Sample giveaway drawing!

I’m still working on a review and history of Coty’s Emeraude, one of my favorite scents ever.  Trouble is, there’s so much to say that I’m not done yet. 

I had planned to offer a drawing for samples at the end of that post, but I’m going to go ahead and open up the drawing here and post the review later today, or early tomorrow morning.  I have three 1ml samples of vintage Emeraude parfum de toilette up for grabs.  Edit: still way busy here, what with baseball games and track meets.  Review SOON.

The rules:

Post a comment here before midnight, Sunday evening, May 23.  (That would be midnight my time, Eastern Daylight Savings Time.)

Samples will be sent when I’m able to do it.  I hope that will be within a month, if not sooner.

Yes, even people living outside the US of A are eligible.

Good luck!


Image is from roadrunner08070 at ebay.  The bottle sampled for the drawing is from the same era, but in the parfum de toilette concentration.


27 thoughts on “Sample giveaway drawing!”

  1. Oooh! What a great offer! Thanks, Mals! I remember the drugstore version of Emeraude from the 70’s. I thought it was awful – very heavy and powdery. Of course, at the time, I was a teenager wearing Cachet and Enjoli. Would love to smell the vintage with my now slightly more advanced nose. 😉

    1. Ohhhh dear, heavy and powdery… well, it can be a little powdery, although I find it less so than Shalimar edt. If you can wear Shalimar, you won’t have any trouble with the powder.

      I used to wear Cachet too, but cannot remember what it smelled like. I think I liked my Chloe better, although I didn’t love it either. I remember not liking Enjoli.

      But you’re right, noses change.

  2. I’d like to be added to the drawing. I remember my mom having some Emeraude – she was always partial to Coty scents, L’Origan and Muguet des Bois being favorites too. I’ve heard so much rhapsodizing on the blogs about the original, and weeping over the pathetic reformulation, that I’m interested in trying “the real thing”.

    1. L’Origan is a pretty cool thing, too. I have a bottle of vintage parfum somewhere… SOMEWHERE… anyway, L’Heure Bleue is strikingly similar to L’Origan. (Denyse at Grain de Musc posted a review of L’Origan in which she wonders why Francois Coty never had somebody go break Jacques Guerlain’s nose, since Guerlain kept hijacking Coty’s fragrances and building on them. I see her point.)

      I do remember being about 12 and running across some Coty fragrances at the Big Lots store that I liked – Muguet des Bois and Les Muses. I didn’t like Chypre (c’mon, I was 12, that’s perfectly normal), but I asked my mother for either one of those and she said no. Pout. Sure wish I had those bottles now.

  3. I let out a little whoop when I read that this would apply to non-US citizens as well. Please enter me in your draw as well. Even though I’m a newbie at all this, I’d love to smell vintage Emeraude.

    The first time I tried Emeraude was the mid-80s, and all my teenage self knew was I liked the name and the image of sophistication, but it didn’t smell good on me. In my youthful ignorance I was convinced the fault was somehow mine!

    The 80’s power frags were not a good fit for my geeky, bookish self either, which made me feel like I just wasn’t quite “cool” enough to wear perfume, though I kept trying different fragrances. Eventually I discovered both Anne Klein and Anne Klein II and liked how they smelled on me. All these years later I discover that maybe I did have some taste even back in high school.

    Note: still bookish, still geeky, and my 38yo self is just fine with that. Hooray for maturity!

    1. Dionne, bookish and geeky ROCKS. (Said the bookish geek. 🙂 ) You know, I’m not familiar with those Anne Kleins – might have to go see if I can dig up some samples of those.

  4. What a great offer! I would love to try this, it sounds amazing! Though I’m a bit scared about trying vintage, hard-to-find stuff in case I need a bottle 🙂 I don’t know if Emeraude has ever been for sale in shops here in Norway, at least I’ve never seen it.

    This is my first comment here, but I’ve been reading your lovely blog quite a while now 🙂 Love your posts about tuberose and green scents!

    1. Hi, Marte! I will point out that vintage Emeraude is easily available on ebay (how do you think I got six bottles??) for fairly reasonably prices. My big 4-oz bottle of pdt cost me something like $22, and it’s perfect. Luckily, it does seem to age well.

      Glad you commented – another tuberose/green scent fan!

  5. I would love to have a sample of Emeraude from your drawing. i have read so much about it on various blogs that I feel as if I’m really missing out on something special.

  6. Hello hello! It’s funny, I was just looking at ebay yesterday for vintage Emeraude since you rave about it so much! Getting a sample would be wonderful!!!

  7. How generous of you Mals! I cannot wait for your review. As I had mentioned before, I love it too.

    No need to enter me in the drawing as I already own some vintage PDT and parfum. I would rather others have the chance to sample this stunning scent. 🙂

    Good luck to everyone!

  8. How wonderful of you, Mals! I would love to have a sample of vintage Emeraude. I’m especially curious to sniff it in comparison to my beloved Shalimar since rumour has it that Jacques did a little scent duping back in the day. I also wanted to get in touch with you about a sample of Armani/Prive Rose Alexandrie. It is a rose/tuberose frag that LT gives four stars. I know you like those two and would love to send a sample for your review if you are interested. Contact me at the email address I use to post! Thanks – J

    1. Hi, J! I do see some definite similarities between Shalimar and Emeraude – more to come on that in my review, when I *finally* get it posted – but I think Emeraude might be an “easier” scent. It lacks the high-drama contrasts of Shalimar, and is softer all around.

      I will contact you re the Rose Alexandrie! Tks.

  9. Oh, Mals, I would be so happy to finally have the chance to test this HUGE lemming!!

    It haunts me since I first smelled, as though we were meant for each other.
    I know it is considered a trait d’union between Jicky and Shalimar, and I do feel a distant family air, but from our very brief encounter I found VE much more lovable than both Guerlain classics, as much as I appreciate them.
    I am crossing my fingers so hard……

    I have already lurked VE on ebay, and placed a couple of bids, but I’ve been to timid and never won. 🙁

    1. Z, I wish you good luck. Emeraude does share some DNA with Shalimar in particular, and I think your description of it as “lovable” is very apt.

      Luckily, it pops up frequently on ebay, so that may work out eventually for you.

  10. I’ve been on a vintage perfume kick recently and would love to try some vintage Emeraude. Please enter me in the draw!

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