In Progress:

  • The Malta-Rome travelogue, complete with pictures
  • Fragrance Throwdown: vintage Coty L’Origan vs. Guerlain L’Heure Bleue parfum
  • Review: Xerjoff Elle
  • Updates to the Huge List of Green Scents
  • And…
  • The 2010 tax return – which I’m sure nobody is really interested in hearing about, but which must be finished before I get seriously into posting…

I also owe several people emails.  Sorry for my laxity (laxness? no, must be laxity.  I’m even too lax to go look that up).  I promise, I will get back to you.


5 thoughts on “In Progress:”

  1. Looking forward to that throwdown, and the updated Green scents list (my resolve to find a green that works on me has returned – maybe it’s a spring-is-coming thing?).

  2. And breathe!

    You’ll undo all the benefit of your European break if you chivvy yourself silly over self-imposed deadlines; so, other than the tax return, I’m sure everything else will be more than happy to wait until you’re ready:-)

    And keep breathing ….

    cheerio, Anna in Edinburgh

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