Scent Diary, Aug. 15-21, 2011

Monday, Aug. 15: SOTD: Mary Greenwell Plum. Had my first mammogram today (oh, yippee… but not nearly as bad as I’d heard). Took Bookworm to the doctor’s office today to have that pinky finger looked at. She smashed it in the car door yesterday, and the nail is all purple-blue now. Got sent back to the imaging department at the hospital to have x-rays done, and that was the second time I was there in one day. Huh. Turns out the finger’s not broken (duh).

Then chauffeured Bookworm up to the high school for Open House. She picked up her class schedule and paid her fees; they wouldn’t let her purchase a parking permit until she actually has her license. Which she cannot get until September 21 at the earliest. Aargh. We walked in the door and were immediately greeted by boys wanting to talk to her. It was a friend of hers from MACC – the academic competition team – talking about new student prospects to replace last year’s seniors, and then two friends from band, one of whom is awfully cute.

But Bookworm has a class schedule muck up for 3rd block of 2nd semester. Essentially, it’s a throwdown between Spanish IV, which she needs for an advanced degree, and Wind Ensemble, which she just wants to take, especially if she’s going to try out for drum major next spring.

Tuesday, Aug. 16: SOTD: Amouage Lyric Woman. Gosh, this thing is really beautiful. I should wear it more often, but then I’d probably want to wear it more often, and I only have a decant because, hey, it’s Amouage. The verdict on it among my children was generally positive (I had never asked them before): Bookworm says, “That’s kind of nice,” Taz says, “It’s okay!” in a surprised, pleased voice, and Gaze says, “That’s nice. It kind of smells a little like Nana’s house… but in a good way.” Nana wears Chanel No. 5 and Jovan Musk for Women, as well as Elizabeth Arden 5th Avenue, in cast you’re wondering. I don’t know what Gaze is getting at here. But then, I grew up in that house so I might not be able to smell it.

Bookworm and I stopped by the guidance counselor’s office and tried several permutations of scheduling to see if we could work out the band class, but it’s just not going to be possible this year. She’s bummed.

Wednesday, Aug. 17: SOTD: Elie Saab Le Parfum, sample sent to me by the lovely Ann N. I wound up using all of the sample over two applications, which is unusual for me. I like it.

Bookworm started “behind the wheel” driving lessons today. They do it here separately from the classroom lessons, and she’ll have seven hours driving and seven hours of observing the other student driver. We used to go to church with the instructor, and in any case he must have nerves of steel, but everybody got finished in good shape today. No crashes or panic attacks or more gray hairs on the instructor, no fire department or police or ambulance. Whew. Not that I was really worried, but still.

The CEO got all his 120 signatures on the petition to allow him to run for School Board.

Thursday, Aug 18: The weather this week has been very, very nice: mostly in the low-to-high 70s F, and low humidity. It’s rained a couple of times, too. I certainly hope next week will be just as wonderful. I can’t remember the last time we had pleasant weather in August. Usually the kids go back to school the last week of August and it’s miserably hot, which only matters because the elderly elementary and middle school buildings are not air-conditioned. I can remember years in the recent past when the kids were dismissed two hours early from school on August days for inclement weather, meaning a monstrously high heat index. The high school, built in 1974, is a bizarrely podular-shaped thing, with minimal windows and carpet on the floors, and certain classrooms have rounded walls. It, of course, is air-conditioned. The CEO went to school there, and he remembers a certain winter day when the power went out and nobody could find their way around the building without lights… although I think he mainly remembers it because he managed to bump into his girlfriend-of-the-time in the hall and there was PDA unhindered by teachers.

SOTMorning: Mona di Orio Les Nombres d’Or Tubereuse. Will review it for the Tuberose Series, but I’ll just say I’m not digging it. SOTAfternoon: vintage Coty Emeraude parfum from an old roll-on bottle. It’s strongly powdery, which is not my favorite iteration of vanilla, but I don’t know if that’s due to age damage (possible) or the concentration. I still think my favorite vintage Emeraude is the parfum de toilette, which is a liqueur-like vanilla thing, all clear and potent.

Rainshowers this evening. Went to the band room to observe kids getting fitted with their uniforms; the same band mom has been doing uniforms for several years, and I thought it would be good to watch her system in case she falls under a bus or something. Bonus news: Bookworm has grown and will have to have her pants let down an inch!! Yay!

Friday, Aug. 19: Seems I spoke too soon about the weather… it’s now back to the upper 80s and humid. More Driver’s Ed “behind the wheel” instruction today. SOTD: SSS To Dream.

Then there was a scrimmage game at the high school this evening, so The CEO and I went to watch the band. It was too hot for uniforms, so they went with band t-shirts. It’s likely to be too hot for uniforms next week, too, for the first official football game of the season. SOTEvening: Tom Ford Black Orchid Voile de Fleur.

Saturday, Aug. 20: Cleaned house. Again. Also, it looks like the heat pump has got unreasonable amounts of condensation going on… I think we need it to be serviced. The house is ten years old now, and nobody has ever come to check the heat pumps, which I think is supposed to be done every three years or so. SOTD: Cuir de Lancome. I love this thing.

Sunday, Aug. 21: Rainshowers, temps in the mid-80s and humid. SOTDay: Chanel No. 5 parfum, overlaid with a spritz or two of Eau Premiere. I smell good.

Dinner this evening at our minister’s house with some other folks; we’re going to discuss the possibility of starting a small group in our area (church is in B’burg, and there are plenty out there for us to join, but it’s tougher than ever to drive an hour and a half for a weeknight Bible study, given the family schedule).

Gaze wants a haircut before school starts on Thursday. Taz doesn’t want one, and that’s okay with me as long as his bangs aren’t in his eyes. I’ve also got to go through their closets and dressers and figure out whether they need new school clothes right away, or whether they’ve got enough summer stuff to do them for the first couple of months.


18 thoughts on “Scent Diary, Aug. 15-21, 2011”

  1. oh- I really need to try Lyric on my skin. I tried it on paper and wasn’t ‘wowed’. I love the idea of no.5 parfum (I’ve never smelled it, only the lesser conc.)- you must’ve smelled gooood!!

    1. I have heard from other people that Lyric on paper did not impress them. I hardly ever try anything on paper, probably because I have to purchase (or swap for, or beg) samples instead of having access to a department store or perfume store. I love it, though.

      I have a couple of bottles of NO. 5 parfum that I bought for cheap on ebay – I don’t mind a used bottle, and if you manage to find one old enough and still in its box, sealed or not, it’s usually amazing.

      1. Yes- I have realized that with all my favorite perfumes, I have always lived with samples of them before realizing that I love them. Spraying in the store (Especially on paper) just doesn’t do it. I was lucky enough to be able to do two visits to the Scent Bar (luckyscent) this summer with my mom who was visiting from India (and who turned out to be quite the perfumista). Sadly, I thought of sniffing Lyric only at the end of my second visit. Will definitely try on skin, the next time..

        which do you prefer No. 5 parfum or Bois des Iles?

        1. No. 5 parfum or BdI… hmmm. Hard to say, especially since I have *not* had the chance to smell BdI in parfum. I first sampled a pre- Les Exclusifs edt of BdI that I loved, and then found the LE version less present on my skin and much less long-lasting.

          The vintage No. 5 parfum I have is just stunning… the florals sort of pop out in 3D, and the base is absolutely gorgeous. The modern parfum is very good but not nearly the same glowing thing.

        1. Hope you get it! But if not, don’t worry… more is always popping up as older ladies head off to assisted living condos and downsize their possessions, and their great-nephews sell the unwanted perfumes on ebay. 🙂

        2. oww..that (picture) makes me sad…
          The one I found on the bay has a stopper that doesn’t look like the ‘classical chanel’ vintage stoppers..In any case I hope it is the real deal and that I get it..:). How old are your no.5 bottles- can you tell from the stoppers?

        3. I don’t know if anyone could tell age from stoppers… certainly not I!… I have been lucky enough to get a couple that were in their original packaging boxes, and that’s what I’ve dated them by. The oldest one I have is cream-colored with age, matte rather than the glossy cardboard Chanel has been using since the 80s, and the printing is ENGRAVED!! rather than just printed or embossed on the box. That’s the 1950s one.

          I think I may have seen a guide to dating Chanel parfum bottles somewhere… I’ll see if I can locate a link to it and post it here.

    1. Thanks! That source does some really interesting guides. Funny, my 1950s bottle doesn’t look like the one listed for 1950… it’s sort of squattier. And with a slightly different stopper.

      But you know what? If it’s not genuine Chanel, I don’t care. It is STUNNING. If it’s a fake, it doesn’t matter because it smells so darn gorgeous.

      1. Yeah- the one I am bidding on doesn’t look like these bottles either..It is taller with a very different stopper..

        “But you know what? If it’s not genuine Chanel, I don’t care. It is STUNNING. If it’s a fake, it doesn’t matter because it smells so darn gorgeous.”

        LOL..but seriously, you are right- that *is* all that matters..
        Thanks so much and sorry about the onslaught of comments..:)

        1. You are right. few more popped up. I need to decide which one to go all out for..The 50s bottle that I initially mentioned is going for more than I am willing to lose. But it seems genuine. There is 70s bottle which seems more reasonable right now (have you sniffed the 70s version?)..I have been reading all of your ebay posts to prepare for the nail biting finish..will let you know how it goes..

  2. mals! mals! mals! my first time EVER bidding. I lost the bid on the 1oz (70’s) one. Then I again bid (more than I had planned to unfortunately) on the .25 oz of the 50s version (in the very last seconds- yes- I ‘sniped’..I’ve never ever really seriously bid this whole sniping thing was
    *fingers crossed till I smell the juice*. Thanks for the support mals!!

      1. Hi Mals! I got my bottle today! I had the opposite experience as you- when I applied it, it smelled gorgeous- very familiar, old-fashioned (in the best way), rich..but very soon it disappeared and I panicked thinking that it might have been diluted or something..Now, i can smell it again, faint and powdery, almost like the far drydown of OJ Tolu. Does that sound right? I might need to apply more but I’ve hear that the parfum is fleeting. As soon as my husband smelt the top notes- he said ‘white flowers’ (lol..I was impressed!)..


        1. Oh dear… I guess that only goes to show that bottles are affected differently by age… my bottles are different from each other. I have heard that sometimes older parfums go faint, and that’s been true of some other vintage stuff I’ve tried. I may have been lucky with my No. 5.

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