Scent Diary, August 6-12, 2012

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Monday, Aug. 6 – Hot n’ muggy. I hate August. We did laundry and straightened up some. SOTD: more testing of various things, mostly Opus Oils. My laptop is being weird and not communicating with the internetses, so I couldn’t even post last week’s Scent Diary. More Olympics on TV.

Tuesday, Aug. 7 – Hot n’muggy. I hate August. Took Bookworm for her biannual eye exam, which she hates because the drops bother her so much. SOTD: vintage NinaRicci Nina. I snagged a sample from Surrender to Chance because my mini bottle from ebay smells like nothing so much as nice French-milled soap (usually that’s a function of orange blossom in the formula) – or possibly aldehydes gone slightly off, both of which are possibilities with this aldehydic floral. But guess what? StC’s bottle smells like, yes, nice French-milled soap. Sigh.

The dilation drops (which she despises) wore off in time for Bookworm to go out into the yard and start teaching herself how to spin a color guard sabre – at some point in the marching band show this year she’s supposed to do a triple spin-toss, catch the sabre, raise it high into the air, and lead the band in a “charge” across the field to the main drum major podium (where PETBoy will be standing to direct). She’s never done any color guard stuff before, so it will be an experience for her.

Wednesday, Aug. 8 – Hot n’ muggy. I’ve said it before, but I do hate August. SOTD: Le Temps d’une Fete. Took Gaze to have his teeth checked; he’s been having some pain but it turned out to be his twelve-year molars coming in. (I know, he’s almost 14, but all my kids have been on the slow end of the bell curve when it comes to teeth. He’s supposed to go consult the orthodontist, too.)

I dropped him off at football practice on the way home, and The CEO went to the fall sports parents’ meeting at the high school. I did the middle school one a couple of weeks ago, and have heard them numerous times before since Bookworm runs cross country (fall), indoor track (winter) and outdoor track (spring). It’s always the same, and we’ve begun to call this thing “the concussion-awareness meeting.” I was congratulating myself on missing this one. Ironically, Gaze had only been at practice about an hour, maybe an hour and a half, when his coach called me and said that he had complained of headache and dizziness. His cognition and balance checklist was normal, but since he’d been involved in tackling, Coach said that I should go and get the suspicion of concussion ruled out before he could play again.

So off to the emergency room we went. Poor Gaze. He felt fine, headache long gone (I suspect that he hadn’t hydrated properly or eaten recently enough, and it was really hot at practice – 91F when I dropped him off). But we sat in the waiting room for close to five hours before he was taken to the exam room. Then the doctor asked him some questions, ran through the whole neurological-reflex-balance-cognition protocol test again, and said he didn’t recommend a CT scan for someone so young when there was really no indication that Gaze might have a concussion. So we were released with directions to sit out practice a day and follow up with primary care physician soon.

We did manage to find a fast food place open at 12:55 am, and Gaze ate a quarter-pound burger and an order of fries, as well as most of my eighth-pound burger and fries too. And some sweet cherries when he got home, plus a glass of milk. Then he collapsed into bed, and so did I.

SOBedtime: TdP Miriam. Lovely snuggly thing, and I needed some comfort after that evening.

Thursday, Aug. 9 – Hot n’ muggy. I really hate August. Poor Bookworm was up at her usual school-year 5:30 am, in order to make it to Governor’s School, which starts (and ends) about two weeks earlier than the county school system. I’m not quite sure why they do that, unless it’s in order to get the kids accustomed to the early day, and then to stagger the exam times with their regular high school exams.

I puzzled and puzzled over the warm ambery-drydown thing on my wrist this morning when I got up, having completely and totally forgotten the Miriam I put on last night until late in the day.

Gaze feels fine. He slept until 11:30 this morning, but we got home so late last night. He’d been scheduled to go have his contacts fitted today, but he just wasn’t up to it, so we put that off until next week. SOTD: Mary Greenwell Plum.

Friday, Aug. 10 – Cooler and cloudy in the morning. The kids and I pulled weeds on the walkway (grrrr), then I mowed. I haven’t written anything fictional all week – every time I start, I have to stop and take care of something else. It will be nice when people go back to school.

Took Gaze to his doctor’s appointment this morning, and he’s cleared to play. Also, he’s grown this summer: he’s now 5′ 2½”, so he’s got about an inch and a half on his sister (and only two inches to go to be as tall as his mama!). Now if he could only bulk up about ten pounds in the next month, that’d be helpful. SOTD: Guerlain Aqua Allegoria Pamplelune. I do like Pamplelune so much. It was supposed to rain today, but didn’t.

Late in the afternoon, The CEO and I dropped Gaze off at football practice and went on a Date Night – first to see “The Dark Knight Rises,” and then for seafood. Nice. SOTE: DelRae Amoureuse. Then we watched the American women completely smash the 4 x 100meter record in track & field, which was exciting. Go USA!

Saturday, Aug. 11 – Cooler and cloudy again, which I am appreciating. Did the usual housework and laundry. SOTD: Absolutely nada, all day. Which is weird, but every now and then I do it by accident, and it just makes me appreciate being scented on the other days.

Gaze and Taz got the badminton set out and put it up in the yard, but they couldn’t figure out how to get the shuttlecock over the net. So they got out the beach ball and played a sort of version of volleyball with it instead. They’re adorable.

Sunday, Aug. 12 – Warm but comfortable (what happened? I don’t care, I like it this way). SOTD: Cuir de Lancome. After church, PETBoy and Bookworm took off to spend the day at the lake with some friends. I’m glad of it. This is the end of the summer for poor Bookworm, who’s already struggling with her physics homework for Governor’s School.


Image from Heifer Project International

Several nights this week, we’re hosting a veterinary school student who’s interested in learning a little more about farm vet work. We’re enjoying having Erica. She’s done two missions trips, to Nicaragua and Haiti, and helped with animals clinics there, vaccinating and maintaining people’s livelihoods. In a poor country, two goats can be the difference between hungry and not. In fact, it’s not so very different from the way my not-so-distant ancestors lived here in the mountains – you eat what you can gather or hunt, and you come close to starving in the winter, unless you have a pig or a cow.


15 thoughts on “Scent Diary, August 6-12, 2012”

  1. I hate August too. Soon I will be hating snow though so I guess I’ll take August for now. At least I don’t have to shovel anything.
    A trip to the ER is never fun. Glad to hear he’s okay.

      1. I think the snow is pretty but it’s the driving in it and the shoveling that make me hate it. If I could stay home snowed in I’d be fine.

        1. Oh, I don’t shovel. I never shovel. I just put on big boots.

          And four-wheel drive is a good thing… but I get where you’re coming from.

  2. I hate August, too, and it’s not even that hot and humid here. I cannot wait for October and fall weather. Fall is my favorite season. Traveling to Houston this week where it’s really hot n’ muggy. Think I will take Le Temps d’une Fete. Thanks for reminding me how nicely it works in summer weather.

    1. Oh, Fall’s my favorite too! TX is a very large sinkhole of hot n’ muggy, my sister says…

      I love Le Temps in all kinds of weathers – I’ve even been known to wear it in winter occasionally. Though winter generally calls for aldehydes, to my mind.

  3. Tell you what. Next year you come holiday in my neck of the woods for August, because you’d love it. And then when I’m soooooo sick of winter, I’ll come south.

      1. March is perfect. That’s about the time all the perfume blogs start saying “yipppeee! spring’s here!” and I’m still facing two more months before the leaves come out on the trees.

        And just to lure you north, August is our “hot” month where it actually reaches a non-humid 90 degrees, and because of the high elevation the evenings are always cool. C’mon, you know you wanna come see the Canadian Rockies…. 🙂

  4. Funny, I can’t wear Le Temps d’une Fete in the summer — it feels like too much. But I love it as soon as that first scent of Autumn hits the atmosphere, and I love it in Spring as well. Also, I wear it in Winter. However, we agree on Moschino Funny! for summer; and I wear it into Fall, as well.

    1. I know, I’m a little weird with my LTdF… but I’ll bet you have the older version, too. I’ve whined about it being a LOT thinner now, but one thing about it is that it’s much much easier to wear in warm weather.

      Moschino Funny! is really nice.

  5. I love August. As well as all other months here in Northern California. But I would have hated it even more than you do with the weather you describe.

    I was thinking about going a day or two without any perfume just to see how it feels but I can’t commit to it yet. Every day I keep telling myself: maybe tomorrow.

    1. I never PLAN to go unscented. It just sort of happens, and I feel strange during it, and then I just decide to appreciate the opportunity.

      And then I go find my bottles. 🙂

  6. Ugh. I’m with you on hot n’ muggy. Although it’s cooled her just the tiniest bit the last week or so. Yesterday we walked in the woods. We started out commenting how pleasant it was, then hit some steep inclines, which like most steep inclines never seemed to end, and went back to complaining about the heat.

    Are you a fan of Amoureuse? I’m going to search your blog and see.

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