Rose Week #1, spring 2016

mycityflower pink roseThe Now Smell This Friday project is “wear a rose perfume.” I’ve taken the opportunity to make this a rose week. ROSE WEEK YAY!

If I’m being truthful, I probably have enough samples of rose perfumes that I could do a Rose Month. Maybe two months. 😳 And yes, rose perfumes come in many moods, so I could run the gamut from vampy, Gothy dark roses to fresh-cheeked sweet roses, to rose chypres and rose gourmands and woody roses and citrus roses and fruity roses and incense roses and…

Okay, you get the idea. In any case, what I’m longing for now is the gentle, uncomplicated ones, the ones that “feel pink” on my skin and just make me smile. I didn’t even have to dig very far to find several gentle pinkies. Here’s what I wore this week:

My bottle of Petite Cherie looks like this, all lovely celadon green frosted glass.Monday, April 12Annick Goutal Petite Cherie, edt. This is very definitely a fruity rose, and rather simple, which isn’t odd considering that it was created for Annick Goutal’s young daughters. It’s cut grass, pear, peach, rose, vanilla and musk. I never smell peach in it – or vanilla, for that matter. Instead, it’s pear, cucumber, and rose, and it evokes a sweet childhood memory for me, so that I find it extremely comforting. There was a time when Gaze used to ask me to spritz it on the hem of his sleep shirt… (why do they have to grow up? sigh.) My bottle is the pale celadon-green frosted glass one, 25ml, and I keep it in the fridge since it’s so well-known for going off; it’s now seven years old and smells just fine.

paris YSLTuesday, April 13Yves St. Laurent Paris vintage parfum. I bought this mini recently on ebay and am utterly floored by it. It’s like rose liqueur – heady, intense, very beautiful. Not that I’ve tasted rose liqueur, but I’m sure it exists. (It does, I just looked it up. Pretty sure they don’t sell it at my local ABC store. They do sell moonshine there, though!) Man, if you sprayed the parfum on, you’d radiate for three city blocks. Not that that would be a bad thing.

roses and peoniesWednesday, April 14Parfums MDCI Rose de Siwa. I can’t help sighing in pleasure over it, because it is just the pinkest, prettiest, un-Barbie-est floral ever. If you hate it, you probably hate kittens and babies and flowers, and I’m not sure I wanna be friends with you.

(Just kidding.)

Thursday, April – Testing Parfums de Nicolai Rose Pivoine… and I don’t like it. Not enough peony, too much geranium for my personal taste. Once that wore off, I tested Ann Gerard Rose Cut, which I cannot now make up my mind whether I like or not. I did love the first hour of it – a gorgeously jammy rose, with a hint of patchouli and just a tad of vanilla. From there it got more and more oriental-balsamy, and by the end I was just waaaaaiting for it to wear off.

creme de la cremeFriday, April 15Parfums de Rosine Rose d’Ete. Okay, I admit it – for all my yarking on about pink roses, the yellow ones are really my favorite. Rose d’Ete smells like yellow roses – a soft hint of apple, and a gentle powdery rose that makes me feel joyous. I think this one might have been THE first niche fragrance I ever bought, and I still love it.

I found so many rose perfume samples in my stash that I’ll be sure to do another Rose Week soon! This was fun.


8 thoughts on “Rose Week #1, spring 2016”

  1. Rose Week #1 bodes well for the future. I don’t really have any rose predominant scents, but I do love the scent of rose, especially in real life.
    I’m another who likes yellow roses. I always feel sorry for them, overshadowed by the reds and pinks and peaches.

    1. You don’t have any rose-focused fragrances? HOW DO YOU EVEN.

      lol. sry. 🙂 (Now I’m laughing at myself.)

      Yellow roses, so beautiful. But I also sort of like it that my favorites are not everybody’s favorites. I feel special.

      1. Hi, doll! I was wondering where you’d got to – then I realized, ’tis I who’d ‘gotten to’…..just wanted to say how much I love yellow roses – and Rose d’Ete is one of my favorites, invoking very much the same imagery for me as you described!

        Have you ever smelled the rose “Julia Child”? OMG! a perfect, spicy yellow rose! Several flushes of bloom. You’d love it!

        xoxoxo Musette

  2. I would be delighted to see you do Rose Month! :o)

    I love roes, but as you know, I have trouble smelling them if they’re combined with too many other notes. (I can’t smell the roses in Paris, or L’ Arte D Gucci, for instance. Yea, I know)

    Annick Goutal is my ultimate rose. Next in line is Caron’s Or et Noir, then Bvlgari Rose Essentielle.

    1. I am definitely going to do another Rose Week! I’ve been sorting out my samples (hmm, that might be the next post…) and finding all sorts of stuff I didn’t know that I had. Rose Week #2 is not this week, though – the cool spring weather is slipping away and it was mid-80s yesterday ARGH TOO SOON, and I don’t want to miss my opportunity to wear all my greenies. I mean, earlier in the month it was below freezing and now it’s way warmer than usual, so I’m all grouchy about not getting typical spring weather.

      Which of the Goutal roses do you love best? I’m pretty sure there are a few I haven’t tried. I didn’t like Or et Noir, but a) I don’t really GET Caron and b) IIRC, there was a lot of geranium in it, which makes me twitchy and uncomfortable. (That’s bad if you love roses, because rose & geranium get put together about as often and rose & violet. Sigh.)

      1. Rose Absolue is the Goutal I love; I don’t know why I didn’t clarify that! It’s a straight-up solifore, of course, nothing especially interesting, just the purest rose perfume I’ve experienced.

        Rose does get paired with that geranium note a lot! I like it just fine, but my goodness, you must have a time trying to avoid it. My bugaboo with roses is citrus. It’snot as ubiquitous as violet or geranium, but it’s common enough. It doesn’t make me twitchy, I just don’t think it pairs well with rose.

        I realize I left offC&E’s roses,which I love,too! Evelyn and Rosewater are both great roses, and relatively inexpensive, although I think Evelyn is creeping up there. I can’t recall if either are overloaded with geranium, though.

        1. I just checked – I don’t have a sample of the Rose Absolue. Goutal does roses well, though. I do have a sample of Evelyn, so I should drag it out and try it soon.

          I’m not a BIG citrus-rose fan, but occasionally I like it, as in DSH Rose Vert and Kelly Caleche (the edp; I don’t like the edt at all).

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