Scent Diary, April 21-27, 2014

Monday, Apr. 21 – The boys had today off for Easter break, so we drove up to the Roanoke area to hike out to McAfee’s Knob. I’d done this hike years (well, decades) ago, when my church youth group went there, and I didn’t remember it being so strenuous. But then, there wasn’t so much of me at the time, and I was in much better shape. Most of the hike was nice, but by the end I was sort of miserable. We didn’t take enough water, and we forgot to take bug spray. The midges were awful.

I had some pics I wanted to add to this post, but I keep getting “HTTP ERROR” from WordPress. I’ll go ahead and post this, but try to add the images again later.

The hike is about 7.6 miles round trip from the parking lot (old data used to say it was 7.2 miles, but distances have been relabeled after checking with GPS), which is a long hike when you’re only used to walking a couple of miles at a time – especially since a good third of the trail is UPHILL.  View was lovely, though.

No fragrance until after we got home and I had a shower, and by then I wanted something soothing. SOTE: Parfums de Rosine Rose d’Ete.

Tuesday, Apr. 22 – I am stiff. Mostly in the hip area; I am clearly not doing enough walking on an incline! Other than that, though, I don’t have any lingering ill-effects from that long hike. I enjoyed it. The CEO and I used to do a lot of hiking on trips early in our marriage, and I confess that I hadn’t realized how much he missed having me along. I don’t really care much about the hiking, myself, and to be honest he is nearly always more interested in getting to a destination than in the journey there. He likes to take grand pictures of sweeping landscapes (have I mentioned how many times we stopped for him to get snapshots of snow-covered mountains in New Zealand?) and I like to wander around in town, looking at houses and markets, people and museums, and wondering what it would be like to live there.

SOTD: Parfums d’Empire Osmanthus Interdite, which is my idea of a Fruity Floral Done Right.

Wednesday, Apr. 23 – We have plenty of calves out in the field behind the house, but so far nothing that we need to bottle-feed. Which is good; they do far better when they stay with their mamas. The redbuds are in bloom, and I just discovered some double daffodils that I’d planted last year and promptly forgotten all about. They’re gorgeous.

SOTD: Crown Bouquet. Sigh. Love it. It’s one of those I can only wear in spring.

Thursday, Apr. 24 – SOTD: Ralph Lauren Safari. Rather haylike – in that it’s all green up top, and has the sweetness of drying grass later. So pretty. Started to mow the lawn, but the belt pulling the blades is stretched out and close to breaking, and I had to finally give up.

Friday, Apr. 25 – Bookworm had two final exams today – an oral exam in her Spanish class, and a practical exam in her Chemistry lab. She says they went fine. I’m a little surprised that there haven’t been any reports of dinners, parties, receptions, whatever… I remember the close of college days being marked by those for me, particularly at UVa. SOTD: DSH White Lilac (oil format). Lovely stuff.

The construction guys finished the mantelpiece, too! It looks wonderful – it was cut from a walnut tree that grew on the farm, and made to resemble the old-fashioned mantels placed in houses built when you needed a fireplace for winter heat. (Side note: it bugs the heck out of me that people misspell mantel. A mantle is a cloak or covering; a mantel is a construct located around a fireplace. Completely different items. Grrr.)

I’ve been wearing my YSL Paris Pont des Amours (one of the many Printemps Limited Editions) to sleep in several times this week, because it’s quiet and powdery and soft.

Saturday, Apr. 25 – NEW CARPET! Not fancy stuff; it’s indoor/outdoor for the laundry room, but I like it. The laundry room is finished, and I’m so happy. Also: two new bulls.

two new bulls
“Hellooooooo, ladies!” (Photo and caption by The CEO.)

The CEO fixed the belt on the lawnmower, and Gaze mowed what I didn’t get done the other day. Yard looks nice; very green. All six of our fruit trees (two pears, four apples) that we planted last spring are leafing out, and two of the apple trees have blossoms on them.

My SIL E and her daughter, Primrose, were visiting this weekend; they came over with The CEO’s mother and we all had dinner together. Pretty cool to see them. SOTE: Penhaligon’s Violetta.

Sunday, Apr. 26 – Gorgeous weather – a little cool in the morning, but sunny and comfortable the rest of the day. SOTD: Mary Greenwell Plum.

Wild elderberry bloom.
Wild elderberry bloom.

Went for a good walk after dinner, and noticed all kinds of blooming smells: the neighbors’ lilacs coming into bud, black locust blossoms, apple blossoms, and many shrubs with clumps of tiny white blossoms on them. I am not sure what they are – they grow wild on the side of the road and they smell wonderful, but if you cut them and put them in water the stems droop (even if you crush the woody stems first). They might be wild elderberries, but I confess I’ve never noticed berries on these bushes in the fall, so I’m not sure.

Hooked up the new CD player… it works fine. SOTE: Tommy Girl. It’s a sharper, “cleaner” version of Rose d’Ete; clearly the Rosine has more naturals in it, and lacks both the tea note and the citrusy laser-focus aspect. I like both.



9 thoughts on “Scent Diary, April 21-27, 2014”

  1. I’m more a reader than a commenter, but can’t resist the opportunity to remark on your visit to New Zealand! We’re a long way from anywhere and it’s lovely to read you’ve been here – we are quite proud of our scenery:)
    And I received an email today advising that my bottle of Plum is on its way from Luckyscent. It is rather lovely and I’m wearing the last of my sample in celebration of its imminent arrival.

    1. Oh, New Zealand is so lovely! The CEO had done his Master’s degree at Massey in 1990-91, and of course we had to go by his little rental house when we were there in 2007. He really likes Auckland and the Coromandel, as well as all that stunning mountain scenery on South Island, but I fell for Wellington and the Hutt Valley, as well as Punakaiki. Loved it there. We keep batting back and forth the idea that someday when the kids are out of college, we’ll spend our winters there.

      I adore Plum. Just adore it. Nice to meet another fan, and welcome.

  2. Your Spring is well ahead of ours here in mid-New England. Daffodils and tulips, along with Forsythia, have stuck around longer than usual because it has remained truly Spring-like temps during the days, with enough rain to keep ’em all quenched. Lovely that Spring 2014 is taking its time, in no rush to launch us into temps in the 70s. I’ve been wearing Heeley Ophelia and Rive Gauche (new) and once in a while, Envy edt. Who doesn’t love Spring?!

    1. You know, it’s funny – my hometown is only 50 miles away to the northeast, but it is DOWN about 1000 feet in elevation, and Roanoke is about two weeks ahead of us with their spring blooms. They stay about 5 degrees (F) warmer than we do, which doesn’t matter that much, but in the summer when we’re miserable, they’re miserable plus. 🙂

      Last spring was odd, I remember, in that it stayed wet and chilly for longer than usual. This spring has proceeded along our usual lines, and I like it that way… although we’ve already had at least a few days in the upper 70s and low 80s. I go to Connecticut to bring Bookworm home Monday and Tuesday, and it will be interesting to see what the temperatures are like there.

  3. When I was in a second-hand store last week according to the receipt I had just bought myself a(n empty) perfume “vile”. ..

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