know how a coach can do that to her kids, I just don’t get it at all. I know this teacher is new to coaching, but she did fine as a co-coach of the cross-country team in the fall along with the previous year’s assistant (the head track/XC coach left for a job with a larger program near his hometown last summer). It is just unbelievable to me.

This is my sister-in-law’s birthday. (The one that’s married to my brother. Yes, their birthdays are two days apart. Which is kind of cool.)


4 thoughts on “Scent Diary, Feb. 10-16, 2014”

  1. Absolutely know what you mean about Vanille Tonka with the snow falling.
    This has been my go to frag all winter long while the temps got so outrageously low-and I gather they did in Virginia too. Was the snow valentine the CEO’s work?

    The Olymipics chez us were skating and more skating so Miss Skateaway could pine over Jason Brown’s technique, and be thrilled with the gold for ice dancing!

  2. I loved Aspen for Women and had forgotten about it! Will have to check around for a bottle as I would love to sniff it again. We had the A/C on yesterday so I am envious of your snow – at least I think I am, would probably hate a long cold winter if I had to go out in it. Have you seen the “southerners’ reaction to snow meme”? Pretty accurate.

    1. EBAY, BABY. 😉

      No, haven’t seen the “southerners’ reaction to snow” but I will bet it’s hilarious. I have been thinking of my college friend from NY, who told me “I thought it would be WARM here.” Turned out that his first January in Virginia, we got 16″ of snow topped off by another 12″…

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