Excellent (double-excellent) news!

I love the sound of those words together: NaNoWriMo 2010 Winner… I think I’ll just repeat them quietly to myself for awhile…  winner… winner.  I like that.

I’m considering posting an excerpt or two here – as soon as I’ve edited them thoroughly, that is. 

This year’s novel has been fun. (Uh, mostly.)  I’ve lost some sleep, and the laundry has certainly suffered, but I’m getting better at plotting a story arc.  Now, to do more “showing” and less “telling.”  And to transition from scene to scene more smoothly.  All that will, or should, come with editing.  Finishing is good, building skills is better.

Thanks for being patient with me while I went off on my little side excursion.  Regular posting should pick up from here on out.

I think I’m going to go put on some Iris Poudre…


15 thoughts on “Excellent (double-excellent) news!”

  1. Well done and congratulations! A well deserved (not that we need an excuse) spray. You worked hard and now you can enjoy and relax.

  2. Yippee (jumps up and down)! Congratulations and well done! So very happy for you. Give yourself another big pat on the back and an extra spray of that lovely Iris Poudre 🙂

  3. Holy guacamole!! Mals, this is a tremendous achievement– I had no idea!! You ARE a remarkable writer– I’m just so glad you’re getting some mad recognition for it!!!

  4. Actually saw this news first at NST (I think–cross blogging is ever so helpful!). Congratulations for gettin’ it done! I find it more impressive that you did it in November, what with Thanksgiving and all.

    What an excellent example for your children–set a goal and meet it!

    **clapping loudly**

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