Her Life Was on Fire, But at Least She Smelled Good

“Farmhouse Fire” by Fishin Musician on DeviantArt (click through for link)

Ever had one of those life-upheaving events happen? Where you’re not sure where you’ll be tomorrow and what you’ll be doing? And you don’t know who will be with you?


This has been my life, since April. I’ve managed a couple of posts since then, but it was in the spirit of stiff-upper-lip, steady-the-boat “normality.” That was probably a mistake, but then I’ve made a lot of those at this point.

Things are starting to settle down a bit. Things are looking up a bit, as well. (Counseling, reordered priorities, heavy-duty prayer, stuff like that. The fire is out, for the time being, and rebuilding is going on.)

The constant? You won’t be surprised to hear that I smelled good the whole time. I turned first to sweet, gentle roses, because roses smell like love, and they will heal your heart. Then my greenies came into play — because with me there are always greenies! — for spring, and for delight.

I was a little worried that I might accidentally ruin a favorite by associating it with a time of upheaval. It didn’t happen. I’m not sure why, except that I might have been conscious of wearing perfume for my own comfort, and I tended to choose fragrances I find comforting – nothing “difficult” or odd.

Joseph's Coat climbing roseI even bought something new: a slightly-used bottle of Teo Cabanel Early Roses, on eBay, at a very steep discount. I’d used up two samples, so it wasn’t a blind buy, and it had been on my vague and nebulous To Buy list, but it leapfrogged over a couple of other fragrances because of the bargain. I’m loving it. (FYI, it’s a gentle fresh rose over ambered woods, soft and pretty and uncomplicated.)

I’ve been running around like a no-headed chicken this summer, what with Gaze’s crazy schedule, and then there was a tropical vacation, and then we all got sick, but things are better now. More on The Suitcase Summer later.

Here’s to rebuilding. And smelling good no matter what. Love y’all.



7 thoughts on “Her Life Was on Fire, But at Least She Smelled Good”

  1. Oh goodness, mals. I’m so sorry for the troubles you’ve had but it seems that you are finding your way through them. Sending you love and a big hug and prayers for healing.
    Holly xo

  2. Glad to see you post.
    Here’s to you feeling normal and better, whichever is the more desirable outcome. In such circumstances I wear stuff that’s awful. Silly, but it’s so much fun to throw the sample out later, like the Italians throwing old things out the window on New Year’s Eve!

  3. I am so sorry to hear you’ve been in troubled times. I agree that perfume comfort scents are the best for trying times. (My defaults are No. 5 and Amazing Grace, completely pedestrian, I know) Hugs across the internet and prayers for peace, strength and wisdom. Hope things are better, soonest!

  4. Heya Mals86,
    I’m late to the party but hopefully your sailing gets smoother each day. Sorry you’ve been troubled but glad you floated through it on the wings of fragrance.
    Can’t wait to read the whole low down.
    Be well,
    Portia xx

  5. Best wishes to you & your family. I admire the steps you’ve taken thus far. And now I’m dying to try Early Roses!

  6. How ominous and mysterious; how intriguing, yet frightening. Of course it will all work out. No matter what, it will work out. And to top that off, it will all be better in the new iteration.

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