Randomly Reported, Thursday, March 21, 2013.

So it is Thursday already, and I have not reported anything for almost a week.  Why not?

Well, for one, I’m writing.  I mean, srsly. I have one short story going and am still working on Bright As Day (reworking stuff for point of view, in particular).

For two, I’ve been spending time on Youtube, while writing, with all kinds of screaming guitar music like Jonny Lang and Kenny Wayne Shepherd (wait, can there even BE a redneckier name, unless it’s Stevie Ray Vaughn?) and the Black Crowes, plus Gavin Degraw, plus clips from every Tom Hardy movie I can find.

For three, I’ve been cleaning out nooks and crannies in the house and doing laundry.

And for four, writing some more.

So here’s your perfume reportage for the past week, which has contained weather veering wildly from mid-50sF down to thirty degrees cooler than that: Parfums MDCI Promesse de l’Aube (a true floral beauty), MDCI Enlevement au Serail (beautiful and extremely jasmine-skanky, ergo Not Very Me), Vagabond Prince Enchanted Forest (see my review here), Maison Francis Kurkdjian Lumiere Noire pour Femme, L’Arte di Gucci (the longing for L’Arte stemming from the wearing of Lumiere Noire, actually), and scaaaaads of Amouage Memoir Woman (but not all at once, because Bystanders Might Perish – no, spread out over the week with multiple wearings).

There you go, the Random Report. And also, because I can, a little gratuitous Tom Hardy for you:THE NUTCRACKER GALA PERFORMANCE



6 thoughts on “Randomly Reported, Thursday, March 21, 2013.”

  1. I actually went to see “This Means War” just to see Tom Hardy. So happy to hear that you are seriously writing. When you’re in the groove, you need to just keep doing it. Go Mals!
    Never tried any of the MDCI scents. L’Arte di Gucci, mmm! Wish I had more than just a mini of that. Same with Amouage Memoir, although I do have a bottle of that that I bought used.
    Glad you found some momentum with your writing!

    1. Oh, now that one (This Means War) I have only seen the paintball scene clip from. Haven’t rented it because Chris Pine ALWAYS disconcerts me — he has a striking resemblance to a 17yo neighbor kid, so that I’m always going, “WHY is Jacob Tabor captain of the Enterprise, now?? Somebody ‘splain that to me!” I mean, Chris Pine is way cute… but. You know. It’s a little skeevy. Cradle robbing on a creepy scale, because I used to change Jacob’s diapers in the church nursery.

      L’arte is awesome, but when you’re out of it, check out the Ballets Rouges. Yummy stuff.

    1. “Because MONEY.” Ohhhh yeah, true. I’m willfully blinding myself to the cost of these, but I tell myself it’s okay if a friend sends you samples.

      Yeah. Thassit. Yeah. The other MDCI I have on hand is Un Coeur en Mai, which I need to test again, but I remember it as being rather delightful. Promesse I might buy if it were less ridiculously spendy, but unlike some of the also-spendy Amouages I’ve fallen for, it’s not particularly unusual or distinctive. I mean, there is nothing in the WORLD like Memoir Woman. Or Lyric.

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