Help out one of our favorite fume bloggers!

Another terrific perfume-related project is getting off the ground, and you can help!

Barbara Herman of the wonderful blog Yesterday’s Perfume is writing a book.  About, you guessed it, perfume, to be called Scent and Subversion: A Century of Provocative Perfume (via Lyon Press, due out fall of 2013).  And she’s raising money through Indiegogo.  And you can help.

Barbara’s fundraising page introduces her book in more detail, and offers some fun perks for donators (you don’t have to accept them, but who wouldn’t want a vial of vintage goodies?).  Briefly, her book will present some beautiful vintage ads, discuss perfume in the context of culture and gender studies, and interview modern perfumers.

Go check out some of her writing on Yesterday’s Perfume, if you’re not already familiar with it.  It’s well worth reading, even if you have nothing but disdain for scent from another era.  (She might just change your mind!) 

THERE ARE ONLY FOUR DAYS LEFT.  The goal’s almost reached, but every little bit counts, of course, so check it out and consider helping to get this book published.  As for me, I might go gloat over my vintage miniatures and reread some of Barbara’s reviews…


10 thoughts on “Help out one of our favorite fume bloggers!”

  1. I cannot WAIT for this book, as I’m a vintage perfume addict, myself. The vial, I have to say, pushed me to contribute where I may have not otherwise. Thanks for letting us know about this!

    1. I just found out about it two days ago, and went straight over to donate. I would have anyway, being such a fan of Barbara’s blog, but the vial of vintage stuff sure was a sweet offer! (I wonder what she’s going to send me…)

    1. Oh good! I hadn’t seen any other blog mention it, and since Barbara’s posting has been spotty lately (she’s working on the book, of course) I haven’t been visiting hers frequently. I saw it on Facebook and figured it would be good to get the word out.

  2. Man, I wish I had $1000 to blow on the New Orleans vintage perfume party. I’m not that far away from New Orleans!

    I actually serendipitously met Barbara while on my honeymoon – more to come on that. I’m still debating what goodies to pledge for, since I can’t afford the party (le sigh!).

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