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My nose is stopped up.  This is rotten.  Not only can I not smell anything, I wake up at night because I can’t breade drough by dose.

Watched The Outsiders recently with Bookworm.  The DVD she has is the more recent 20th anniversary release, with scenes that were deleted from the 1983 theater release.  Still a great movie, still a terrific book.  When the movie came out, only a year or two after I read the book as an 8th grader, I spent my babysitting money to go see it at the theater – twice!  Partly because it’s a great story, filmed well, and partly because it is an ensemble cast of, let’s be honest here, really cute guys.  Seriously: C. Thomas Howell, Ralph Macchio, Matt Dillon, Rob Lowe, Tom Cruise, Emilio Estevez, Patrick Swayze, and Leif Garrett.  At the time, I was a Tommy Howell kind of girl; I had a poster of him up on my corkboard in my room.  Ralph was too sweet for me, Matt too edgy, and Rob too pretty.  Now, 25 years later, what I notice about the boys in the movie (who were all in their late teens while filming, except for Patrick, who was 30, and Ralph, who was 20) is different.
  • Tom Cruise has a gap between his front teeth, and really great biceps. The less said about his acting skills, the better.
  • Emilio is, actually, a pretty good character actor. Too bad Charlie got the looks in that family!
  • Ralph looks like a middle-schooler.  Or maybe a human puppy.  Also, I cannot believe Casting bothered to audition anyone else for the role of Johnny; Ralph is perfect.
  • Rob is seriously gorgeous.  Apparently it is possible for a human being to approach physical perfection.  And I had no idea that the guy actually could act.  Sadly, a lot of his work wound up on the cutting room floor in ’83, but his scenes as middle brother Soda have emotional punch.
  • Patrick cannot act.  I knew this already, but I still don’t care.  Fab abs.  And that jaw…
  • Leif makes me think of Justin Timberlake.  Same frizzy blond hair, same cheesy acting skills.
  • Tommy Howell is a little out of his depth, but he has beautiful eyes.
  • I dissed Matt Dillon for years as having no reason to be in front of a camera other than his bad-boy good looks, which I claimed were overrated anyway.  Matt, I wronged you.  I apologize.  Now I know why all my friends had posters of you in their lockers: it was your mouth.  Or maybe those cheekbones.  Or perhaps the “provoking charm of [Matt] altogether.”  And your intensity dominated the whole film.  Every scene you were in, Matt, wound up slipped into your back pocket.  You rule, baby.

Sigh.  Well, I suppose I wouldn’t go back to being 15 again, but I can watch The Outsiders and pretend that it was a lot better than real life.

Fisher-Price has released a new toy: Elmo Live.  This animatronic wonder sings, laughs, stands, sits, tells jokes, and plays games. Holy cow, what’s the world coming to?  I hereby confess that I always hated Elmo.  Kermit was cool, Big Bird was dumb but sweet, and Oscar said what I always wished I had the guts to say.  Elmo is a toddler in red fur.  What’s so great about that?

NaNoWriMo starts on Sunday.  I’m getting ready.  Squee! 

And, most importantly, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to The CEO!  Lots of love to my favorite husband (yes, I know you’re the only one), and many years of happy life ahead.  Mwah.

* Apologies to Sir John Suckling, for cribbing/messing with his poem “The Constant Lover.”  Image is from moviestore.com.


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  1. First, Elmo. Agree totally. It was SO fun to sing "I love trash." But singing "Elmo's world?" Hmmm. As for those Outsiders boys to men…I'm pretty much with you. Except I was totally about Matt Dillon, even back in the early day. And wished that they had found a spot for Timothy Hutton in this. Dimeb bery sorrby daboudt dor dose.

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