Mini-Reviews Roundup, March 26, 2013

berry laundryLalique Amethyst – I picked up this sample after reading the mostly-positive review in Perfumes: The Guide and after hearing that Amethyst contains a favorite note of mine (blackcurrant). Upon testing, I find it very BERRYBERRYBERRY, but not particularly or distinctively blackcurrant. Mind you, it’s nice berry, not candy flavored frooty stuff. Under the berry is a pretty peony note, not very natural (no peony note is) but fresh and attractive, and beyond that is a generic sort of woody-musk-with-vanilla drydown. Notes include: blackcurrant, blackberry, blueberry, mulberry, nutmeg, peony, ylang, rose, pepper, musk, vanilla, woods. It’s nice. Perfectly fine for not offending people, and pleasant to wear. All the same, beyond the fresh-berry topnotes, it’s another fruity-floral-woody-musk scent, essentially a berry laundry musk. Ehhh. You could certainly do worse (particularly if you find it on sale at the discounters’).

I have read some older reviews of this one saying that it really brought back childhood memories of eating blackcurrants in Russia, but of course the Queen of Blackcurrants is now the über-realistic The Vagabond Prince Enchanted Forest in all its cat-pee glory. Now that’s some awesomely blackcurranty stuff.

Still from Basic Instinct. That’s our coochie-barin’ Sharon right there with her Weapon of Choice and, oh, hey, it’s Michael Douglas, Mr. Catherine Zeta-Jones himself, back when he was sorta good-looking… Mike’s never done much for me personally, though.


Jour d’Hermes – why in the world is this fragrance is making me think of Secretions Magnifiques??? is it actually what SM is without all the wacky skank? Is it the salty stuff over the florals?

Okay, leaving SM out of the equation: Jd’H is a lovely, radiant citrus floral full of sunshine (orange blossom, I think, because there’s a definite soapy feel to it, and jasmine and lily) and a note that might be… hyacinth? It’s pretty-pretty, and yet there is something in there that is working my last.freakin’.nerve. The last perfume that performed that particular trick on me was the otherwise-lovely (and similarly fresh/green/floral) Puredistance Antonia.

It does occur to me that since I’ve been thinking of SM, maybe I’m carrying over a memory of the way SM made me feel (terrified, actually. I’m pegging the adrenaline accord + the blood accord). But still, all that ooky-feeling stuff is way way down under the pretty, sort of like… Sharon Stone in Basic Instinct. (Okay, so Sharon’s ‘ooky’ isn’t alllll that far under the pretty. You still get my point, right? Things look good on the surface, but something under that surface is way hinky.)

The longer this is on, though, the better I like it. It is attractive, bar that nerve-jangling thing in the middle, for a good five to six hours, and the salty lily in the bottom, along with some woods, is really nice. I would call it a skin scent, except it doesn’t smell like my skin. Very pleasant overall, though.

sexy peachIneke for Anthropologie Sweet William – okay, this is not very carnationy. But I like it. There’s a spice mixture in here, plus vanilla and woods and something like peach jam. There’s something in this fragrance that’s reminding me of modern Femme, which is not what I was looking for in something called “Sweet William.” AHA! Just went to check the notes on it, and it’s got peach+cumin+cedar, which sez FEMME to me. Wow. This is a Femme-y version I could actually wear. And also, there’s almost a Guerlinade sort of cast to it; it is alllmost edible. On the other hand, it has very little to do with carnations. So: fail on the carnation fragrance front, win on the sexy peach-cumin front.


10 thoughts on “Mini-Reviews Roundup, March 26, 2013”

  1. You had better luck than I did with Sweet William. Something in that drydown, cumin probably, really got stuck in my nostrils.

    As to Jour, on the whole, thumbs down for me, but I think it is Ellena’s re-do of 24 Faubourg. What do you think?

    1. Definitely cumin in the Sweet William, which I did NOT expect. I do okay with it in general.

      I’ve only tried 24, Faubourg once, and did not like it. I suspect it was too much jasmine for me, but now I’d have to hunt out my sample and try again to see how it went.

  2. Oh, you tried the Sweet William! Glad you liked it 🙂 🙂

    I did not care for Jour d’Hermes much, myself. I felt it was just… I don’t know, it seem incredibly well-done, but maybe in many respects similar to your everyday contemporary department store fresh floral. To me, it seemed more about the lovely top citrus notes and the drydown (musk and whatever else) than true florals. The middle seemed quite synthetic to me… maybe that’s what’s disturbing? I don’t know. I think I found it more boring than disturbing.

    1. I liked the topnotes of Jd’H and then the drydown, but the middle was icepick-y. Shudder.

      Sweet William was AWESOME. Actually reminds me of… okay, it was sort of Guerlain does Femme. Wow.

  3. I find Amethyst distinctively blackcurranty, but unspecial overall (due to the not-muchness of the heart/drydown). But I got a supercheap bottle and it makes a nice room spray. 🙂 It’s a SMELL I like even if I don’t consider it a full-on perfume.

    1. I wanted the blackcurrants! I think they were there, but I got more berry than currant. If it was super-cheap, that was probably a good purchase. I’ve smelled way stupider fragrances.

  4. I will have to re-try the Sweet William. It is the only Ineke for Anthro I don’t have but I only tried it once (the others were on clearance and I couldn’t resist full bottles of even the melon) I was so turned off by the non-carnationity of it that I wrote it off right then. I love peach and cumin so I should love SW. Happens a ton with me that I have to force myself to re approach a perfume because it is a surprise on first application.

    1. Oh, I KNOW! Sometimes a fragrance can be so not-what-I-think-I-want that I immediately dismiss it, and then later try it having forgotten what I expected it to be and thought, “Hey, nice!” And I really need to get back to Part III of the carnations post (Whoops!), but having found at least a few I like, I’m less annoyed about fragrances being less carnationy than I wanted.

      Exception Serge Lutens Vitriol d’Oeillet. (Um, that would be known as a spoiler, correct? Sorry.)

  5. I have not smelled SM but the green note in Jd’H irritates me a fair bit, in a nerve-jangly sort of way, and I normally like green notes. For the me the crunchy stemmy green accord lasts AGES, and only on a good day does it lie down for a rest to let the warmer floral notes have their say. So I don’t think my complaint is the same as yours but my reaction is similar: ‘thanks but probably no thanks’. A pity; I liked the idea of Jd’H and was almost ready to open my wallet for a FB.

    1. Nerve-jangly! Yes. Not sure what exactly is giving me the creeps here but it is, you know, ooky. I did really like the drydown, however.

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