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In my rant of yesterday, I completely forgot to wish Gaze a happy birthday.  Dear Gaze, Noticer Par Excellence, you’ll never completely know how wonderful you are.  I consider myself privileged to be your mother.  Many more years of life to you, sweet baby.

Two drops of vintage Magie Noire EdT does indeed turn out to be way too much.  In a glorious sort of way.

Scent of the Day: Parfums de Nicolai  Vanille Tonka. The weather is cold and wet and nasty, and VT is a good antidote.  For some unexplained reason, this scent always makes me happy.  I love the way it makes me feel like Miss Piggy, sipping champagne (fine sparkling muscatelle, actually, a bargain at 95 cents) and complaining that the bubbles get up her nose and make her all giggly.  Limes, vanilla, carnations, Dr. Pepper and frankincense – what’s not to love about this scent?  Heck, no, it’s not Serious Perfume, but it’s not some candy-coated fruity teenybopper blah either.  And for your viewing pleasure, here’s a small clip from The Muppet Movie, showing Piggy and Kermie on their first date and featuring Steve Martin.  It doesn’t go long enough to show the bubbles, but they’re there.  Trust me. 


I’m off to sniff the bottle cap, myself.


2 thoughts on “Random Thoughts”

  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO GAZE !!! ahh, Vanille Tonka….I didn't think of that this morning in the freezing cold….I reached for Lyric….but since they say we may see SNOWFLAKES tonight (egad) I will need that dose of VT tomorrow to bolster my flagging spirits. Hate the cold, hate hate hate the cold.

  2. Ha ha ha! Love the Muppets, love Piggy, love the bottlecap. I'm going to giggle my way through my next foray to find a good enough cheap wine, sparkling or no…Vanille Tonka is one PdN I have not tried. Since I am a big fan of Sacrebleu and Temps d'une Fete, and admire some of her others, I'd like to give it a whirl sometime. Meanwhile, the scent that I just discovered turns into something all comfy is Habanita. Who knew? Well, some folks, but not me. Guess I didn't get past the opening in the past. Which isn't like me, but I think that opening didn't like me. ;0Magie Noire. Happy.And speaking of happy…Happy Birthday to Gaze! Congratulations to all.added on: more laughs…my security prompt was "awspairs"

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