Friday Gots Nothin’


I meant to have posted something meaty today, like a serious fragrance review or a discussion of How Le Temps d’une Fete Changed My Life or something.

But I’ve been writing fiction and I gots nothin’.  Again: sorry.

So here’s a picture of Bookworm and PETBoy on a recent camping trip they took with some friends. They’re so cute.Bookworm and PETBoyPETBoy, in case you were wondering, plans to attend a local university while living at home, and to enter a pharmacology program of study. He can do the first part of that (the four-year Bachelor’s degree) here, and then for the second part (three-year Pharmacist study) he’ll probably have to transfer elsewhere, but he’ll be close by. Maybe he’ll come over for dinner sometimes so I can spoil him a little.

Meanwhile, Bookworm is on pins and needles wanting to find out which residential college at Yale she’s been assigned to. That info should be disseminated later in the month.

And we have given the boys Indian names. You know, like in Dances with Wolves? There’s Dances with Wolves and Stands with a Fist and Wind in His Hair and Kicking Bird… we have Grumpy When Hungry (Gaze) and Toink in His Hair (Taz). Taz’ hair has been toinky ever since he was old enough to grow some. I love his hair.

H&C coffeeI miss living in Roanoke. I miss the H&C coffee sign. And the Dr. Pepper sign. And the Texas Tavern sign. And the star, of course. Roanokers love their neon, it seems… Hey, you know, this coffee sign? it moves. That is, first the business name lights up, then the coffeepot itself, and then the coffee pours halfway down the stream, then all the way down, and gradually the cup fills up with thin rings of neon until everything is lit, as it is in the above photo. Then it goes black, and starts all over again. Coolest. Sign. Ever.

7 for all mankind adelaI want these shoes (7 for All Mankind Adela, if you want to search for them). Unfortunately, I do not have $225 to burn on one pair of shoes.


6 thoughts on “Friday Gots Nothin’”

  1. Ok, venting time.I like Bath and Body Works scent Dark Kiss. Bath and Body Works has discontinued Dark Kiss. Therefore,I am not happy with Bath and Body Works.

    Luckily Mom and I got four bottles of lotion today, so I should be good for a while… but still, why do all good things have to go away?

  2. We love the H&C sign too. Anytime we’re on a long trip and come home in the dark, that’s always our landmark to let us know “not far now!”

    1. What I used to love was the old N&W Shops neon sign you could see from 581 where it goes through downtown, just before the Elm Ave. exit – that was my “almost home” sign. But to be honest, the H&C sign is way cooler. (Besides which, the N&W sign is gone… has been for probably 20 years now.)

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