Perfume Review: Hilde Soliani Il Tuo Tulipano, plus a giveaway


This is from the TI AMO series, in which each scent is focused on a flower that begins with the letters in the phrase.  T is for Tulip, and Ms Soliani has commented that this fragrance reminds her of her father’s voice and his warmth. Tulips, of course, have very little smell, but this take on them does smell very vibrant and cheerful.  Il Tuo Tulipano was released in 2009.

My favorite part of this scent, which I’ll refer to as “Tulipano,” is the opening, because it’s one of the most delightful, cheery, sparkling fruity florals I’ve ever smelled.  I know these days “fruity floral” is a despised phrase among many perfume fans, and I’ve been known to wrinkle my own nose at much if not most of the ubiquitous genre, but there are a number of fruity florals I like.  The criteria? It has to smell like real fruit, not froot flavor, and the florals have to smell pretty close to real flowers.  Should be simple to do, right?  Fact is, due to their bare-bones budgets, most fruity florals are highly synthetic and do smell like functional products: soap, shampoo, “spring fresh” bleach, that sort of thing.

Tulipano starts out smelling something like rhubarb, which by the way I don’t like much and try to avoid eating. It’s got a weird sour whang that grates on my nerves (yeah, yeah, so sue me: I don’t like mango either).  And there’s no rhubarb in the notes.  I’m guessing that lime and blackcurrant are combining to say “rhubarb” to me.  But the tangy, fruity bit plays against the soft, powdery base of woods and musk, and the juxtaposition is very pretty.   Tulipano is quite fruity; the list of topnotes includes bergamot, blackcurrant, lime, peach, kiwi and passionfruit.  (If you just shuddered, you’re probably going to hate this, so do yourself a favor and don’t even try it.)  It stays fruity for quite a long time, but the fruit becomes tempered by other notes.

The heart notes are freesia, lily of the valley, and jasmine, and I honestly don’t get much of any of them.  The freesia is the  only note that registers much to me, but it’s so nuanced by the Technicolor fruit basket that I don’t notice much floral.  What does stand out is this creamy, musky base.  The official notes list according to Fragrantica says “woods, oakmoss and musk,” and LuckyScent clarifies this with “vetiver and sandalwood,” but what I’m getting out of this is mostly musk and sandalwood, with a powdery aspect that might be the oakmoss but which seems to me to be more about iris, and a creamy one that suggests both the sandalwood and maybe some tonka bean. Fragrantica calls Tulipano a Floral Woody Musk, but I think the focus is on a creamy fruit salad thing that is, however weird it sounds, really enjoyably wearable.

Il Tuo Tulipano (“Your Tulip”) is eau de parfum strength, and has average lasting power (4-6 hours on me), with moderate sillage.  Since it was dedicated to Ms Soliani’s father, I’d expected it to be more unisex, but this one seems straight-up femme to me.  I don’t know any guys who might want to smell like creamy fruit, which is not to say that they don’t exist, of course.  If you liked Justin Bieber Someday or Taylor Swift Wonderstruck and were looking for something that smelled more like real fruit, with a cheerful, sprightly jaunt to its walk and a speaking relationship with actual flowers and woods, check out Tulipano for a thrill.  Lovely stuff.

Another review to check out:  Marina at Perfume-Smellin’ Things.  Nobody is talking about this scent much lately, and that’s a shame.  It’s delightful.

NOW.  On to the giveaway:  I’m going to be passing along some of the samples I reviewed for the Top 20 Bestselling series as well as a few other mainstream offerings.  If you’re like me and your local mall doesn’t carry all of them, or you’ve somehow missed smelling these and would like to, here’s your chance!

To enter the drawing, please mention which of the Top 20 Bestselling fragrances you enjoy or have worn in the past.  Or you can talk about which one of them you hate most, or whether you plan to test any of the Top 20 soon – in any case, talk about the Top 20 to get your name tossed into the hat.

Burberry Body

Chanel Coco Mademoiselle

Chanel Chance

Clinique Happy

Estee Lauder Sensuous Nude

Fan di Fendi

Prada Candy

Taylor Swift Wonderstruck

Thierry Mugler Angel

Most samples have been used; most are spray vials but a few are dabber.  Most are carded manufacturer samples, some are handmade samples.  The Burberry Body sample is one of those wet-wipe things (sealed).   I am having terrible luck sending things overseas, so unfortunately I will limit the drawing to US residents.   It will remain open until Monday, May 7, at midnight Eastern Standard Time.  Good luck!



17 thoughts on “Perfume Review: Hilde Soliani Il Tuo Tulipano, plus a giveaway”

  1. I’m so happy you reviewed this! It definitely needs more exposure, as it’s a hidden gem. I won an assortment of samples recently from Musette and this one was in the bunch. Thank goodness Daisy had some because I needed more! I now spray freely from a decant.
    I’ve always given fruity florals a wide berth but this one is very sophisticated. There’s a bit of green that runs through the whole thing.
    Mals, try spraying some on your clothes, too. Clothing traps the top notes.

    1. It’s such an easily-wearable scent, I think. I don’t get the green streak, but I might be overlooking it. It’s the creaminess that always strikes me.

      I usually wind up getting a bit on clothing without meaning to…

    1. AHA! I needed an Evil Scent Twin. You’re in the draw, and there is something in the scented sea for everybody, right?

  2. Gosh. Where to start. I just got a sample of Prada Candy–and dislike it. A lot. I struggle enough with weight and dont want to smell like food. I want to EAT my food. And while I’m grumping, I detest, DETEST, Angel. And Clinique’s Happy makes me gag. And I think I better put myself to bed now because I’m clearly unfit for public consumption. Tomorrow just HAS to be a better day.

    1. Oh, I liked Candy. I feel a little silly wearing it, but I like it. It’s the patchouli in Angel that just killlllllls me, but apparently I’m a patch-amper.

      Did your weekend get better?

      1. Thanks for asking, but no, not really. Perhaps I’m flirting with a sinus infection. . . Headache for 12 straight hours. My mom used to say she always knew I was getting ill before I did–seems I get downright crabby a day or so before I exhibit the symptoms of whatever it is. So, this probably explains my uncontrolled need to bash perfectly good perfumes (and my desire to pull the teenaged girl through her driver’s window and smack the crud right out of her this morning for cutting me off in the Publix parking lot). I rather wish I’d either get outright sick or feel all better. No doubt so does my hubby!

        1. Hey. Crabby Happens, right? Especially if you’re “trying to get sick,” as my mother always used to call that window of incipient illness. Hope you’re feeling better soon.

  3. I’ve always liked Coco and have worn it every winter for years. I crave Angel sometimes (only in small doses) and I’ve been toying with the E.L. Sensuous Nude. I also think I could enjoy a bottle of Prada Candy. Would like to sample again, so thanks for the draw!

    1. You’re in the draw! I have never cared much for Coco… it’s all that resiny stuff I have such a hard, hard time with… but it’s well done.

  4. I partially shuddered when I read the list of fruit notes, but when I saw freesia *and* lily of the valley I had to stop. 🙂

    But, I am encouraged that there have been some well done fruity florals lately. Maybe the tide is turning?

    No need to enter me in the draw, but thanks anyway!

    1. Ha, I knew somebody was reading the notes list and trying not to gag! The whole key to well-done fruity florals, I think, is whether the fruit smells realistic or like candy. This is definitely a fruit bowl, but no Kool-Aid flavors.

  5. i have not smelled an others- i missed the free burberry body sample via facebook some time ago so I would love to try them all. Clinique Happy is the only one I have smelled. It is an original and everyone seems to love it.

    1. You’re in the draw! I don’t care much for Happy, but it’s one of the more comfortable ones of the Top 20, I think.

  6. Oooh, a fruity-floral that smells like real fruit and florals? How have I never heard of this? (Oh wait, I know how: the redonkulous number of niche brands, of course!;)) I’ve got a thing for the cassis version of fruity-floral in the summertime, so this might be up my alley.

    And it’s just as well I live in Canada and am ineligible for the draw. Mainstream perfumery and I argue a bit too much.

    1. Well, it’s not bright-shiny-NEW. People don’t talk much about recent but not just-out releases, I’ve noticed… Hey, are you familiar with Moschino Funny!? Love the cassis-grapefruit in that.

  7. Not crazy about the top 20 ones I’ve smelled. Happy is ok, but I don’t need to own a bottle. Would like to try Prada Candy and TW Wonderstruck.

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