Le Temps d’une Fete… Again

Horse chestnut tree in autumn
Horse chestnut tree in autumn

Most people seem to associate this fragrance – which Parfums de Nicolai has recently placed on limited distribution, if not discontinued it entirely GAH I AM DISTRAUGHT – with springtime.

And I understand that. I do. The green-gold cast of it, the narcissus and jasmine and galbanum of it, that all says Springtime very clearly. However, I think I might love it even more in the fall of the year.  Because the blooming part of it seems to recede when the angle of the sunlight changes and the world goes more golden, and what I smell most in it is its woody notes and lovely green-herb aged patchouli.

I tend to have a complicated relationship with patchouli. The cheaper varieties tend to smell very dusty and earthy to me, dirty in a not-good way. (I mean, dirt, plain dirt in the garden, smells nice. Dirt as in uncleanliness is a whole ‘nother thing.) Aged patchouli with rose is Magickal. Aged patchouli smelling green and alive, the way it does in Le Temps d’une Fete, is smooth and gracious.

You know how in autumn, the late afternoon sun is almost gold as amber? How it slants across fields and through leaves only now turning from green to yellow, looking like a shower of gold fit to dazzle poor Danaë?

Green fields, turning leaves, golden sun: Le Temps d’une Fete in autumn. I turn, and turn, and turn again to it – with joy.


9 thoughts on “Le Temps d’une Fete… Again”

  1. I’ve never thought to wear LTd’uF in the autumn. Always thought of it as spring/summer. I’m going to have to give it a try once we start getting autumn here. I’m dreading when the two bottles I have run low. 🙁

    1. I do not even want to THINK ABOUT RUNNING OUT OF LTdF. GAH.

      It smells different to me in fall, far less floral. Which may simply be a trick of the mind, that I notice the basenotes more — but there it is, green and gold and making me happy, so I cannot complain.

  2. My Fall de Nicolai is Vanille Tonka, but the change you smell in Le temps is beautifully described here (as per usual) and makes me wonder what do you think of Odalisque?
    P.S. did you know that VT has changed over the years? Nabbed some over on Ebay the other month and this which is c. 1990 or so is A)Great stuff and B)Really vanilla in a way my old VT was not. I’ll send you some if you like to try, really another take on the perfume.

    1. When you love a scent, I think, it’s easy to notice the changes. I got my older bottle out the other day and it is so much… bassier. Heavier on the low notes.

      I remember enjoying Odalisque but not to the point of wanting to buy it. Hmm, VT has changed too? Odd. It really does seem like a Cuba Libre* to me, and I mean that in a good way.

      *made with Coke, not Pepsi. Coke (IMO) has a vanilla tinge to it that Pepsi does not have; Pepsi has more of a citrus thing. Oh heck. Either way, it’s a Cuba Libre with a spritz of lime.

  3. Off topic, but do tell–how is Rachel the Orphaned Calf doing? (I tried to think of a perfume tie-in, but I’m just too tired, I guess).

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