Manly Cupcakes


A former securities attorney in NYC, fed up with the tendency of cupcakes to be frilly-pink-sparkly-unicorn thingies, has opened Butch Bakery, which produces Manly Cupcakes.  

These things come in flavors like Driller (maple cake with bacon and milk chocolate icing), Sidecar (lemon cake soaked in brandy with white chocolate/ orange filling) and Beer Run (chocolate beer cake with beer buttercream icing and crushed pretzel topping), with each cupcake  topped by a flat sugar decoration in your choice of Camo, Plaid, Houndstooth, Wood Grain, Checkerboard or Marble. 

The owner says he wanted to eschew the usual “make it masculine by adding a golf tee or a baseball” idea, and concentrate on things that just make men happy.  I approve.  (Now, if I could get my hands on some tools that are made for women: handles that fit our hands, easy to use – and not pink! – I’d be happy.)

And whether it’s manly or not, I want a Tailgate (caramel cake, salted caramel swirl filling, vanilla buttercream)… mmm.


9 thoughts on “Manly Cupcakes”

  1. Golly, a lot of product development has gone into that. It’s a serious effort! Bacon is said to be a man’s favourite scent, but in a cupcake? Okay, so the french toast I see in up market cafes is topped with bacon and maple syrup …

  2. What a great website, thank you!

    I’m going to agree with you on the Tailgate one … sounds absolutely delish and not fattening AT ALL! Mmmmmmmm.

  3. Oh my! Some of these sound heavenly and I don’t like cupcakes (or cake for that matter). Think I could do without the “Home Run”, however. Peanut butter cake with banana bavarian cream & crumbled bacon–blech. I am in agreement, though, on the Tailgate!

  4. Really hectic day, no time for individual responses… but I hope everybody was as amused as I was by the whole idea.

    My sister spent about a year recently working for a cupcake bakery in our home town, and while not every one of their recipes is frilly, pink and sparkly, the website certainly is (Bubblecake). So I see where the Butch guy is coming from… but Beer Run? Gah. Who’d eat that?

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