Scent Diary and NaNoWriMo Report, Nov. 15-21, 2010

Monday, Nov. 15:  Chilly.  The afternoon turned rainy.  I picked up Cuir de Lancome this morning, hoping that the too-smoky vibe I noticed last time was a fluke.  It was.  It’s now back to being a floral leather, quite powdery near the skin.  Lovely stuff. 

I have noticed, these days when my laptop is on for a long time, that in front of the keyboard on the left is a hot spot.  Which means that when I’m typing for periods of time, my left wrist gets really uncomfortable.  Weird.  I’ve even got one of those laptop fan-thingies to blow heat away…

NaNo Total word count: 25,065.

Tuesday, Nov. 16: Chilly rain.  Finally we’re getting some real fall weather.  SOTD: Lancome Climat.  I love this stuff.  It’s a little retro, and maybe that’s why I love it, but still.  Wow.  The galbanum+aldehydes top is a little fusty, but the heart and drydown are so warm and beautiful.

NaNo Total word count: 25,513.  Falling behind.

Wednesday, Nov. 17:  Chilly and partly cloudy, but no actual rain today.  SOTD: Lanvin Rumeur (reformulated) – a skinny, lame, anemic little “modern” thing, like a ghost of Coco Mademoiselle you sprayed on your hanky last week. 

I have been sick of my hair for some time now.  It’s getting longer, which makes it lank and limp, so it’s either cut it or do something else, and I’m really sick of shoulder-length bobs.  So I finally bit the bullet and got a perm (or, as my father-in-law calls it, a temporary).  I’m… really curly.  Scary curly, actually.

SOTE: Guerlain Terracotta Voile d’Ete.  This is more like it: spicy-floral, with iris and… tonka? Really nice.  At the same time, it smells sort of – gosh, can I even say this about a Guerlain? – cheap

NaNo Total word count: 27,884.  More behind.  I’m tired, the house is a mess, there’s all kinds of things to do.  I hate it that NaNo is in November.

Thursday, Nov. 18:  Another rainy, chilly day.  SOTD: Tom Ford Black Orchid Voile de Fleur… with a side dab of Dior Poison as the day wore on.  Somehow, suddenly, my kids’ feelings about Poison have changed.  I dabbed a bit on before picking Bookworm up from indoor track practice, and she got into the van and said, “You smell nice.”  Nice?  Poison?  What’s the world coming to?

When we got home, I asked Gaze what he thought of it.  He shrugged.  “Is it… tuberose? I think it’s tuberose.  It’s kind of pretty.” Huh.  Now I’m officially puzzled.  (On the plus side, my 12-year-old son knows what tuberose smells like.  That calls for rejoicing.)

So then I called over my strictest critic, Taz, and asked him.  “That one’s okay,” he said, which is high praise from him.  “Can I smell again?”  I silently offered my arm.  “Yeah, it’s okay,” he repeated.  Dang.  There goes my Ultimate Threat.

NaNo Total word count: 28,372.  Farther behind.

Friday, Nov. 19: Chilly but sunny.  SOTD: Amouage Lyric Woman.  I had been saving this for special occasions, but I’m starting to feel that I should use up what I have and enjoy every minute.  (Go read Angela’s lovely post, “Perfume and the Lavish Hand,” at Now Smell This.)  Gosh, this is such a beautiful scent.  I only have a decant, but it’s so gorgeous.  I had a frustrating, annoying, icky day at work; being able to smell myself helped.

NaNoWriMo Total word count: 30,048.  Still behind.  (Finally actually watched ‘The Runaways,” after anticipating it for several weeks.  It was a good story, but I’ll admit to thinking that the film was really more like the Cliff Notes, sound bite, let-me-catch-you-up short version, and we only got about 20% of what really happened.)

Saturday, Nov. 20: Busy busy day.  Cleaned the house, cooked two massive side dishes.  Went to my parents’ house for Early Thanksgiving – this was the only time my brother and his wife could get two days off together (they work at the same TV station, but different shifts), and a trip home, with their one-year-old, is definitely a two-day minimum.  SOTD: Um… okay, I’ll admit it.  Nothing.  (And I don’t mean L’Air de Rien, either.) 

And I wrote absolutely nothing for NaNoWriMo today, either, so my count still stands at about 30K.  I have now reached the “Will I Get Finished,” scary-behind level.  Eek.

Sunday, Nov. 21:  My hair actually looks pretty good today, no Bozo-the-Clown look.  It’s manageable.  SOTD: Lolita Lempicka Si Lolita, which apparently has yet to reach retail outlets in the US but is all over eBay (I bought a mini unsniffed).  I was a little disappointed in the staying power – it’s a floral oriental eau de parfum, but wears more like a lighter eau de toilette.  I got two good hours and one faint-whiff one.  What Si Lolita reminds me of is Coco Mademoiselle – not so much that they smell alike, but they both share that woody masculine base under a light, girly floral top.  (Wonder if that Kate Walsh Boyfriend scent is constructed that way, too?)  Si Lolita smells less… okay, I’ll say it… synthetic in the floral part than CM, and it has some more emphatically oriental notes than CM, which is probably more woody.  Also, it lacks that elegant Chanel vibe.  Even though I don’t care much for CM, it still smells “Chanel-y” to me, where Chance and Allure don’t smell like Chanels at all.  Alternately, I could have said Si Lolita smells like Guerlain Idylle edp, with less patchouli-musk…

This comparison is fairly pointless.  I still don’t like Coco Mlle at all on me, and I would have liked Idylle much, much better if it had been less heavy on the patch.  I like Si Lolita better than both of those, but its problem is that it doesn’t have much presence.  If it lasted better and projected more, I’d probably want another mini.  As it is, I’ll just use this up in lavish spritzes and be content.

NaNoWriMo Total word count: 33,031.  I’m catching up, but just a little.  Still got about 2000 words, plus the normal daily totals, to make up.  It’s doable, but only if I really romp on it.  Thanksgiving always puts a dent in my writing routine (duh).

Image is “My Grandmother’s Perfume Collection” from SourCherries at Flickr.


7 thoughts on “Scent Diary and NaNoWriMo Report, Nov. 15-21, 2010”

  1. Ok, I am now convinced. I am trying Climat. Thank you for pointing out it’s positive qualities!

    I am awarding you with “Mother of the Year”! The fact that your child can recognize tuberose (in Poison, no less) means the child is being brought up right!

    I dearly love Poison, mostly for sentimental reasons. I don’t wear it now, but I would dab on a little if my husband was going away for a couple of weeks. I’ll put one of those striped tents over the house to warn the neighbours.

    1. JE, go for the La Collection Climat if you can find it, or the parfum. The stuff in the blue-and-black pkg is Not Nice. Just sayin’.

      I was so proud of Gaze for recognizing the tuberose! I have a secret theory that some people just do white florals well, and that I’m one of those. Big white flowers like tuberose and lily just sort of… settle down on my skin and feel cosy, rather than attacking people.

      I used to hate Poison back in the day, but I’m starting to think it was mostly due to the way people used to wear it – six hefty sprays at a time, you remember? you could smell people halfway down a very long hall, and God forbid you were actually sitting next to someone wearing it. I was in college when Poison came out, and luckily people saw it as a going-out sort of scent, so they mostly didn’t wear it to class.

  2. Hi Mals, so glad you mentioned the Lolita Lempicka Si. I liked it, too, but as you say, it is rather fleeting.
    And I’m glad to find another Voile de Fleur fan. It’s a little easier for me to wear than the full-blown Black Orchid. And I, too, liked Poison (in small doses) back in the day. Like you, I think voluminous overspraying helped give that one the bad rap, but on its own, a tiny dab was nice. Is it hard to find the vintage stuff these days, to refresh my memory?

    P.S. Got something for you. Would you mind PM-ing
    me? Thanks!!

    1. Hi, Ann! I don’t like Blk Orch at ALL (dirt, cucumber, balsam? bleah) but BOVdF is a totally different beastie, all soft white florals with plum and pepper. I bought a backup bottle. 🙂

      Yeah, Poison is much nicer in small doses. It’s getting hard to find the vintage, because it has been refo’ed and the hardcore aficionados are snapping up bottles when they show up on ebay…

      I’ll try to send you a message today or tomorrow!

  3. The left side of my laptop gets very hot too. If using on a desk I balance it on a large book that just leaves about6inches exposed to air . The fan vents are under there ..great design for a “laptop” huh?

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