Random stuff, mid-July

Just paid Bookworm’s 1st semester tuition at Yale. Ouuuuuch.

My sister is visiting from Texas with her son (Doodlebug) and my brother is visiting from Florida with his son (Choppers D), so we’re going to see them at my parents’ house today.

Bookworm is on her Europe trip; she should be in London today. (Londoners are complaining about how hot it is, 30C.  It’s not that it isn’t hot – that’s somewhere around 88-90F, which is definitely not comfortable – but they’re really not set up to handle that kind of heat in the UK.  I feel sure that the kid who marched down Constitution Avenue in DC, in wool uniform, for the Fourth of July parade, will be fine.)

Love to all of you.

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2 Responses to Random stuff, mid-July

  1. Glad you’re having a nice summer!!

  2. Sacre bleu says:

    Enjoy those visits with the long-distance relatives!

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