I’m Back!

keep-calm-i-am-backAbout three weeks ago, my “saved” password for the blog stopped working. (I still don’t know why. It had worked for months…) So I requested a password reset through WordPress. But it never showed up, until I contacted Technical Support. So then I received the password reset email, and went in to change the password.

But I had somehow lost my admin status. I could log in, I could see my dashboard… but all the usual options were gone. GONE, I tell you. I spent several hours over the course of a week talking to people on WP forums and trying to get some help from Tech Support, but nothing was working. The following week I was so frustrated, I couldn’t even look at it.

Then The CEO went to San Antonio for five days, for the National Cattlemen’s Association Convention, and I went with him. I did nothing about the blog.

Then we got back, and dug out from under the mountains of laundry, and I found a tutorial on changing one’s WP password through the database on the web host. So I took a deep breath, copied the current settings, crossed my fingers, and went mucking around in the code. Which is scary, lemme tell ya.

But it worked. I changed the password in the database to what it should have been/what I believed it was, and we are back in business. And the kids have another snow day, and I have time to write, and I have some saved up Scent Diaries and mini-reviews to post.

Glad to be back.


9 thoughts on “I’m Back!”

    1. Uh-oh.

      This is why my husband never learned to milk cows growing up – he figured that if people knew he knew how to do it, he’d be the one getting calls at 4 a.m., saying, “Hey, the milkman didn’t show this morning. Can you come over to the milking shed and fill in?”

      šŸ™‚ XO

  1. Yea! You’re back! You are missed, when your blog posts disappear/stop. I see your responses out there on other blogs, but enjoy your musings here. Thanks for battling tech woes in order to post.

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