In which I am interviewed by Ari of Scents of Self…

My husband jokes that now I’m famous.  Thanks to Ari for her “perfume blogger interviews” series, where we can meet people in an up-close-and-personal style!

Here’s the link:

And because I feel like sharing, here are a few pictures of people and places dear to my heart.

The CEO, with Gaze (in Red Sox hat) and Taz, last summer


Bookworm, running a relay in a recent track meet.

 And this is my girlie.  I am so proud of her.

I had every intention of uploading some farm photos for you, but my ‘puter does NOT seem to be cooperating at the moment.  I’ll try again later.





10 thoughts on “In which I am interviewed by Ari of Scents of Self…”

  1. Well, you ARE famous. People all over the globe know who you are, Mals. Pretty cool, eh? (See? A Canadian knows you.)

    Love the pictures of your family. Thanks for sharing.

    1. He can’t disclaim them for sure… what’s funny is that this past weekend, we were at my parents’ house, and Mom pulled out some old photos of my dad as a kid. Gaze looks an AWFUL LOT like his granddaddy!

      We keep getting “Oh, are the boys twins?” Nope. Different hair shades, different face shapes, two years apart, Gaze is way taller – but still, yeah, they definitely look like brothers.

  2. You are so lovely, Mals. And you have the best hair! Your family is beautiful too! Thanks for sharing your photos. I enjoyed your interview with Ari; you have such an interesting life and so much energy. Can I have some?

  3. Aww, the pictures are so sweet and how nice of you to share them with us. I look forward to reading Ari’s interview. XO

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