Jury Duty

Yeah, so I’ve been called for jury duty on Monday. Have never actually had to report before now, so this will be new.


Hope to report later.  Will be wearing Cuir de Lancome and, probably, something coral-colored, just to raise my spirits.  Off to do my civic duty.  Catch ya flipside, y’all.



13 thoughts on “Jury Duty”

  1. Hi – Cuir de Lancome is perfect for jury duty, not too much, but comforting and calming. I’ve been ‘called’ to jury duty before but never actually had to serve. In a way, I’d like to experience a juicy case and be part of the process…the drama queen in me will never die.

    1. Cuir was great! Actually, would have been great anyway. I would normally have gone with a floral (duh, it’s spring), but for serious matters that wouldn’t do.

      I’d be interested in serving as a juror with regards to an interesting case, but today the man on trial was charged with sexual abuse of a child, and I’d have been stricken from the jury had I been selected.

  2. Good for you to go do your civic duty! I always go when called, too, but never get impaneled. The one time I was selected, it was because the attorneys had used all their strikes already, and had to take the next tweleve jurors in line. We never heard the case (custody battle), because after they sat us down, gave us our instructions, the case was settled. We must have been a scary looking group.

    Cuir de Lancome sounds perfect for jury duty. Nice choice. Hope you have a nice week. (Mine’s started off pretty bumpy.) Be well!

  3. I’ve been to jury duty three times. The last time I was actually in the jury box and got rejected. It was a case where a man had sexually abused his stepdaughter from the ages of 9 to 13. As soon as they found out I had two children and worked at a hospital they got rid of me. Too bad, I would have enjoyed sending him to jail!

    1. Very similar to my situation (except that I wasn’t selected for empanelment this time). There could not have been a charge that upset me more.

  4. I’ll check in a couple of days if I have to go.

    In general, I do not mind spending 3-5 days on a jury duty but I’m not sure how anyone who actually works can efford to be off for muchlonger than that.

      1. Cuir de Lancome is SO great. I spritzed more heavily than I usually do, and was rewarded several hours later by finding a really lovely benzoin note in the drydown that I had never noticed before.

    1. These cases I’ve been called for are local and seem to only go a few days. The case that I was summonsed for the other day was reportedly decided by the jury in 20 minutes, once they were released to the jury room.

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