Memorial Day, 2011, and a happy birthday to Bookworm

Iwo Jima Memorial, photo from Life magazine

In memory of those who gave their lives in service to their country, and in honor of those who served…

Today I remember Army 1st Lt. Terry L. Plunk. “Killed on February 25, 1991, while clearing mines at As-Salam Airfield, Kuwait. Graduate of the Virginia Military Institute. Lt. Plunk was the equivalent of the valedictorian at his graduation and the top CE graduate for 1988 at VMI.”  [courtesy of]  Terry graduated two years ahead of me in high school, and a nicer guy there never was.  Valedictorian, wrestler, yearbook staff, class president, Prom King, all that – and still he managed to notice the quiet kids, the ones outside the popular circle, and give them a smile and a kind word.  Before heading off to duty, Terry told his worried mother, “I know it’s dangerous.  But Mom, if I die over there, I’ll be in Jesus’ arms before my body hits the ground.”  Thanks for your service, Terry, and for the smiles.  I’ll see you again.

I honor my dad, who served as supplymaster aboard a destroyer tender in the Navy in the early 1960s.  He ws stationed at Portsmouth, VA, and his ship never went any farther than Florida; at the time, the Atlantic Fleet was not deployed.

I honor my brother-in-law Bob, who served  in Desert Shield/Desert Storm, and who has recently returned from a tour of duty in Afghanistan.

My deep thanks to the veterans, and those currently serving in our armed forces. 

Bookworm, May 2011, holding the Girls' Track team district trophy

Sixteen years ago on this day, I held Bookworm for the first time.  I’ve always been very proud of her, but never more so than now.  She is a fine young lady, and I thank God for her every day.  Sweetheart, my butterfly girl, I love you.  Happy birthday!



4 thoughts on “Memorial Day, 2011, and a happy birthday to Bookworm”

  1. I love and am proud of my lil’ brother, over in Iraq. May he come home safe soon<3

    And Happy birthday to her!!

    It's hard letting them grow up, sometimes physically painful even (especially when they make the wrong decisions) but we must…..I hope she knows what a great mama she has in you.


    1. I’ll add my prayers to yours for your baby bro.

      In two years, she’ll be Goooonnne. (snif) You know, they’re all different, aren’t they? The typical teenage wrong decision thing doesn’t really worry me with this kid (or Gaze, either), just because of their personalities. What does worry me is that they’ll miss out on some good stuff by trying to be responsible. Bookworm just got back from her leadership conference… I asked her how the Saturday night dance went. She said, “I didn’t go.” WHAT? “No, they also had another dance on Friday, and it was like going to the pool when it’s really crowded, you know? like you hop up and down in your one square foot of space. It made my head hurt, so I went to the movie instead.” She missed a DANCE? How can this be my kid? 🙂

      She is really great, anyway. (Your girlies sound like such neat kids, too. I know you’re proud of them, Mama.)

  2. Happy Birthday to Bookworm!

    We celebrated Memorial Day by donating books to service members though Books A Million’s Books for Troops program. I hope they enjoy them.

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