Scent Diary, April 28-May 6, 2014

redbudMonday, Apr. 28 – End of the month approaching. And my clematis is putting up leaves, this is good. SOTD: Crown Bouquet.

Tuesday, Apr. 29 – New minivan. Well, new to me… it belonged to my parents, but they bought a brand new one and offered their old one to us. It’s four years newer and has the automatic doors and liftgate, but it’s the same color.

Really need to get the weeds out of the front flower garden. It’s bad… but it’s raining. SOTD: Mary Greenwell Plum.

Wednesday, Apr. 30 – More rain. Chilly. Gaze was supposed to have a track meet today, but they canceled it due to the rain. SOTD: Safari. I am wearing the heck out of Safari lately, because it is both green and warm. Chamade and Le Temps d’une Fete are green and warm, too, as opposed to, say, Chanel No. 19 and Silences, which are green and cool. The redbuds are beautiful, and we have six baby calves gallivanting about the 20 Acre Field behind the house.

Thursday, May 1– SOTD is Diorissimo. (I always feel like I have to explain about my Diorissimo… it’s not VINTAGE vintage. It’s a 2006 tester bottle, and there was a significant change to the formula in, I think, 2008, though of course there had been several changes all along. The current version I don’t like at all – it is screechy and borderline unpleasant.) Can’t believe it’s May already. Seems like spring has rushed toward us this year, unlike last year when the weather lingered in a limbo-like cold-and-wet holding pattern.

Friday, May 2 – Got insurance on the new van, which I would like to continue calling Eddie Van since it’s the same color, and which The CEO wants to call Val Van because the license plate starts with VAL. He says, “No, it’s perfect, because Eddie Van Halen was actually married to Valerie Bertinelli!” I blow raspberries all over that. It doesn’t feel like a girl van to me. Nope. I think it’s Eddie II. SOTD: Le Temps d’une Fete, because I can.

Took Old Eddie down to the Wal-Mart parking lot and put a For Sale sign in his window before parking it at the lower end of the lot. Got two phone calls about it within four hours.

Have been sleeping in a veil of YSL Paris Pont des Amours all week. Just so nice and powdery and rosy, very comfortable for sleep.

Saturday, May 3 – Wal-Mart called and said that they don’t allow people to sell cars in its parking lot, and would we please move the van. I apologized and said we would. It will be easy, because the second person that called last night came to look at it and drive it this morning, and they want it. YAY.

Went to the Cosmopolitan Track Meet in Roanoke to see Gaze run, and then I took Taz with me to see my parents this afternoon. My grandmother died in 2006, and my mom is STILL trying to get rid of furniture and just stuff that belonged to her… Mom is trying to figure out how best to divest herself of the 100 or so ceramic bird figurines that Bambaw left behind, as well as old jewelry, china, and glass dishes, and where I would either take it to an eBay reseller or simply haul it all off to Goodwill, she doesn’t want to do that. She feels that the 40% fee that the reseller would charge is too much, whereas I’m thinking that’s worth it to a) get rid of the stuff that Mom wouldn’t keep anyway and b) not have to deal with all the details of taking pictures and listing and selling and packing and shipping. GAH.

Gaze didn’t run very well today. He doesn’t seem to do well when we come watch him. It wasn’t bad, but he’d been hoping to PR today and he was about 2 seconds slower than his best time. SOTD: Kelly Caleche EdP. Nice and light for warm weather, though it was rather breezy today.

Sunday, May 4 – Nice spring weather here. I took the boys to church with me, while The CEO preached at one of the small Presbyterian churches nearby. (Nice that they like to go to our church.) After that, I packed up the van with all the spare boxes/plastic totes/duffel bags and drove north seven hours on I-81, the first part of the trip to pick up Bookworm from school. SOTD: Le Temps d’une Fete.

Spring has progressed much less farther in the mountains of PA than it has here. Hardly anything is blooming.

Monday, May 5 – Gorgeous weather here in Connecticut! Drove from just north of Scranton to New Haven, and was sort of cursing my GPS for sending me via I-95. We started calling it Miss Direction (it has a woman’s voice) as a joke. I swear, just a joke!! But lately it’s been an appropriate name. GAH. However. It’s cool and sunny and breezy: perfect weather for packing up college kid stuff and hauling it down two flights of stairs and then down the street and across two city streets (waiting for the light to change both ways, going and coming). Gah. Also, I lost my Fitbit. Don’t know where it slipped off and fell, but it is gone baby gone. Bummer.

SOTD: Chanel No. 19 EdP. Bookworm insisted on taking me into the courtyard of Pierson College to show me a blooming shrub that smelled lovely. I think it’s daphne… little white-and-pink flowers, small leathery leaves. If it isn’t daphne, I don’t know what it is. I pulled out my DelRae Wit to let her smell, and we both agreed that Wit doesn’t smell like this particular bush…. Hmmm.

Miss Direction sent us BACK via I-95, which made us go a good 30 miles too far south for my (unchangeable) hotel reservations to be helpful. We wound up having to backtrack going north, and probably drove an extra 60-70 miles this trip. GAH.

Dinner was nice, though, before The CEO got on the phone and went, YOU ARE WHERE????? WHY CAN’T YOU JUST GO TO HAZLETON????

Tuesday, May 6 – Cloudier in the morning, not quite as sparkling and lovely a day. Tired after the drive, but fine. Glad to be home. SOTD: DelRae Wit, which although it doesn’t smell like that particular blooming bush, is really wonderful.



12 thoughts on “Scent Diary, April 28-May 6, 2014”

  1. I always thought of Chanel No 19 like “green and cold” but I’ve never thought of Chamade as “green and warm”. Now I will. Thank you.

    I liked Wit, I think it’s a very interesting floral composition. But – at least to my nose – it smells nothing like Daphne, which upsets me immensely since I’m in love with Daphne scent and had high hopes when I read the description first. Oh, well…

    1. Oh, glad to hear you think Chamade is warm too – it’s so beautiful.

      Wit doesn’t smell exactly like daphne to me, either, but I do really think Wit is gorgeous. It seems to capture the lighthearted freshness of the flower, if not the actual smell. Lovely stuff (both scents).

  2. Congrats on the “new” van and selling the old one. 🙂

    I adore Redbuds with their orchid colored blooms (I call that particular shade of purple “orchid”) – and the photo you posted is a perfect specimen! Is that your tree?

    I lost a bunch of Nandinas this year due to the brutal winter and plan to replace a couple of them with Daphnes – wish me luck as I know they can be finicky. Happy spring C!

    1. I am enjoying Eddie II!

      Redbuds are so lovely. Yes, I’d call that color “orchid,” and it’s pretty. It’s not my tree – we have two in the side yard, and they’re not that big. I took a pic and couldn’t get it to upload… I should post a couple of pics of black cows in green grass out behind the house, that’s pretty too…

      I hope your daphnes “take.” There was a really lovely big bush in the courtyard of Bookworm’s residential college, smelled SO GOOD. I’d love to plant one myself.

  3. Congrats on the new (to you) van!

    Now you have me curious about the shrub–the wax leaf ligustrum is blooming here, and I adore the smell. I look forward to it every year. I wish a fragrance smelled like that. I know nothing about plants 😀 If you learn what it was, please tell us.

    I’m glad you are digging Wit. I was more like Robin at NST, and don’t adore it. There’s a note in it that hits me wrong, so I’ll go sniff somthing else. It’s one of the fun things about our fragrant habit–there is always something new to try. (I tried Hermes’ Epice Marine today. Very interesting, but I think I’d prefer it on a gentleman. If you loathe cumin, skip it!) May your days be fragrant and fun. Be well.

    1. The van is nice! Hmm, don’t know wax leaf ligustrum… but the blooming tree I really love is black locust. SO gorgeous. Amoureuse isn’t exactly right, but it’s close.

      Wit is wonderful. There’s some musk in the base, and I suspect that will bother some people, though it doesn’t register as annoying to me. As for the Hermes, I don’t mind cumin but I definitely feel uncomfortable in fragrances that veer “masculine” as in fougeres and mariney things, so I haven’t bothered to try that one.

  4. I don’t know about the leaves, but the flowers you describe might be viburnum? They are starting to bloom up in upstate NY, and I absolutely love the smell. They look sort of like daphne (I have never seen daphne in person), but the flowers are very very small (maybe less than a dime in diameter).

    1. Welcome!

      Nnnnnnooooo, I don’t think it was viburnum, or at least not the varieties I’m familiar with. Daphne flowers are really those tiny tiny clusters of flowerets, very similar to viburnum, but the ones we were smelling at Yale were pink and white, and I don’t think viburnum flowers pink at all.

      They smell lovely, though. So how are things in upstate NY?? Pretty country.

      1. The viburnum we have around here has white flowers with a tinge of pink, and I think they might be Viburnum bitchiuense. The weather in NY has finally warmed up! The viburnum, lilacs and crabapple blossoms that are peeping out make me want to spend all day outside sniffing things! I am especially looking forward to the roses.

        1. I’ll have to look up the bitchiuense… OOOH. That might be it. The pics I’m finding of the v. bitchuense show more clumps of flowers than the bush we were smelling at Yale – that one had more overall flowerets – but the color looks right. Hmm. Thanks.

          We haven’t quite got lilacs yet, though they’re budding and should bloom this week or next. Black locusts (my favorite!) are blooming now. So gorgeous.

    1. Hi, Andre! I admit to not being much of a photographer (it’s probably just laziness, though), but I could try. On the other hand, I tend to not take full bottles with me on trips, and it’s pretty boring to show a decant in a photo. I’ll keep it in mind, because occasionally I do take a bottle. I did take my No. 19 EdP with me on this trip, as well as some samples and decants.

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