Scent Diary, August 27- September 2, 2012

Monday, Aug. 27 – Comfortably cool, in the upper 70s F. SOTD: Soivohle Centennial. This one was originally called Historical Chypre, and it’s both floral and chypre-ish but not particularly green. There’s a cozy sort of fuzziness about it, and it must have some castoreum – the drydown reminds me of the drydown of L’Arte di Gucci.

Jacob the calf got out of his pen somehow while I was at the grocery store. He was hungry, because he followed me from the driveway into the laundry room where I made him up a bottle; I had to let him suck on my fingers to keep him from mouthing at my pants (yuck, calf spit is sticky). There were times I had to use both hands, though, and he slobbered all over me anyway.

Tuesday, Aug. 28 – Days are starting out cool and foggy, but end warm and humid. It wasn’t particularly hot today, but it was so muggy that being outside felt like wearing a wet wool blanket. Laundry hung out on the line simply did not dry. SOTD: Accord Parfait Chypre (Bergamot and Black Tea), from a sample. I really like the black tea note, but it doesn’t last as long as I’d like. And it isn’t very chyprish. Taz’s teacher called after school to tell us that he’s been doing well and is eager to learn, which is good to hear.

Wednesday, Aug. 29 – The adoption of the other calf has been, sadly, unsuccessful. The mama hasn’t accepted that he’s hers now, and she’s been kicking him away, so Esau came back to stay with Jacob in the calf pen near the house. I honestly think those orphan calves thrive better when they have companionship, so I don’t mind feeding two. SOTD: Etro Dianthus, which is very pretty stuff. A little too quiet for my taste, but very pretty.

Thursday, Aug. 30 – Gaze’s first middle school football game at home. The kid who plays his position on first team hurt his ankle, so Gaze got quite a bit of playing time. He did well. Juuuust missed a couple of opportunities – a pass went over his head, and then he didn’t quite tackle a guy. He’s getting better. The team won, 42-0. SOTD: Parfum de Rosine Rose d’Ete.

I left from the game to go to our first community chorus rehearsal, where we typically just run through the music for our December concert. Looks like a fun semester ahead.

Friday, Aug. 31 – Hot. Bleargh. I wrote some and did a bit of laundry. SOTD:

SOTE: Guerlain Idylle EdT. It’s SO MUGGY, and this rose-muguet-patchouli cuts through the funk. The band wore their uniforms to perform their show before the game, but then took off their jackets. Bookworm was still hot, poor baby – she drank two small Gatorades and then a big one before the game was over. The game itself was exciting – PCHS went up early by two touchdowns, then the opponent caught up right at the end of the game and we were tied. In overtime, we scored first and hit our point after touchdown. The opponent decided to go for a two-point conversion instead of a PAT kick, but our defense stuffed the play and sacked the quarterback for a loss. So we won our second game, 21-20. And our neighbor’s kid, Jake, played well too (go #21!).

Took Bookworm until 12:30 to get home. I put on some Soivohle Centennial and waited for her.

Saturday, Sept. 1 – Laundry and housecleaning. Got a package in the mail, an unsniffed 5ml decant of Tom Ford Jardin Noir Ombre de Hyacinth along with a small sample of Dior Dolce Vita EdT. (I do really like Dolce Vita – and it is the prettiest bottle! I actually prefer it to its famous relative Feminite du Bois, and it’s so cozy for winter. I have a teeny bottle of parfum. Gaze sniffed this sample and said, “Hey, I like that! Smells like… lollipops. Something fruity. And Christmas trees. You know, like the cedar ones we cut ourselves?”) Gaze is awesome.

The CEO and boys set off early for a Salem Red Sox game, and Bookworm and I got spinach-mushroom calzones and watched “The Phantom of the Opera” on DVD. Unfortunately, the rainstorm that passed through here at about 6pm went on toward Salem, causing rain delays, and the family members with XY chromosomes and an aversion to musicals came home early. Grrr. SOTE: vintage Coty Emeraude. So soft…

Sunday, Sept. 2 – Cooler after the rain. Wore a new Surrender to Chance sample to church: Pierre de Velay Parfum Extrait No. 11. Nice floral chypre that smells a lot like Diaghilev, without the “drycleaning fluid”/“velvet stage curtains” accord at the beginning. Maybe a bit more floral than Diaghilev, too. I like it. I don’t think I’d wear it often, but I like it. Probably a good thing I’m not in love, because this one is only sold at Roja Dove’s Harrods establishment. I’m betting they don’t ship to the US.

Went to a family Labor Day get-together, yummy potluck with my mom’s famous mac-n-cheese. When we left the house, it was raining buckets, and we couldn’t even get across the railroad tracks to the meeting site (the Methodist church downtown, where my aunt attends) due to flooding in the street. I assume this was precipitation washing north from Hurricane Isaac. SOTA: Deneuve.



4 thoughts on “Scent Diary, August 27- September 2, 2012”

    1. Umm…. oops. Don’t know how that got left out. It was Pierre de Velay Parfum Extrait No. 11. (I probably went to look up how to spell it and then forgot to add it back in.) Mini review later in the week.

  1. Ooh, I recently got a mini of Dolce Vita at an antique store! Can you speak to Luca Turin’s claim that it’s been badly reformulated? Do current bottles still smell fine?

    1. I don’t actually know. I had a small bottle of EdT I bought slightly-used on eBay, and it was nice, but I don’t know how old it was. The parfum minis (oops, I fergotted I haz 2) are probably from early on in Dolce Vita’s life. You can really get the connection to Feminite du Bois in it, but I suppose it’s more like Bois et Fruits.

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