No review today.

m-118 ~totcupcakes~

I’ll be spending the day with Gaze, my mother-in-law B, my nephew Curiosity, and my sister-in-law E, at the Virginia Geography Bee, and wearing Mary Greenwell Plum.  Gaze and Curiosity are participating in the competition – congrats and good luck to them!

(In other news, Gaze is suddenly a quarter of an inch taller than his older sister, and she’s pretty ticked about it.  Which makes him even happier.)

Wishing everyone a fun and fragrant weekend, as March goes out (like a lamb, we hope).  See you on Monday for Scent Diary, and look for some more mini-reviews of Serge Lutens fragrances next week.


5 thoughts on “No review today.”

  1. Good luck to both of them!

    Sometime in the future, probably within the next 2 years, 12yo Frodo is going to be taller than 16yo Archimedes. That’ll be an interesting day.

  2. Update is now posted – they did well, they had a great time, they got interviewed by a local reporter. Fun was had by all. Their grandmother nearly burst her buttons with pride.

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