Five Fragrances for Summer, 2017

Summer looks like this.

I don’t always do seasonal-picks posts. Mine kind of get repetitive because I’m a creature of habit who tends to wear the same things over and over, and also because I don’t really care if I’m recommending something discontinued. (I’m sorry about that. Well, a little bit sorry.)

But! I have a New Shiny, so you get a Five for Summer this year.

The New Shiny is something I’ve mentioned before, albeit in the context of, “I want this but I probably won’t buy it,”: Parfums DelRae Wit. Based on the lovely scent of spring-blooming Daphne cnoreum, Wit starts off with a sunshine-bright lemon and continues into a jasmine/neroli heart accented with a beautiful, not-very-clean narcissus. Wit is maybe a bit heavier than my usual floral choices for summer, especially since its heart is lush instead of airy, but it is just so darn pretty that I don’t mind its bigger sillage. I also notice a definitive spicy note that I can’t quite place; it’s not quite clove, not quite pepper, not quite cardamom, but something in the general vicinity. I love that. The narcissus becomes more prominent near the drydown, and then there is a soft woody vanilla musk toward the end.

So how’d I get hold of this beauty? Perfumista RAOK, of course. Waterdragon, who comments frequently on Now Smell This and who lives in New Zealand, was looking to divest herself of a bottle of Wit, a blind buy that didn’t work out for her. She and her partner (whom she calls The Dear Man), recently visited the West Coast of the US, and very kindly braved the USPS in order to send it to me. I don’t know why it didn’t suit her, but I suspect that musk. It doesn’t read as uber-clean boring white laundry musk to me the way that No. 5 L’eau did, but I can see where it might veer in that direction. In any case, I’m glad it didn’t suit her.

Chanel 1932 EdP (Les Exclusifs collection) is becoming my second go-to this summer. I only have a decant, but it’s wonderful. Longer-lived than the effervescent original eau de toilette version, it’s missing the jubilant citrusy sparkle but has a stronger drydown that reminds me of Chanel’s 31 Rue Cambon. I’ve drained two 10ml decants of 31RC over the past 8 years but don’t feel the need to buy a full bottle, and to be honest, sometimes it’s just too darn much for me… but that drydown is so elegant: iris and sandalwood.

Moschino Funny! has been a summer favorite of mine since I bought it some years ago. Cheerful, mischievous, and refreshing, it fills the same sort of niche that Tommy Girl (yeah, yeah, put your snobbery away) does, for a quick pick-me-up. Grapefruit, blackcurrant, jasmine, green tea, cedar, musk. Simple.

Marc Jacobs Daisy was one of the first department-store scents that I smelled after my long hiatus from perfume, and you know what? I still like it. I waited several years and bought it on ebay, slightly used, for a song. It’s a very happy, feminine scent, and easy to enjoy in the air: fruit, a gentle white floral, and a woody-musk base. Complicated, original, unexpected, quirky? Niche quality? Nope. And I don’t care. It’s like cake made from a mix instead of from scratch. You might complain if you’re a serious foodie, but the rest of us perk up, because cake, y’all.

And one more: Hermes Kelly Caleche edp. I did not like the original version of this, in the eau de toilette, which I found unpleasantly vegetal; i.e., it smelled like celery to me. (I eat celery. By itself it’s pretty good, and if you slather it with crunchy peanut butter it’s even better. But I don’t like it in a tossed salad, where it tends to make everything in the salad taste only of celery. And I hate V-8, which combines the gross feeling of thick tomato juice with the oppressive smell of pulped celery, ew.)

Anyway. Kelly Caleche is an airy floral leather that begins in tangy grapefruit and slides its way down to a gentle sueded leather ice cream cone, by way of rose, iris and mimosa. Pretty, refreshing, and unobtrusive.

What’s your summer jam of 2017?



4 thoughts on “Five Fragrances for Summer, 2017”

  1. Yay for Wit! That bottle was destined for you. Waterdragon is a perfumed angel.

    Wit, Debut, and Amoureuse are my favorites from Parfums DelRae. When I decided I could buy just one I went for Debut, which edged out Wit by a nose because of that musk. Usually it’s fine, once in a while it oppresses.

    Kelly Caleche edp has long been on my must-try list. I often wear Eau des Merveilles in summer, not a surprise as it is a staple year round. Infusion d’Iris and its Amande flanker as well as No. 5 EdP are my go-to’s for warm evenings, preferably spritzed post shower while wearing PJs.

    1. She is! Someday I hope to make it back to NZ and meet her in person.

      I do love Amoureuse, and Coup de Foudre is good but it shrinks down to skin so oddly that it frustrated me. Wit is swoony.

  2. Hey Mals86,
    So interesting. I have FB Amoureuse and Coup de Foudre, loved Wit when I sampled it and it’s been on the To Buy List ever since but never gets in the final cart contents.
    Kelly Caleche is lovely too, I have a 15ml that gets rare outings.
    I tried Daisy flanker but don’t remember smelling the original, must remedy.
    Portia x

    1. Wit is so gorgeous. I have a partial bottle of Amoureuse, but CdF shrunk down to a skin scent so fast that I was disappointed in it. (My CdF alternative is MDCI Rose di Siwa, which is way worse in terms of cost, but exactly what I wanted out of CdF. Sigh. I have a decant of the MDCI.)

      I haven’t liked any of the Daisy flankers, but the original is pretty decent, if a little bit on the “average department store feminine” side.

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