Scent Diary, August 13-19, 2012

(Pix added, Wednesday! Check ’em out.)

Monday, Aug. 13 – Warm and pleasant. (Okay, so maybe I don’t hate August right now.) SOTD: Nothing. I was busy, I forgot. SOTAfternoon: Muse de Coty. I’m quite sure at this point that my 1960s treasure (1.5 oz, parfum de toilette, boxed, barely used, $16 ebay) is somewhat age-damaged. Review will be posted this next week. I cooked frozen fries on the grill last night along with the hot dogs; the seasoned ones were wonderful and the waffle fries were burned in spots and much less successful. Oh well, it was worth a try. I just didn’t want to bother heating up the house along with the oven. SOTEvening: By Kilian Rose Oud, from a sample spray. I’m only likely ever to have samples of this one because it’s riDICulously expensive, but so nice. Rose and silky vanilla decorated with a smidge of band-aid.

Tuesday, Aug. 14 – It rained last night. I still find it odd that the rest of the country is in a drought situation, and we’re not. In fact, our grass is growing almost as fast as it was in the spring, and I’m having to mow about every five days. It’s a nice problem to have. SOTD: Muse de Coty. We have a new orphan calf in the “guest house.” His name’s Jacob. (I’ve noticed that most of the calves we wind up bottle-feeding are male. I don’t know why. We’ve had maybe a dozen stay in that little shed, and only two of them were heifer calves.) SOTA: Coty Les Muses.

Wednesday, Aug. 15 – Took Bookworm and Taz for their summer dental checkups. No cavities, but Bookworm’s baby tooth is still hanging on. It might not be an issue, but the adult canine tooth is lying in her upper jaw sideways, so we’re going to need to see the orthodontist to check on that. SOTD: Gaultier Fragile EdP (thanks for the sample, Celina!). It’s quite different from the EdT I tested last month.

Thursday, Aug. 16 – Took Gaze for his contact lens fitting at the opthalmologist today. Nobody in the family wears contacts, and although I’ve seen friends/ roommates/ various in-laws inserting and removing them numerous times, I’ve never tried it myself. Gaze apparently has a mammoth flinch-blink reflex. He tried for about 45 minutes, but was not able to get the contacts in OR out. Poor baby. He was really disappointed. I think we’re going to try again in a few weeks. SOTD: F Malle L’Eau d’Hiver. Nice. I like. I even get the “it’s an updated take on Apres l’Ondee” angle, but I don’t think it’s very like Al’O. You just get a hint here and there.

Friday, Aug. 17 – Laundry. Straightening up. SOTD: Pamplelune. Pamplelune is so pretty! I love the florals in it as well as the grapefruit and currant bud. The football coach released the kids early so they could attend the scrimmage game at the high school; The CEO and Gaze went to watch it. Taz didn’t want to go, though, so I stayed home and made brownies for the football parents to sell at the tournament Saturday. The CEO says that Bookworm and PETBoy did a nice job directing the band, which did not march their show but played it from a standing position.

Of course, all Bookworm could think about when she got home were the mistakes she’d made. I did explain that I thought it was perfectly reasonable to use this game – which doesn’t count, of course – as a “dress rehearsal” for real football games, and to tweak what needed tweaking. As in, at a certain point she and PETBoy are standing side by side to direct, but she sped up a little because she couldn’t see him out of the corner of her eye (she has practically no peripheral vision in her left eye). So in the future, she’s going to stand to his left. Makes sense, right? SOTE: Le Temps d’une Fete. I love LTdF.


Gaze is jersey #1 in blue, closest to the sideline.

Saturday, Aug. 18 – Really nice weather for the “directed scrimmage” football tournament at the middle school. Gaze had, I think, hoped to be on the first team defense as cornerback, but wound up on second team both offense and defense. He did get to play some, and had a carry of four yards. SOTM: Moschino Funny!, which was terrific in the humidity.

After cleaning up in the afternoon, I made a birthday dinner for my favorite mother-in-law (that’s a joke, I’ve only had one MIL): steak, scalloped potatoes, green beans, caprese salad with tomatoes out of the garden, toasted Italian rolls, with chocolate cake and raspberries and vanilla ice cream for dessert. Yum. SOTEvening: YSL Paris Pont des Amours.

Sunday, Aug. 19 – Cool and cloudy. PETBoy came to church with us and ate soup and sandwiches before poor Bookworm had to chase him off and bury herself in her Biology/Physics/Calculus homework. SOTM: By Kilian Rose Oud. I spritzed once in the car going to church and instantly became the Least Popular Occupant of the vehicle. The CEO: “That smells like apricot juice. And just so you know, I am not a fan of apricot juice.” (He’s been complimentary of Rose Oud in the past, but that’s been typically after the first blast. Which smells like Band-Aids to me, but hey, I like the smell of Band-Aids.) Taz: “No, it’s more like pumpkin juice.” (He’s been reading Harry Potter books recently.) Bookworm: “I don’t like it.” (At least she’s consistent; she’s never liked it.) Gaze and PETBoy, thankfully, held their tongues.

I managed to get the yard mowed, finally, in the evening, while The CEO and Gaze moved a small bunch of cows from field to field in preparation for giving them medications on Monday. SOTA: Leonard de Leonard. Hmmm. This floral chypre that’s heavy on carnation reminds me somewhat of the old formulation of Lauren by Ralph Lauren. I should do a wrist-to-wrist… it’s been a long time since I’ve done a Fragrance Throwdown. Oh, and that reminds me, I’ve got a Throwdown partially written for Hanae Mori Butterfly versus Bath & Body Works Dark Kiss… must finish it.


11 thoughts on “Scent Diary, August 13-19, 2012”

  1. Well now, I know les Muses because the kindly Meg from Parfumieren sent me a sample, and so Cotys are no longer a closed book to me. She thinks it is like Hermes 24 Faubourg, and I think it is like Le De Givenchy. I’m really curious, what you think?

    1. I read her post on 24, Faubourg and Les Muses, and I don’t geddit. I just don’t.

      The sample of Le De I have is vintage and really suffering from age (decayed aldehydes, extremely ripe jasmine), so I’m not sure I’d get that comparison either. Hmm… I think I have a friend with some more-modern Le De…

      Will post my thoughts on Muse/Les Muses this week, though.

      1. Should probably clarify further: I don’t LIKE 24, Faubourg. It comes off as very sour on my skin. Like buttermilk. And I don’t think it’s supposed to do that…

  2. Mmm, love the BK Oud scents. Love FM L’eau d’Hiver, too. Love Le Temps d’une Fete as well. I love the contrast between Bookworm’s and PETboy’s height. Hope they have a great senior year.

    1. Yeah, it was a week of Good Smells.

      It’s funny – he’s not particularly tall, maybe 5′ 9″ or 10″, but she’s SO short… I’ll pass on the good wishes.

      1. Maybe it’s just the angle that the photo is taken from exaggerates the contrast in their respective heights. I think the lane markings in the track behind them add to the effect, since most people know those markings are at least two feet apart.
        Yes, you had a very good scent week. I’m tempted by the BK Rose Oud. I keep thinking it won’t be so bad to buy a set of the travel sprays and try to sell/share/split the extra 7.5ml tubes, but the set only comes with one spray top. The remaining tubes are screw top dab vials.
        Ah well, I have enough perfume to last me a lifetime and a half as it is. And I have college tuition to pay for the next 3 years.

        1. Yeah, I think it’s probably the angle that makes him LOOM over her…

          That’s what I did with Sweet Redemption – bought two refill bottles (no sprayer) on ebay and then poured them into an atomizer. I’m fine with that.

  3. About your son and his contacts lenses – I’ve been wearing contacts for almost 40 years, and I still remember what the optometrist told me when I first started. He said the most successful contact lens wearers were vain, because vain people had the most incentive to get rid of their glasses. (You notice I said I’ve been wearing them happily for 40 years!)So maybe when your son gets a little older he’ll have more incentive to succeed with wearing them. give it a little time.

    1. Aha, vanity… actually, Gaze might be the only one of my children who really cares how he looks. Bookworm asks HIM for sartorial advice (“These shoes, or those? This sweater?”). Thanks.

  4. Hearing about Gaze and his contacts brought me back…. I remember how hard they were to put in at first and the way my eye would freak out. After 25 years of wearing them, I can lift the lid and rub my eyeball aaaall over with nary a reaction. Wait. That sounds really gross.

    Did an orthodontist visit myself this week with Frodo to get ready for Round 2, and had a good gulp over the $4000 pricetag, and our coverage is already maxed out from Round 1. Oy. Poor kid got my teeth. (In fact, I tell my children that the reason I married their father was because he had GREAT teeth. That, and he’s nice and warm.)

    And yay! for more throwdowns. I love those.

    1. He’s SUPPOSED to be practicing with eye drops, but I don’t think he’s been doing it. Too much football practice or something.

      I never had braces myself, though both my siblings did, and so did The CEO. I’m kind of dreading it, but we’ll go for the consult soon.

      Throwdown today! And Forest Walk review tomorrow.

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