Scent Diary, April 7-13, 2014

Monday, Apr. 7 – Surprisingly chilly for April – we’d turned off the heat and opened the windows already, but had to correct that today.  Did some errands (I always shop for groceries on Monday) and the like, and ironed some clothes. SOTD: Guerlain Chamade from my weird fake-tortoiseshell 70s EdT bottle. The topnotes on it are a little wonky – decaying aldehydes – but after 7-10 minutes it’s so beautiful, green to yellow to cream. Sigh.  Respritzed after supper.

The CEO forgot to tell me that the construction guys he arranged to finish our laundry room were going to start this week, so I was surprised when they showed up today. “Oh, um… a contract? Uh… I don’t know where it is. But yes, I can write you a check for supplies… sure…” We have been in this house eleven years, and had never finished the laundry room. It was insulated on the inner walls, but not dry-walled, and the rest of the walls were cinder block. Unheated, and with the dog scratching at the wooden doorframe all the time, the outer door didn’t fit securely, and doing laundry in January got to be a very very chilly proposition. I’m going to be thrilled to have it done.

Tuesday, Apr. 8 – Beautiful weather. Warm, and it got quite toasty in the living room by 7pm when we had Bible study.  SOTD: a buncha samples. I had to diagram where I put what, with this “tattoo pen” I have.  Been thinking of Bookworm a lot because this is midterm week, and she’s a little stressed. I miss my girlie. Especially when the spring bulbs are blooming and all of a sudden things are so green outside that it looks like Ireland.

Brendan MACC
Gaze mugging outside the School Board office with his award. He looks so much like his late grandfather.

Gaze’s Social Studies academic challenge team was honored by the School Board this evening (before our small group met, thank goodness!) for their undefeated regular season and their tournament win. They did narrowly lose one match, in the East Semi-final, to the team that came in a distant second in the overall tournament, but I think it’s pretty clear that these kids were champs all the way through.

Wednesday, Apr. 9 – another warm day, but with rain. Wrote all day, except for going for a walk. SOTD: Cuir de Lancome. Gosh, Cuir is so nice. Essence of Nice Leather Purse, with makeup powder and some flowers.

Thursday, Apr. 10 – Lovely cool day. Did some errands, wrote, and then picked up Gaze at the high school. SOTD: a sample of Roja Dove Fetish, which reminds me a bit of several other green florals (No. 19, Le Temps d’une Fete, Chamade). Not sure whether this is the EdP or the extrait, since it’s a hand-written label. I’ll have to ask the friend who sent it.  It’s very nice, and at the same time I wouldn’t pay Roja prices for it, not even the EdP (his extrait bottles are running about $460/50ml, which I call ridiculously extravagant).

Gaze and I went to catch the middle-school track meet, or at least part of it. There are two middle schools in the county (they used to be the two high schools, before the combined county high school was built in 1974), and this meet was just the two of them. They went very fast, and poor Taz ran the 1600m (mile) rather slowly, then had to run the 800m not five minutes after. He put some effort into the 800, and did pretty well. I can tell, though, that he can go much faster, but the track team at DMS is big and there really isn’t enough experienced running coaching to get much out of these kids. There were two kids in the mile – an 8th grader from DMS and a 7th grader from PMS – who both beat Gaze’s mile time, so Gaze was pretty excited about that and invited both of them to consider running track and cross-country at the high school.

Then, our final chorus rehearsal before the concert this weekend. Crazy rehearsal – one of the tenor soloists is sick and seriously not in good voice, and our director was all over the place with little pieces of this and that we needed to go over. All the same, there were some moments when we were making real music, and it was lovely. Sigh. SOTE: Le Temps d’une Fete.

Friday, Apr. 11 – SOTD is Tauer Eau d’Epices again. This is fairly wintery, and at the same time not too heavy – a relatively transparent spicy-woody thing. It’s centered around orange blossom (which usually kills me) and the usual Tauerade, but unlike the similar Orange Star, I liked it when I first tried it and I still do. (Orange Star nearly killed me, with the Tang Dust Effect. GAH.) Will be formally reviewing soon.

Because of the track meet tomorrow, Gaze actually came home early on the bus today. Nice to see him in daylight. J  The guys working on the laundry room put the washer and drier back into commission so we could do laundry over the weekend. They’re making progress in there – the drywall is up.

Saturday, Apr. 12 – Busy day! Beautiful sunny, breezy weather, though cooler than we’ve been having.  Sirak and Gaze went off to an invitational meet in Bristol today and The CEO followed so that he could bring Gaze home after he’d run his events. After he left, he called the house in the middle of the usual Saturday cleanup to insist that I take Taz to a Native American festival taking place in a local park. So we did some basic cleaning, and then Taz and I went. I’ve been to something like this before, and perhaps if we had had time to stay all day it would have been better, but mostly it was vendors and dancers, and a very small gathering. The ones I’ve been to were much larger, where there was dancing taking place all the time (different shifts of people) in one location, and demonstrations of various things (storytelling, weapons-making, crafts) in others.  We were a little disappointed, though the dancing we saw was interesting. (Aztecs. The powwows I’ve been to were focused on more local tribes.)

Also, I could tell that I might burn even through my sunscreen, which I was not keen to do. So we grabbed milkshakes and went home.  SOTD: the brand-new-to-me partial bottle of Ralph Lauren Safari via eBay for CHEAP. I had tried it before from a mini parfum bottle and did not like it – it started out with some wonderful galbanum and moss, but then got way sweet. This bottle was actually advertised as being cologne strength, and I have a friend who claims that the cologne was far drier than either the parfum or the EdP, so I bought it. However, now that I see the bottle in the glass, so to speak, it’s eau de parfum. Reminds me to some degree of Deneuve.

Did some laundry and then The CEO was back with Gaze. We left for Salem, to see a Red Sox game. It was the first home game of the season, and I was thrilled to find that the regular catcher for the Salem Sox is Really Really Cute. I have a weakness for catchers and their mighty thighs… and the game hasn’t been the same for me since Boston catcher Jason Varitek retired a few years ago.  The CEO was thrilled to go take a picture with the World Series trophy, which is making the rounds of all the Red Sox minor league affiliates.  After the fourth inning, we were starving, and the Sox were losing to the Myrtle Beach Pelicans. (Yes. One more reason to love Minor League Baseball is the wacky team names… I still miss the Winston-Salem Warthogs.)  So we went out for pizza/calzones at an Italian place. Yum.

Bookworm playing Ultimate Frisbee.
Bookworm playing Ultimate Frisbee.

Bookworm is with the Yale Ultimate Frisbee team at Hofstra University this weekend, having lots of fun. She was particularly happy to hear that I have a new Catcher Crush. 😉

Sunday, Apr. 13 – Darkish and cloudy in the morning; SOTD for church was Safari again. I am doing fine with this EdP. True, it is rather sweet, but in a soft haylike way (I’m reminded of the wonderful drying-grass character of DSH Perfumes La Fete Nouvelle) instead of an ambery one.  Lovely and comfortable. The CEO likes it. Gaze says it’s “okay” and it made him think of my mother, which I’m not really getting because it doesn’t smell like any of her usual fragrances.  

Community Chorus concert today (the second one will be tomorrow evening, in a different location). It went well. There were, as always, a few mixups, but no serious flaws and it sounded quite nice. Gaze mowed the grass while I was at the concert, yay! He offered. Also, he is as of today eligible to obtain his learner’s permit from the DMV… now I just have to find an afternoon when he is free to go to the office with me.

I was tired, all day, and didn’t feel much like cooking, so I went with some frozen Chinese stuff – beef and broccoli, chicken potstickers, rice, veggies – while The CEO took the boys to church youth group.  Early to bed.


7 thoughts on “Scent Diary, April 7-13, 2014”

    1. Oh, holy moly I love Cuir de Lancome! And do NOT like the Chanel, which is just dreadful on me… I always say, shuddering, that it is like our cattle working pens: dust, dry manure, rawhide, iodine, and fear. CdL is actually discontinued at this point, though you can still find it for pretty cheap at the discounters. I know there were a few people who whined that it wasn’t a proper butch saddle leather, but I don’t like leather scents that try to slap me. It smells like my mom’s good leather church purse ca. 1973: soft leather, a hint of lipstick and face powder, a hanky spritzed with Chanel No. 5. I do love it. I’m not a huge leather fan, though I adore Jolie Madame parfum, and that is certainly an assertive leather… like Doc Marten boots somebody stuffed full of fresh violets.

      I am beyond thrilled with getting the laundry room finished, even though The CEO does a lot of (maybe even most of – he takes over sometimes) the laundry.

  1. I just wore Safari EDP for the first time in probably a couple of years the other day. I think perhaps it has improved/mellowed in the bottle. I was really digging it.

    1. I really like Safari. The only reason I can assume for not liking the earlier trial of it is that it WAS parfum, and a friend whose signature scent it was in the 90s (before she branched out) says that the parfum is definitely very sweet in the drydown.

      Or maybe it was that it was a warm day and I was expecting it stay green longer. The galbanum really doesn’t stick around very long, compared to, say, Silences. Or No. 19.

  2. Was that seriously the first time Taz had seen Back to the Future (another post, but I’m not taking the time to go comment on that one too)?

    I miss you too.

    You and your catchers. (Did you miss that? I’ll do it again. *eyeroll*)
    I will say that I liked Varitek too, but mostly because I wanted to be a switch hitting catcher back when I was playing rec league softball.

    Warthogs is a MUCH better name than Dash.

    1. Yes, it was the first time. He did his weird little excited dance thing.

      CATCHERS ARE AWESOME. And I know, it wasn’t just a wow-he’s-cute thing with you and Varitek, it was more of a Wow-my-idol thing. But still.

      Warthogs forever!!

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