It’s a beautiful spring day outside – our neighbor’s forsythia is in full exuberant bloom and my tulips are out – but I’m stuck inside.

I start painting the living room-dining room-kitchen today. 


Mind you, I like painting.  But the ceilings on our main floor are 9.5 feet high, and I am short.  And unlike the bedrooms I’ve painted over the last couple of years, these walls are dirty.  They require serious cleaning, as well as the moving of some very heavy furniture.  We had bookcases and a pie safe and a secretary and an antique sideboard and a dining room table and a coffee table and couch and chairs and a piano to move.  The piano, by the way, is a converted player piano built of ebony in the 1920s, still retaining most of its real-ivory keys, and this sucker is heavy.  It took four muscle-y guys and me and a dolly to get it into the house.

The CEO and I managed to scoot it on its wheels far enough forward that I can clean the wall and set up a ladder for painting.

Olympic Smoky Emerald C61-5

But, gah.  Also, I am nervous that I am going to hate this paint.  I hope not. It’s such a big, open room that I don’t think the deep green is going to make the space seem too small, and I think it will really set off the crown molding.  I don’t think I’ll hate it… I really, really hope not.

I am wearing that greenest of green scents, Jacomo Silences.

I will be back tomorrow with, Lord willin’ and the crick don’t rise, a review of Denyse Beaulieu’s book, The Perfume Lover, and of the associated fragrance by Bertrand Duchaufour and L’Artisan, Seville a l’Aube.


5 thoughts on “Paint.”

  1. I SO feel your pain! We (my DH and I) repainted every room five years ago, in preparation for putting the house up for sale. Not only did the two of us move lots of heavy furniture and books, but I couldn’t pick colors I wanted–hence the dreaded cream walls. Of course we’re still here and probably will be for a while, so I’m working up the energy to do a major “redecorate”. Good luck with your painting!

    1. Thanks – we’ve lived in this house for 11 years now, and it’s just TIME to paint. I am not going to tackle the foyer myself, though: it’s two stories. That one *is* going to remain cream-colored, but I’ve enjoyed painting other rooms.

      My room is a sunny, buttery yellow; the bathrooms are pale blue; the basement family room is a sort of swimming-pool turquoise blue; Bookworm chose a springy sort of blue shade and Gaze a slightly darker one, while Taz finally talked me into a parrot green. I’ve never lived in rooms as dark as this one is going to be… we’ll see what it looks like when dry.

    1. It IS a lovely color. And now that I’ve gotten three walls done, it looks amazing in contrast to the white mouldings at ceiling and floor…

      …and I still think it is really, really dark. Pretty, but dark.

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