Scent Diary and NaNoWriMo Report, Nov. 22-28, 2010

Monday, Nov. 22:  Warm, 70F. The CEO is home all this week, since the university is on Thanksgiving break.  He’s also got only five working (teaching) days from now until VT goes back into session in mid-January. 

Is it wrong of me to hate that?  He gets grouchy when he’s farming every day.  And is picky about the house.

SOTD: I’m testing the samples from Smell Bent, and I have Elf-Fulfilling Prophecies on one hand, and Dr Dreidel on the other.  I think these holiday editions need a separate post, so I won’t talk about them now.

NaNo Total Wordcount: 36,493.  Still behind.

Tuesday, Nov. 23: Cooler than yesterday. I was in a hurry this morning, so I was limited to whatever I had in my purse.  SOTD: Smell Bent One.

Went to the arts program at the high school: it’s a concert to benefit the local “Christmas Store” program, with the high school choirs and band, and presentations from the drama classes.  Taz hadn’t wanted to go; he laughed all the way through the drama skits, particularly “A Shrek-mas Carol,” and then immediately announced he was bored, so bored that he might diiiieeee.  (I foresee him getting interested in the drama classes himself.)  Wore the first thing I grabbed on the way out the door – it was Coco Mlle, from where I had it next to the laptop when trying to channel my novel’s main character.  I’ve mentioned before that I don’t really like CM on me.  I still don’t.  It’s just that tiny bit screechy, and if it didn’t have that patchouli-woody-musk stuff underneath, I’d be scrubbing it off.  As it is, it’s only mildly annoying (I may never know why it smells so wonderful on my sister.

NaNo Total Wordcount: 37, 992.  Wrote until after midnight, trying to catch up (almost!).  By then I was both tired and jumpy, knew I couldn’t sleep, so I took a bath to relax.  That worked.  I nearly fell asleep in the bathtub!  Spritzed a bit of Shalimar Light, and drifted off to sleep on a cloud.

Wednesday, Nov. 24:  Chilly. Kids home from school (wreaking havoc, although they did sweep the main floor for me).  Put on my apple-green sweater and found it redolent of Lolita Lempicka Si Lolita, so I wore that again today.  At this rate, I’ll have used up the mini in a month or two. 

Took Bookworm to see Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 – we read all the books together, and have seen all the films together too.  My verdict?  It drags a little, which is perhaps to be expected, given the long buildup to the Final Confrontation that’s coming in Part 2.   It was nice to see more of a focus on Ron, who’s always been my favorite character anyway, and on Hermione.  

 The boys are totally uninterested, but I don’t know whether that’s because it’s “Bookworm’s thing,” whether it’s a backlash against the general popularity of the series, or whether they just don’t  like fantasy.  Might be a combination, although I know that Gaze doesn’t enjoy reading anything that’s unrealistic.  He’d rather read history than fiction.

NaNo Total Wordcount: 39, 206.  Still not caught up, but closer.

Thursday, Nov. 25: Thanksgiving Day.  The kids were out in the yard playing football with The CEO today – it’s warmer than your average late-November day around here (I distinctly remember a Thanksgiving when The CEO took Bookworm and Gaze ice skating on a pond).  I spent most of the morning and afternoon in the kitchen, busy with pumpkin pies, green beans, turkey breast and gravy, sweet potato casserole.  Hectic.

SOTD: Teo Cabanel Alahine.  I thought of SSS Sienna Musk or Champagne de Bois, or even Givenchy Organza Indecence, all spicefests, but Alahine was easier to grab while running behind.

NaNo Total Wordcount: 41, 192. Still not caught up.  I really hope I’ll have time over the last few days.  I remember last year, when I found that the NaNo official wordcounter is more strict than my wordprocessing program, and I had to write an extra scene… I’ll have to do that again.  I’d nearly forgotten.

Friday, Nov. 26:  There is No Freakin’ Way you will get me out shopping today.  I’d rather chew off my own arm.  Also, it’s chilly.  And bare, and windy.  Essentially, it is finally starting to look like late November outside.  SOTD: Chanel Bois des Iles.  Which is beautiful if I hoover my arm, but I can’t smell myself otherwise.  This makes me too frustrated, I ought to just swap it away.

SOTEvening: Mary Greenwell Plum.  Nice.  I hope to review it soon.

NaNo Total Wordcount: 43,342.  CAUGHT UP!!  Yippee!

Saturday, Nov. 27:  Busy busy busy.  Cleaned the house, fed everybody (three times, of course), cleaned myself.  Wrote on the novel.  Showed my sister-in-law how easy it is to set up a blog.  (The hard part? finding time to maintain it.)  Romped on the NaNo writing, because I know I won’t have much time on Sunday since The CEO and I will be traveling to the Virginia Farm Bureau Convention.  This year it’ll be at The Homestead, in Hot Springs – a much fancier hotel than they usually get, but I think this is The Homestead’s slow time, before they get busy again over Christmas, and they’re giving us a competitive deal.  I’ve been there before, and I think it’s beautiful.  My favorite part?  Afternoon tea in the great hall. 

SOTD: Natori edp.

NaNo Total Wordcount: 47,312.  I now think I might actually make it!  Will be hectic busy tomorrow, so I hope this’ll be enough.  I will have through Tuesday, and looks like I’ll need that time.

Sunday, Nov. 28: First Sunday of Advent; we lit the Hope candle.  Home from church, we all threw clothes in bags and got underway – the kids to The CEO’s parents house, The CEO and I to the convention.  SOTD: Dior Dolce Vita, a delicious confection of stewed fruit, spices, and woods.  The CEO sniffed my wrist in the car while we were stalled on I81 and said, “Mmm, spicy. You smell like dessert.”

NaNo Total Wordcount: 47, 560.  Lame effort today, but I expected that.

Image is of a perfume convention from parfumgott at Flickr.


6 thoughts on “Scent Diary and NaNoWriMo Report, Nov. 22-28, 2010”

    1. Oh? I will try to have that up by Friday, then. I will say that although they’re nice, there was nothing in the set that prompted me to make a purchase. Nothing horrified me like Lucy Fur (Weasel Cupcakes!), either.

      I’m going to do a giveaway draw for this set when I do.

  1. Hi lady, just read this comment about the Bois des Iles and recalled your throwdown with it and the BdC. I got my sample pack from Sonoma Scent Studio and agree about the similarities between the BdI and the BdC. The BdC, although lovely, is somewhat sweeter and almost too loud on me, so I may stick with BdI and give you my BdC sample, if you’d like. With all the Thanksgiving crush, I forgot I have several things to send you, just need your addy. Thanks!!

    1. Ann, CdB is indeed far sweeter. I put up with that because I like that big blast o’ spice, but I can see why not everyone would enjoy it.

      That would be great – I’ll email you!

  2. Muse, I keep meaning to tell you how much I love your photos. It’s always fascinating to see people’s perfumes–where they keep them, what they have, how they see them, how they’re grouped. Your photos are some of my favorites.

    1. I like to look at other people’s perfumes, too, Brian – and I’m sad to tell you that this one isn’t my photo!

      I have frequent tech issues with getting my camera to talk to my ‘puter, so I often nab photos from flickr. This one is from there. I always make sure to list photo sources, in the hopes that the Copyright Police don’t haul me off in handcuffs…

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