Donate and do good!

 Me and the smellies

Okay, so I’m feeling like I’ve got… wait for it… too much perfume on my hands!  (I know, I never thought I’d say it either.)  And I’m thinking that I need to divest myself of some items that I like but don’t love, or that I have too many of.

But what will I do with them?? I can’t take them to my local women’s shelter; they don’t accept used beauty products, including perfume.  Goodwill would probably take them and then stick them under hot lights where they’d languish until somebody bought them five years from now, utterly ruined.  I could sell them on eBay (don’t think I haven’t considered it).  I could sell them at a substantially reduced cost to perfumista friends, who at least would be happy to give them good homes.

Or… I could donate them to Scents of Self’s online charity sale in benefit of Refuge, an organization in the UK that provides safe housing and shelter to women and children escaping domestic violence.  The way the sale works is that Ari will post photos and descriptions of the items available along with suggested donation amounts, and the first person to claim each item will send payment (via account debit or credit card) to Refuge directly, through a JustGiving button.  The donator will then ship the purchased items directly to the buyer.  (Edit: final details on the charity sale have just been posted, go check ’em out here!)

 Yard Sale sign or Custom sign

I’ll be donating at least the following to the sale:

Guerlain Samsara edt, 30ml bottle, approximately 90% full.

Chloe Love, Chloe miniature bottle in box, 5ml, approximately 4ml remaining.

Annick Goutal Mandragore edt mini, 15ml, 98% full, unboxed. Square bottle with purple sticker, very cute.

Won’t you please think about donating that ill-considered TJ Maxx impulse purchase of Britney Spears Circus Fantasy, or your Aunt Lucy’s Christmas gift of Opium to you, when she should have known that you’re more of a Jo Malone fan?  You know you want to save some space for, um, that Serge Lutens bell jar of La Myrrhe when you finally save up enough money for it.  Am I right or am I right?


2 thoughts on “Donate and do good!”

  1. Ooooh! I see she’s also allowing donations of books. I have ratio of something like 50 books to each bottle of perfume, so perhaps I’ll donate books.

    I’m loving this idea of an online charity sale.

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