Random stuff, Feb. 1-8, 2016

Well, I lost the Scent Diary for last week (which I generally start as a Word document so I can add to it each day in the week), and then got stalled out on this week’s SD post due to general busy-ness. So you get another summing-up.

(“The Princess Bride” might just be my favorite movie of all time, y’all. Really.)

So it’s been cold and icky. Man, you know, winter rain is just horrible. Snow is nice, but winter rain is like the bitter tears of the earth. I’ve been testing samples, but I’ve also been wearing winter staples like Black Cashmere, Alahine, and Soivohle Centennial, as well as more year-round loves like Mariella Burani and Safari. I know, I keep wearing the same things over and over, but those are the ones I want. Shrug.

Incidentally, that text color I found for Centennial is the dusty dark peach color it really has in my mind, just the shade of an angora sweater I used to have in college.

The other thing I’ve been wearing frequently is Marc Jacobs Daisy. Now, look – Daisy is straight-up department-store let’s-not-offend-anybody uninspired. I acknowledge it. But it is also pretty and uncomplicated, and it just plain smells nice. It is, in fact, exactly the kind of thing that my female protagonist in the women’s fiction/romance novel I’m currently editing would wear. I like to wear fragrances that might suit my characters; I find it helps me keep their personalities firmly in mind while I’m writing.

The current plan is to self-publish this novel for Kindle/e-book, but I can’t tell you when that will be.  A matter of months, no doubt. I’ll be sure to share info for it here.

Snowflake the lamb is growing by, er, leaps and bounds. He’s so stinkin’ cute!

Mini-reviews coming soon, as I promised.


2 thoughts on “Random stuff, Feb. 1-8, 2016”

  1. yes, pics of lambies.
    and pics of the rain.
    and just pics in general.

    I wear the same things over and over, also – because they are what I love. I did a major clear-out of fragrances I had, liked, but didn’t wear often enough to continue to hoard them. They were re-homed by leaving them on the counter in the women’s room at work. It was actually quite satisfying to watch them all disappear. The one that remained on the counter has become “room spray,” and I must say it is the nicest room spray EVER. Also satisfying.

    Wearing Hermes Jour d’Hermes Absolu today, because it’s only in the teens today, and goes into negative zero whatever tonight, and for the next four or five days. I needed an antidote to such chill.

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