Scent Diary, April 16-22, 2012 (with Bookworm/PETBoy Prom Pics!)

Monday, Apr: 16: Beautiful day! I drove our visiting Eisenhower Fellow, Pascal, to the airport in the morning. I had planned to drop by the mall for sniffies, but since I’m pretty congested, I decided the mall trip would be a waste of time. I can only smell around the edges of things.

There was an event this afternoon honoring a former school principal of The CEO’s, a lovely gentle man who’s been retired for several years, and The CEO spoke at this event, talking about lessons he learned from Dr. Pound. I did not go, since I had to leave home early for our final chorus concert, but I heard from multiple people this evening that The CEO did an excellent job. He does speak well in public, I know.

The “Creation” concert went well. My solo was slightly better tonight than it was at yesterday’s concert, but overall tempos were a little strange and twice we nearly went “off the rails” (I blame the basses). We managed to pull it together. SOTD: Un Bois Vanille. The Perfume-Averse Soprano, who has in the past complained that her throat closes up when she smells perfume, even sat next to me before the concert and did not notice. Or, at least, chose not to say anything.

Tuesday, Apr. 17: Testing several Soivohle scents today, one of which I think is wonderful and three of which are very good but not me. Laundry. Boring.

Wednesday, Apr. 18: Heavy-duty ironing sort of day. SOTD: Cuir de Lancome. Seems like I’m not interested in testing a lot of new things lately, but maybe that’s because I’m busy the past few weeks?

Bookworm’s track meet went well. I think the girls’ team won – thanks mostly to a couple of really outstanding athletes we’re lucky to have (congrats to Sydney, Brittney, and Tamara!). Bookworm herself got her 3200 meter time close to her average, which is wonderful since she is still coming back from injury.

Thursday, Apr. 19: Another gorgeous day. Cleaned up some, wrote a bit, did about six errands including a bank deposit for donations from the chorus concerts, the post office, grocery store for milk, and dropping off Goodwill donations at the kiosk. SOTD: Soivohle Rosa sur Reuse.

Gaze’s middle school track team won their meet – both the boys’ and girls’ teams, I’m told. He came in 5th in his 800 meter race, with a new personal record of 2:32. His time for the 1600m dropped as well, but he came in ninth of about fourteen kids. He may be more of a middle-distance runner than Bookworm, but I suppose we’ll see.

Friday, Apr. 20: An almost-disaster this morning. Last night I asked The CEO if he needed me to do anything in preparation for his weekend field trip with his honors class (this year the bunch is all male, isn’t that weird?). He said no, the big fibber… I had already made him some scrambled eggs and left them in the refrigerator for him, but he hopped up at 5:30 and showered and then started packing, which for him is usually a matter of throwing jeans and shirts and undies in the suitcase, but then he couldn’t find enough socks so he was tearing around the house looking for them (they were in the basket by the dryer, of course). And then he told me that he would need the van, and was it ready to go, with gas tank full, and tires and oil checked, and all trash/other items removed? Well, no! No, because he hadn’t told me he needed it. It did have gas, but needed oil, and it had some extraneous items in it – bags that I use to bring groceries home in, and umbrellas and a stadium seat and that sort of thing, as well as some paper trash. So of course I had to get up too and participate in the early-morning rush-to-leave. GRRRRR. If he’d just bothered to tell me…

SOTD: Le Temps d’une Fete. I ordered a new bottle of this favorite recently and was distressed to hear after ordering that it wasn’t actually in stock, that the seller was waiting for a new shipment from France. Since several other sellers I had checked with were also awaiting new shipments, my Reformulation Radar Alarm went off. And it appears that my fears had foundation: it has been messed with. It still smells like itself, mind you – wonderful, that is – but it’s much lighter. The original formula was labeled EdT but always felt like EdP to me in terms of sillage and lasting power, so that I only used three spritzes maximum. The new one is, as I say, recognizably LTdF, but I used all of six spritzes and didn’t feel overwhelmed in the least. Some of the woody-mossy-patchouli-opoponax base is missing, where the green/narcissus floral portion seems the same. Staying power is about three hours rather than five for me. I’m sad.

Saturday, Apr. 21: Housecleaning. Bookworm headed off in the morning for a track meet and the rest of us cleaned up. Her 4 x 800m relay went well, and the girls came in second. I went to the meet, held at a nearby high school, so I could see her do her 3200m – she’s only run that twice this spring, since coming back from the foot injury and getting her orthotics, and her times have been close to her PR. However, the noon rain that stopped me finishing the mowing job returned with lightning, and the meet was postponed long enough that she had to leave without running the 3200, so that she could get ready for prom. My SOTD: Le Temps d’une Fete again.


The hairstyle turned out so pretty!

We got home at 4:15, and she was completely ready by 6:15, if you can believe that – showered, nails done, tiny bit of makeup on, hair dressed, perfumed with Hanae Mori Butterfly parfum, and wearing her dress and shoulder wrap.  The CEO’s mom came over to see, and we drove her down the road just a bit to the tiny airport near our house to meet PETBoy, who was driving his mother’s Mustang convertible and had been strictly forbidden to drive it up our gravel road to the house. She looked so beautiful, and PETBoy was handsome in his tux. All the work and the frustration with that STUPID ZIPPER – well, it was worth it, when I saw her wearing her dress.

Sunday, Apr. 22: More rain, chilly temperatures. Bookworm got in at about 2:30 am, all excited and wanting to chat, and I wanted to listen but kept getting sleepy. She said they’d had a great time, and she saw some pretty dresses at prom but nothing she liked better than her own (she may have just been complimenting me, but I’ll let her). I let her stay in bed while we went to church. She’s snowed under with homework, poor baby.

SOTD: Tom Ford Black Orchid Voile de Fleur. I love VdF, such a comfortable white floral – it radiates, but not with the killer sillage of, say, Fracas. We did laundry in the afternoon, and the boys built “forts” in the family room with couch cushions and every pillow they could find, so that they could hide behind them and shoot Nerf bullets at each other. SOTBedtime: vintage Emeraude pdt, which I adore. SO beautiful, and Coty has completely ruined it. Grrr.

More prom pics (sadly, taken with the crappy camera, because The CEO took the good one with him, and also sadly, including the awful-looking ancient storage building at the airport: 

(See? ugly building. I just didn't notice it in the background because the two of them looked so happy.)



19 thoughts on “Scent Diary, April 16-22, 2012 (with Bookworm/PETBoy Prom Pics!)”

  1. Bookworm looks so beautiful, and you did a wonderful job on her dress! I hope that she has happy memories of prom and Hanae Mori forever.

    Don’t you pay that soprano no mind. Singers are so superstitious about their voices, I’m sure that it’s the IDEA of perfume that freaks her out rather than any actual perfume sensitivity. Oy. Nobody can diva it up like a soprano!

    1. HEY. *I* am a soprano. Albeit, technically, a mezzo these days. (I sang S1 in college, but having babies, you know… it takes a toll.) And aren’t you a soprano too? I’m not worried about Miss Diva – she says she likes perfume, it just closes up her throat.

      I thought Bookworm looked pretty, too. Squee.

      1. Yes, I sang Soprano 1! That’s how I know that they’re all such divas. The bathrooms would be full of sobbing sopranos after each audition. I certainly didn’t always gracefully accept losing solos myself! 😉

  2. What a beautiful couple. I notice PETBoy’s vest, tie and pocket square color coordinate with Bookworm’s dress. Her dress is stunning with that wrap! Did you do her hair? Because it is absolutely gorgeous! Sounds like she had a great time.

    1. I did do her hair! A track friend suggested the twists. That flip-through ponytail I do a lot for her, because it is so simple and looks so elegant, and then the curls took awhile but weren’t hard. It’s nearly impossible to book a hairdresser appointment when you’ve got a track meet, you know. 🙂

      I had given PETBoy a small piece of the fabric to match if he could, and I was surprised how well his vest harmonized. He’s a handsome fellow, and sweet right through to the bone.

  3. Awww…they do look happy. That’s sweet. And I like how his accessories coordinate with the color of her dress.

    1. He put some effort into it! A few weeks ago he texted me asking about the color of her dress, so I sent him a picture of it in progress. (He texted back, “It’s pretty. But I know it will look even more beautiful on her.” Awwwwww, what a sweetie.) I did send him a piece of fabric to match, and he did a great job.

  4. Mission accomplished! Bookworm looks lovely, and the dress is amazing. Strong work. Her hair was amazing, too. Very elegant. PETBoy gets gazillions of bounus points for carefully coordinating with Bookworm. Hope they both had a great time. They need some R&R–and so do you.

    I’m sad to hear about LTdF’s reformulation. I have the tiny 30mL bottle, and love it dearly. I’ll have to enjoy it while it lasts, like everything in the ephemeral world of perfume.

    Speaking of ephemeral, I’ve just moved my perfumes from my dark closet to my office, which stays more cool in summer. There’s more light. . .so I’m looking into a buffet/sideboard or small dresser to better seal them from light. Heat is the real enemy here in Texas. I’ve had a couple noticeably turn, and fear for others that I’ve not tried in a while.

    Your Soivohle paragraph made me smile. I think you were commenting on your activity, and not the scents with “Laundry. Boring.” Either way, I look forward to hear your take on more of these. Musette’s post over at the ‘Posse had some fanstastically distracting Latin dancer, and I missed the whole perfume review until you posted the link with your Tuesday review round up last week. Yeah. I totally skipped the perfume part, there, and never noticed until you pointed it out 😀 Be well.

    1. Thanks – I think they look wonderful together, and yes, very happy! It had been a rough week for PETBoy; the anniversary of his mother’s death was the 19th. I know it’s hard on him.

      I am pretty bummed about LTdF, I just love it so. But it is still very attractive, not gutted. Grrr. I will save my 30ml pre-refo bottle for special occasions, and just use the newer stuff more lavishly. Luckily it doesn’t seem to turn quickly. I’ve been keeping mine away from light and heat as much as possible, which does help. I do hear that TX is killer with the temps – my sister’s husband is stationed at Ft. Hood, and she dreads summer.

      Re Soivohle: yeah, it was my day and the laundry that was boring, not the fragrances! That Man Candy thing Miss M put up was sort of distracting, wasn’t it?

  5. Bookworm looks lovely, you must be proud (I know you are). And the fabric in that wrap…. wow.

    I’m glad to hear that lTdF hasn’t changed drastically, phew! I was bracing myself for the worst. Sometimes scent-glue skin can be an advantage.

    1. Definitely very proud! The brocade is extremely pretty… she got a spot on her skirt at dinner, but the wrap I’m sure will get worn again at some point.

      Scent-glue skin would definitely be an advantage with refo’ed LTdF. It *is* still good, thank heavens.

  6. Bookworm and PETBoy look gorgeous together — and happy. I’m not surprised you could see only them when you took that picture. Congrats on that GRRR work getting her dress and wrap just perfect. Lovely hairstyle too.

    Re Le Temps d’une Fete: I don’t know who your usual sellers are, but you may want to contact The Perfume Shoppe (no affiliation) in Vancouver, BC or Scottsdale, AZ to see if they still have the older stock as they’ve carried the Parfums de Nicolai line, in both sizes, for a long time.

    1. Aw, thanks – ma bebes there are so purdy (yeah, I’ll go ahead and claim PETBoy as mine too)!

      I think I will contact The Perfume Shoppe – thanks!

  7. The dress has turned out so beautifully, and I am intrigued by the corn row-esque hair. : – ) And consequently completely overlooked the utilitarian building in the background.

    And yes, am with you on the VdF – still have some of your big decant, and Tara has since kindly given me an unloved partial bottle, so I am well stocked up!

    1. Thanks! That’s not a very good shot of PETBoy, I think… he didn’t have a lot of sparkle that night. Understandable, I suppose, since this past week was the first anniversary of his mother’s death. He does really have beautiful eyes.

      And Hanae Mori is beautiful. I don’t wear it myself because it’s “hers,” but it’s lovely.

  8. I am late commenting, but am just catching up reading and had to say how great Bookworm and PETboy look. Gorgeous!

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