Scent Diary, Dec. 30, 2013 – Jan. 5, 2014

No, these are not our cows. Scene looks familiar, though.

Monday, Dec. 30 – It’s so nice to have my girl home.  (I’m sure that when her brothers go off to school I’ll miss them too… still. She’s my girl.)

Went to see The Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug with the youth minister from our church – that was fun.  Taz spent the entire movie making his little I’m-so-excited noises, and then wanted to talk about it later, which was kind of cool. He and Bookworm and I are fantasy novel fans – Gaze, not so much! but he does enjoy The Hobbit, so it was fun to discuss the movie with him too. Gaze disliked the CG stuff; I don’t mind it and I thought the filmmakers did a good job with Smaug. Mind you, I am still freaked by all these New Zealanders and Brits referring to this dragon as “Smowwwwg,” like “ouch.” Very clearly the name is a pun, on “smog,” and should be pronounced accordingly, in my Humble Opinion. SO THERE. HMPH.  SOTD: DK Black Cashmere.

Tuesday, Dec. 31 – Boring day but nice.  The CEO and I stayed up with Bookworm and let her watch The Usual Suspects with us.  She didn’t figure it out (the first time I watched it, several years after it came out, I guessed Who but not How – all those decades of reading murder mystery novels must have paid off, in however dubious fashion!).  SOTD: Shalimar Light.

Wednesday, Jan. 1 – Is it horrifying that my feeling on the entire “new year” thing was pretty much, “Ho-hum, been-there-done-that”? I’m sort of horrified. I still wish I was going to school every fall, though.  SOTD: Mary Greenwell Plum. So glad I have this one. I had wanted to put up some personal pictures taken with my new little point-and-shoot camera, but I haven’t figured out how to connect it to my computer and the manual seems to have disappeared…

Thursday, Jan. 2 – The kids went to stay for a few days with my parents (no, no, that was my mom’s idea). It was nice. Quiet, but nice.  SOTD: Memoir Woman body lotion.  That’s the thing about Amouage body products – they smell strongly and they smell wonderful, and the scent lasts.  Dinner was pasta with crab and tiny shrimp, mmm.

Friday, Jan. 3 – Had a nice day in front of the fire with The CEO, and we went out for dinner. It’s cold here. Going to be colder next week.  SOTD: Organza Indecence. We went looking for a camera for Gaze since he’s wanted one for a couple of years now – found a really great bundle deal on a Canon DSLR, telephoto lens, memory card and camera bag at the Best Buy in Christiansburg, but we wanted him to see it before we bought it.

Saturday, Jan. 4 – Cleaned up the house, the usual Saturday cleaning tasks, and then I went to Mom and Dad’s to pick up the kids. Sounds like they had a good time (and nobody tried to kill anybody else, which is a relief!).  On the way home, we went by the Best Buy in Roanoke because it is less out of the way than going to Christiansburg – and the Roanoke store did not have the bundle deal.  It just didn’t. I spent a very frustrating ten minutes on the phone with The CEO with him yelling at me that the deal was SUPPOSED to be This Stuff for This Much, while I was telling him that I did not see that deal available, the salesman said it wasn’t available, that the current sale was good for another day, that the Christiansburg store should have exactly the same prices and no, he wasn’t going to call and check because the stores are THE SAME.  So I got the best deal that the Roanoke store could get me, and then we went to the Christiansburg store (adding about 40 minutes’ drive to the 70-minute direct trip from my parents’ house to mine) just to see.

The Christiansburg store DID still have the same deal – but when the sales guy tried to ring it up, his computer told him that such a sale did not exist. But the sale card was clearly displayed… we finally determined that the sale card should have been yanked the previous week when that sale ended, and somebody just screwed up (there were no sale dates listed on the card). However, they took back the items I bought in Roanoke and honored the sale as the card said, so Gaze got some nice camera equipment.

No scent until later in the day, but I enjoyed DSH Rose Vert.

Sunday, Jan. 5 – Warm today, a brief respite before we get cold weather on Monday and Tuesday again.  Church was good.  SOTD: Organza Indecence again, because I was wearing the same sweater as I’d been wearing Friday night.  The boys went to our church’s first youth group meeting ever, and we ate leg of lamb (bought on sale) for dinner.

AHA! Found the camera manual. No pictures yet, though. Wait for next week. 🙂

(I am posting this on Monday, and since I got up at quarter to seven, the temperature has dropped from 35F to 28F, and will be dropping farther still. The projected overnight low is 2F. BRRRRR.)


8 thoughts on “Scent Diary, Dec. 30, 2013 – Jan. 5, 2014”

  1. Ha! I had to chuckle at your complaint about the pronunciation of the word SMAUG. As a Brit who lives in the US, I’ve been lamenting the American pronunciation of Smowg with emphasis on the OW as in “now.” People! Its supposed to be pronounced SM-OR-G – the AU as in applaud or faucet!! As an English major I have spoken 😉
    (Although I *do* like the connection with SMOG…)

    1. Welcome SallyM!

      Funny, I thought that was a Kiwi thing, saying it “Smowwg” because I had never heard it pronounced that way until the Hobbit movie was released. Of course I am a Southerner and a British “OR” SOUNDS like “AU” in my accent. That is, the way I say it, Smaug does have the same vowel sound as faucet… but then smog isn’t that far off.

    1. Darling Portia, I have the vintage stuff in the computer mouse bottle, and also a small decant of what purports to be the rerelease (from Surrender to Chance, I think), and I don’t notice a big difference in the two. The modern might last less long, but I’ve never done a wrist-to-wrist faceoff.

      1. Thanks Mals86,
        Phew!! I recently scored a new bottle at a very good price but haven’t opened it yet. Waiting on a good time for an opening ceremony.
        Portia xx

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