New Page: “Shop my ‘fume stash”

I’ve been wanting to streamline my collection of perfumes, but I really don’t want to have to deal with selling on eBay.  As an alternative, I decided to offer my extras here.  If that goes well, great!  If not, I’ll bite the bullet and haul ’em over to eBay (and its apparently-weird seller rules). 

As you’ll see, if you go click on the tab next to “Comment Policy” in the header line, I’m not going to make any money on these items.  Most of them are mainstream and fairly easily gotten elsewhere.  A few are even free.  Basically, I just want them Out.The.House.

All proceeds will go, of course, to supporting my decant habit.


9 thoughts on “New Page: “Shop my ‘fume stash””

  1. Hi Mals,
    I’d love to get my hands on Safari, Pure White Linen Light Breeze, and the Kenzo Magnolia. You get them out of the house – I get some favs. Win-Win! 🙂 What’s best, paypal or check?

    1. I’d rather have Paypal, if you have an account, A. I’ll reserve those for you.

      The win-win was exactly what I was going for! 🙂 Send me an email at my gmail address (it’s in the contact me section), okay?

  2. Good luck with the de-accessioning! Your excess stash looks great! Have you been watching ‘Hoarders’? I watched it whilst thoroughly cleaning the kitchen (post bug-bomb/bleaching out cabinets (we have an old, damp house)….Our recyclable bin is FULL!

    Bathroom was next – ow! SO much went out of here.

    I started eyeing my perfume cabinet….decided to quit whilst ahead…but just barely 😀 I have a feeling I’m going to be doing something similar soon…


    1. Thanks! I hope some of these lovelies will find good homes.

      I have never seen “Hoarders” – I think it would be fairly painful. My late grandmother, who lived with my parents all my life, was a bit that way. She collected things: glass bottles, shells, pretty rocks, china, bird figurines, fabric, and anything owl-shaped. There was no square inch of free wall space in her “apartment” (the walk-out basement of my parents’ house was furnished with a living/dining room, kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom just for her). She died four years ago, and my mother is still…

      … yes, STILL… cleaning out her things. I come by my packrat tendencies honestly, but I’m trying to shed them.

  3. Great idea Mals! I was just thinking this morning of putting some stuff up on ebay/basenotes/scentsplits. I’ll take a look!


  4. I would love the Jean Louis Scherrer Nuits Indienne and Kenzo Flower Springtime. I hate missing out on the Kenzo Magnolia. Thanks oh generous mals.

  5. I love the idea of “supporting your decant habit”!

    I should do the same really – meanwhile I have been wrestling with the ethics of gifting a near full bottle of Jasmin Noir to a friend whose bottle is about to run out, who mentioned that she needed to buy a back up, and whose birthday it is next week. Maybe if I added a top up present I had bought more recently it wouldn’t look too shabby? Or maybe I should sell the Jasmin Noir to her later and give her a normal “gift” for her birthday?

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