Scent Diary, August 20-26, 2012

Monday, Aug. 20 – Warm and lovely weather. SOTD: Moschino Funny! I’d better get a couple of wearings of this in before summer turns into fall. Pizza for dinner – Taz’s choice, because he starts school as a sixth grader tomorrow. 

Taz starts 6th grade.

Tuesday, Aug. 21 – School went well, apparently. Taz said he only had to try opening his locker six times before he managed it. Think of that, only six… (to be fair, I tried his locker myself, and it is a little cranky). In the evening, we went to the high school to eat hot dogs and watch the marching band perform their show for parents. They did a good job, especially for August! There are some rough spots, and those same three struggling newbie band members have yet to figure out which is their left foot, but overall it’s pretty good. The color guard is about 75% newbies, and most of them haven’t quite got this “marching thing” down yet either, but it’s coming along. SOTD: YSL Paris Pont des Amours.

Jacob (left) and Esau. Esau now has an adoptive mom.

We’re down to one calf that we’re bottle-feeding. One calf died, and his mama needed a baby to feed, so Esau has been adopted. We’re still giving Jacob three bottles a day. SOTE, after coming back from the band picnic: Amouage Memoir Woman. Wow, this thing is freaky. I’m still not sure why I love it so much. I shouldn’t. It’s not very “me” at all.

Wednesday, Aug. 22 – Cool and cloudy most of the day. First day of school for Gaze and Bookworm (of course, she’s been doing classes at Governor’s School for two weeks, but regular county schools started classes today). Wrote quite a bit, did some laundry, planned a sewing project. Wrote down all the house projects I need to schedule (chimney cleaning, having the HVAC guys look over our heat pumps and vents, getting the foyer painted, repainting the porch railings). SOTD: Hanae Mori and Dark Kiss, just to finish up this long-delayed Throwdown.

Church small group meeting in the evening, discussing ways to get involved in the community and show God’s love. SOTE: Ines de la Fressange.

Thursday, Aug. 23 – Foggy in the morning. On the way to drop the boys off at the middle school, a truck crossed the highway just a few feet in front of me. Nearly gave me a heart attack! SOTD: Chypre, first in vintage Coty parfum, and then when that wore off, in DSH edp. Gaze’s first football game tonight. It was away, and his team won (38-0). I don’t think he played much defense, but he’s on special teams so he got on the field for every kickoff, punt, or return.  

In warmups for the game. L-R: TJ, Katlyn (I think), and Bookworm, being All Serious.

Friday, Aug. 24 – First (official) high school football game of the season! Played the nearby town in the so-called “Battle for the Bridge,” in honor of the bridge over the river that separates this county from the town. I sold pizza for the band boosters. The CEO and Taz came up to the pizza tent and gave me a break so I could watch the show; it looked much much better than it had on Tuesday! SOTD: Cuir de Lancome. Very nice stuff, although by the time I got there and started selling pizza, we were so busy I had no opportunity to notice what I was wearing. After a miserable football season last year, our team’s doing much better. We won 41-9, against a smaller school which nevertheless had narrowly beaten us twice over the past two years.

Saturday, Aug. 25 – Laundry. Housecleaning. Boring stuff. Cloudy day with rainshowers and cooler temperatures. We had fresh garden sweet corn for dinner, which was lovely. SOTD: nothing. SOTE: Soivohle Centennial.

Sunday, Aug. 26 – Cooler this morning; warmer by midafternoon. SOTMorning: DK Gold. Watched “Silence of the Lambs” with The CEO on TV… brrrr, such a creepy movie! (So is the book. All three of those books are creepy – and yet such lovely prose from Thomas Harris in them.) SOTEvening: cozy lightweight aldehydey thing, Ulric de Varens pour elle.


12 thoughts on “Scent Diary, August 20-26, 2012”

  1. This is one of those weeks when I don’t know most of the perfumes you wore.

    I like The Silence of the Lambs film (I haven’t read the book). It is creepy.

    1. Hmm. Yeah, some hard-to-find things in there. The brief descriptions:
      Moschino Funny! – a refreshing summer-weight grapefruit/tea/rose thing
      YSL Paris Pont des Amours – one of the light Printemps Paris flankers, with a smidge of carnation
      Amouage Memoir W – lovely freakfest I reviewed in… January?
      Hanae Mori and Dark Kiss – berry-vanilla floral gourmands
      Ines de la Fressange – review coming this week, but basically a nicely-done fruity-floral on a sandalwood-benzoin base
      Chypre – what can I say? This is, finally, the Real Vintage Thing. Review coming soon. I did review the DSH.
      Cuir de Lancome – Virtual “Mama’s good leather purse”
      Soivohle Centennial – fuzzy floral chypre
      Ulric de Varens – the flat-broke girl’s Iris Poudre

      If you’re easily spooked don’t read the books (Red Dragon, Silence of the Lambs, and Hannibal, which all contain the Lecter character and which are ALL horrifyingly, beautifully written).

      1. I remember your throwdown for UdV’s perfume and, in addition to my love to those your posts and to finding my own “twins” for Iris Poudre, I was pleasantly surprised because it was one of a few mentioning of the brand another perfume from which (Isa) I was trying to get for years (and finally recently found).

        Cuir de Lancome is on my “to buy” list and with Memoir I go back and forth from “need a decant” to “probably won’t go beyond the sample”. Everything else – as I said – new to me. Thank you for the explanation.

        1. Memoir’s pretty weird! You need a bottle of Cuir before all the stocks run out. (I dread that. I have a backup bottle.)

  2. It is so interesting to read the little details of your life and your family, I really enjoy it. The differences in our areas are fascinating too; where I am there is no marching band, and football’s not that big of a deal (not to mention school hasn’t started yet.)

    In my life Spud is starting kindergarten this fall, and I’m starting to contemplate what I’ll do post-kids at home. It’s a bit unnerving to contemplate a change after 20 years of being the SAHM.

    1. Thanks, Dionne.

      I do so love marching band. Football I like, but really to me it’s just an excuse for marching band…

      So what’s big there? We don’t do much hockey here, but many other sports are popular, especially for recreation-league-age kids: soccer, baseball/softball, basketball, swimming. There are two gymnastics facilities in the area.

      I hope you can find something challenging and fun to do with your time (and they’ll all be home in the summers anyway).

  3. Hanae Mori, used to love, now it put’s me into a diabetic coma. Is the Ines de la Fressange aldehydic at all? Have a sample of Coty Chypre. Love. I keep eyeing bottles on evil bay, but I never know if they’re for real or not. I have be burned too many times there. Love, love, love the Cuir de Lancome and Centennial. Mmm. The Silence of the Lamb series freaks me out. Absolutely cannot fall asleep for days after reading one of those books or watching the movie.

    1. Yes, the Ines starts out with aldehydes – very fizzy, light and fleeting, not really what I would call an aldehydic floral.

      Is your Chypre the vintage stuff or the 1980s stuff? They smell quite different to me.

      1. I got my Chypre from StC and it was marked as Vintage. I guess that’s another thing, I don’t even know what the vintage v. 80s bottles/packaging look like. Think I will just savor my 2ml and then be done with it. I keep saying I’m not going to jump through hoops to track down vintage stuff. The problem is, I rarely enjoy newer fragrances as much as the vintage things I manage to smell.

        1. It might be the parfum – StC is where I got my bit too, after Musette raved about the stuff on FB (and I already knew I loved the DSH version). Was it really expensive? Lik $23 for 1/4 ml?

          I’m going to ‘splain somewhat about the vintages when I do that review, with bottle pics and so on, because the 80s stuff is very different from the earlier. Easy to tell from the packaging, and since I have smelled both versions, I think I could now tell just from sniffing them, but I can make the comparison. Probably easier to tell which is which if you HAVE smelled both. I also have a feeling that if you managed to find any really-old Chypre, it would cost you both arms and a leg because it’s so rare and so desirable.

          What’s your favorite vintagey thing? I do have several that I’d rather wear than newer things (and funnily enough, at least a couple of them are old Cotys).

  4. Yesterday was the first day of school for a lot of kids around here. There were some mighty happy moms at the office yesterday. One woman had a heck of a time with her babysitter this summer so she was beyond thrilled to be done with that and stick her kid on the bus yesterday.
    I love Hannibal. I think I read or heard somewhere that Anthony Hopkins only has about 15 minutes or so of screen time in that film. It seems like so much more to me because he makes such an impact.
    I have a sample of Hanae Mori. It’s sweet but nice. I don’t mind sweet if it’s well done.

    1. I love my children very much. All the same, I was getting a little sick of the Nerf gun wars and the constant nyah-nyah… glad to see them go back to school.

      I may not be so sanguine about it next year, when we haul Bookworm off to whichever college she picks.

      Hannibal Lecter is among the most memorable characters EVER. Book or film. EVVVEEERRRR.

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