Okay, so I lied…

I’m sorry. Scent Diary has just been boring the darn pants off me lately so I don’t feel like writing it.  I do feel like writing angsty scenes lately. It’s just happening.  Also feeling like listening to sad Springsteen (and where that’s coming from, I don’t know).

As of today, all the apple and pear trees I bought from Stark Bros. back in November as my Christmas present are in the ground. YAAAYYY! And today feels like spring: unsettled, a windy blue-and-green swimmy uncertain thing.

The trees look like, well, this: bare root apple tree

Which does not exactly fill me with confidence, because I can’t remember what my dad’s trees looked like when he first planted them. But I’m going to have to have faith, I guess. And there is a lesson in that.

Along with the lesson on faith should go one on not keeping your heart (and your space) cluttered up with stuff. We have new carpet now, and we are slowly going through the boxes of sttuuuuuufff that we hastily packed up, just to get them off the floor. Turns out we don’t need about 70% of it. The trashcans are full already (again – last week was like this too), and it’s only Tuesday, and the county picked up trash yesterday.  GAH. I might have to take some of it to the town center to dump it, and I already have yet another box of things to take to the Goodwill donation place.

Scents I wore last week, just in case you care: The Vagabond Prince Enchanted Forest (whoops, haven’t finished that review yet), Guerlain Vega, Teo Cabanel Alahine, which I should have already put away but it was COLD last week, and, just today, Parfums de Nicolai Le Temps d’une Fete, which I love beyond any singing of it.

Since watching the brutal-passion-and-sicko-revenge “classic” Wuthering Heights last week, I’ve been on the hunt for more Tom Hardy films. Have been watching clips on Youtube, and I am impressed.

Also: doing laundry. Trying to help Bookworm do a bit of research for a scholarship essay (NO, I’m not writing it! and anyways she doesn’t need me to!) for the Virginia Mayflower Society… we found out recently that The CEO’s grandmother was accepted as a member of the Maryland Mayflower Society in about 1929, as a descendant of John Alden. Interesting. Not that that makes The CEO special, or anything, but it’s interesting.

We heard yesterday that Gaze placed in the top 100 scorers on the written test for school winners of the Geographic Bee in Virginia, so he’ll head to the state competition early next month. Second year for him – we’re proud. I’m a little disappointed his cousin Curiosity won’t be going, but Curiosity (who’s also an 8th grader) lost a hard-fought contest for his school bee.

Yesterday’s mail also contained Bookworm’s acceptance letter from The College of William and Mary. I think she’s officially said no to Roanoke College at this time. Yale’s on the hook. Haven’t heard from Princeton or Wake Forest, but as far as I’m concerned, Yale and W&M are our two front-runners anyway.  (Yeah, yeah, Princeton’s good. But is it BETTER than Yale? The way I see it, she’s really got two choices: Ivy League, or in-state. And I just think Yale’s a better fit for her personality than Princeton.  I could be wrong, though, and William & Mary’s a very good school too.)

Taz, meanwhile, has advanced to 2nd place ranking in the school chess club.  Yay for him!  He and Gaze started track practice at the middle school yesterday as well.

More soon. I’m digging the Random Thoughts format, y’all.


8 thoughts on “Okay, so I lied…”

  1. Yay, a Mals post!!! I like your random thoughts, and look forward to your review of Enchanted Forest when it’s ready. Congrats to Bookworm, Gaze and Taz–you’ve got great kiddos. I always rejoice to hear about their successes; you’ve given us a peek into how hard they work. Way to go.

    As for Tom Hardy, I went through a phase myself. Even waded through Wuthering Heights, though I don’t like the storyline. It seems so sad and twisted. I’m more a Jane Austen fan than of any Bronte sisters. He’s stunningly beautiful. Sat through This Means War, Warrior, Inception, ST: Nemesis, and was shocked to learn he was in the third Batman film. You get the idea–I understand hunting down actors’ back catalogs 🙂

    I’ll have to pull out Le Temps d’Une Fete. I love it, and thought on Saturday, spring is here. I wore Chamade extrait. I love both. Then we had a cold front, and I couldn’t resist a few more days of peppery incense (LL’s Poivre and Poivre Samarcande). Keep writing, when you can. Your adventures may sound everyday to you, but I think they’re wonderful. Be well.

    1. Thank you, my dear! Am very proud of these younguns, they work hard. And they are cute. 🙂

      I reread Jane Eyre from time to time, but Wuthering Heights is just… sick. I want to slap every single character in it. (Well, maybe not Mr. Earnshaw Sr… no, I DO want to slap him, for not fixing up his will properly so that Heathcliff would be provided for and treated well, while allowing sufficient resources to support the state to go to Hindley.) I tend to read the story as, “Do ya SEEEE what happens when you a) are selfish and b) hold grudges? BAD STUFF, that’s what.”

      Still worth watching that version in order to become acquainted with the Man with the Beautiful Mouth. Whoa. The clips of Warrior I’ve seen were astounding, too.

  2. Congrats to your smart, hard working kids! You and the CEO must be very proud.
    Ugh, Wuthering Heights. My daughter read it when she was in high school and basically said, if that’s romance she wants nothing to do with it. I do remember her also wanting to slap all the characters.
    Must have been pretty cold last week if you wore Alahine. I can only wear perfumes like that in the dead of winter. Overnight it went from winter to Spring with temps near 70, so I wore Jacomo Silences yesterday. I think I’ll wear LTdUF today. Thanks for the nudge.
    Saplings look like that when you first put them in the ground. Just make sure they get sufficient water this first year to get established. Shouldn’t be a problem since you get summer rain.
    Love this random thought, stream of consciousness format. As always, I eagerly await each of your blog entries.

    1. Yeah, it was cold when I reached for the Alahine! I can’t imagine it in warm weather, it would suffocate me. I think it is actually getting to be early spring, because we’ve had that back and forth shift with the weather, you know, cold and flurrying one day, and then warm and damp and breathless the next. By April it should be really spring here.

      Wuthering Heights is indeed nothing short of brutal. But hey, now I have a new favorite actor, and I cannot really complain about that. 🙂

  3. I like the random thoughts format! I also like your trees. I really want to do some container gardening this spring. I am thinking spring cleaning, too – like you, we have been getting rid of entire boxes of stuff. When my husband moved in, we got a storage unit for some of his stuff. When we realized it had been almost two years and he hadn’t really needed any of the stuff or missed it – it was time to get rid of the unit and give away, sell, or trash what was in it. Of course, now our living room is full of items to be sold/sorted for giveaway. Sigh. But we’ve saving $45/month!

    Yay geography bee! When does Bookworm have to make a college decision?

    1. On the STUFF issue… I come from a long, long line of packrats. Hard for me to throw away sentimental stuff, but still, there’s only so much space, and it needs to stay clean. I tend to be of the mindset that if I can’t see it, and it’s stored away in a box or something, it’s fine, but it’s very easy to accumulate that way.

      Bookworm has to say yes to somebody by May 1.

  4. Hi Mals, I’m missing your reviews! 😉
    As you mention le temps d’une fete: I finally had the opportunity to try it the other day (I was curious because our tastes seem to sort of “agree” in certain categories – white florals, aldehydic florals – and then diverge completely in others. To which category would LTDF belong?).
    Ok, I’ll cut it short: it was an EPIC scrubber for me. But what I wanted to share with you is that I thought it had the same vibe of another favorite of yours, MG Plum. They strike me as very similar in “effect”, though not in notes… like if they shared a common signature.
    What do you think? Am I talking nonsense?…
    Anyway, congratulations to your hard working and talented children: they deserve their achievements. I especially root for Bookworm: she is in that blessed moment of life where you see your future lying ahead, full of exciting possibilities. I remeber my own emotions at the time: it was a bit scary but also thrilling! Tell her to enjoy this moment and not to worry!!!

    1. Well, good… Review of Enchanted Forest coming tomorrow!

      So where would I characterize LTdF? Hmm. Green floral, I think. Or green woody-floral. Something like that. It’s funny, I can’t quite see a lot of commonality between Plum and LTdF, but it might be that I am SO familiar with them that I mostly see the differences. I notice that people frequently ask me if Gaze and Taz are twins. They are not! There are almost exactly two years between them, and Gaze is considerably taller (especially now that he is taller than Bookworm and is really starting to get his early-teen growth spurt). They have different color hair, their noses are different, their lips are different… I mean, sure, they look like brothers. But they don’t look even remotely like twins, to me, and that might be the same sort of thing I’m running into with analyzing those two fragrances. I’m too close to get the resemblance, but clearly it’s there or people wouldn’t SAY they look like twins.

      I’ll pass on your words to Bookworm, and thank you!

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