New Developments Afoot… and Upcoming Smell Bent Prize Draw

I meant to have posted a set of mini reviews on the 2010 Smell Bent holiday limited edition scents Friday, but didn’t get to it. 

Why didn’t I?  Well, first, I wanted to give one of the scents another chance before I finished the review.  I got Bookworm to put this particular one on and give me her opinion, just to see if she agrees with me.   She does.  

Second, being away during the first week of the month has made catching up at work really, really tough.  I’ve been working more than I usually do per day (I work part- time) to make up for the days I was gone. 

Third, and this is the stunner, it looks like The CEO may be taking a new job.  This would be a significant career change for him.  Four years ago, he took the job as instructor at the school of Agricultural Technology at Virginia Tech, and that was a change from farming every day.  Now he’s considering a job that popped up out of the blue, and which would require considerable life changes.

We’ve been doing some heavy-duty discussions, and some ducks-in-a-row herding, over the last couple of days.   If this job comes through for him, the changes will come fast – I mean, in the next three weeks.

So.  I’ve been, yeah, a little busy.  Will be back soon, with reviews and a prize draw for the holiday sample set (slightly used) from Smell Bent.


11 thoughts on “New Developments Afoot… and Upcoming Smell Bent Prize Draw”

  1. All the best, hope things work out. I remember that happened to my (now ex-) husband, and it was an exciting time, a new adventure.

    1. Thanks, Anne. If it works out, I think it would be way cool. However, it would require some huge adjustments. So we’ll see.

      I will try to email you later. I have had very little luck with my local Post office on sending you those Ivoire bottles. I will try one more time to get their okay before we talk about money, but I’m not having any luck. My postal workers are paranoid. Unless I were willing to state “liquid – no air freight,” they’re not willing to accept the package, and who knows how long that would take to get to you??

  2. Three weeks? Wow, that would be fast, especially since it would involve major changes. But as a friend of mine always says, “The train’s leaving the station; are you going to jump on board or not?” Sometimes you have to make those quick decisions. Hope it works out for you.

    1. Yeah, three weeks. Job starts something like Jan. 3, and if (IF!) this works out he’ll be living somewhere else, at least for the time being. Eek.

      It’s something he’s very interested in doing, though.

  3. Yikes, three weeks to deal with such a huge life change, and during the holiday no less, with school aged children on top of it! Will they need to change schools?

    1. No school change planned at the moment. In fact, what it would involve, at least to start, would be The CEO living in an apartment elsewhere, on a rotation of two weeks away, one week home. Not horrible.

  4. Roll with it, darlins. Life comes around ONCE – at least ThisLifeasWeKnowIt.

    That’s what I’m telling myself anyway, these days, as I’m rollingandrolling…but you know what? It can be fun!

    Best to both of you, as you contemplate this!


    1. Thanks, Miss A… we’re getting kind of excited about it, even though it would mean a significant pay cut and some extra expenses. He’s already said yes. And then they told him it was terrific news, they didn’t think he’d agree to that salary, but that they had to interview two other people first.

      AARRRGHH. We make a decision to jump and then find out that it’s not a done deal… now my stomach’s in knots.

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