Delay in posting Scent Diary, and an explanation of sorts regarding what I’ll post later today

My trusty orange Dell laptop was baaaaadd.  It ate last week’s Scent Diary.  Bad laptop! Bad girl!  No treats for you!  Go sit in the corner.

(Or maybe I did something to it that made it hungry enough to eat last week’s Scent Diary post.  Whatever.)

So, while I wrack my brains to recreate the week – my memory is, perhaps, not as sharp as it once was! – I’ll go ahead and post a recounting of my experiences with Mitsouko.  I’ve tried and tried and tried with Mitsouko, and I’ve finally come to an epiphany, which you’ll get to read later.

I’m leaving the house in ten minutes to volunteer at a local soup kitchen and won’t be back until this afternoon, so please check back later today for my Mitsouko post.  It should be up by 3pm EDT.

In the meantime, you can read Marina’s moment of epiphany with Shalimar here at Perfume-Smellin’ Things.


4 thoughts on “Delay in posting Scent Diary, and an explanation of sorts regarding what I’ll post later today”

  1. Boy can I relate to the failing memory. One thing I haven’t forgotten is a very prophetic bit from “Water for Elephants.” The very cranky and hilarious 90-something narrator laments his poor memory and reminisces that “people don’t tell you this, but memory loss really starts happening in your mid-30s, when all of a sudden you can’t remember how old you are anymore” (paraphrased, of course.)

    And it’s so true! If you’d told me in my 20s that there’d be days I couldn’t remember my age, I’d have thought you were crazy. The Wild Things comment regularly about stuff I forget.

    1. When I was a kid, I used to be completely puzzled by my aunts’ forgetting how old I was. I’d have a birthday and they’d say, “Now HOW old are you?” I’d answer properly, but the back of my head was all “One year older than LAST YEAR! DUH!”

      I had no idea. None.

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