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Comments are welcome.  Positive comments are very welcome.  Negative comments, when they are helpful and courteous, or funny without hurting anyone’s feelings, are even more welcome.  You may be as snarky as you wish about STUFF, ACTIONS, or PUBLIC COMMENTS, but PEOPLE are off limits.  Want to complain about a perfume house? Okay by me.  Want to call people names? Not okay.

Your first comment on the blog will be held (by WordPress) for approval (by me).  The comment should appear within 24 hours, or maybe 48 if I’ve been busy enough to miss my “Comments Pending” notice.  After your first comment is approved, any subsequent comments should appear immediately.

Comments which are insulting, disrespectful of others’ feelings, or hinder the discussion process will be edited, at the very least, or possibly deleted. 

Comments which contain foul or offensive language will be edited or deleted, depending on how egregious the language is.  As a guideline, any word you’re likely to hear on network TV before 9 pm is fine for you to use here.  Euphemisms for topics or words that are NSFW (not suitable for work – or for young children, for that matter) are acceptable.   If in doubt, go ahead and use whatever word you want, and I’ll edit to a euphemism if I feel it necessary.  Comments that seem egregiously pornographic will probably get “disappeared” into the ether.

Comments that are edited will have a reply comment from me stating so.

Spam is never welcome

Commercial announcements, such as, “There’s a 10% off sale at this seller’s website,” are probably okay if the commenter isn’t going to benefit from any sale.  Mentioning that you have a particular item for private sale and any interested party should contact the commenter at his or her private email address is probably okay, although I’ll approve these on a case-by-case basis.   If a regular commenter wants to mention that he or she has an ebay store, I’m probably okay with that too, again on a case-by-case basis. 

Commercial announcements that directly benefit the commenter will be deleted.  Hopping on to comment when the goal is simply to sell your own stuff on eBay or Etsy or Zazzle or whatever, when you’re not really interested in commenting on the blog content, is uncool and I will delete your comment.  Look, I love eBay as much as the next gal… but I’m not blogging in order to facilitate sales for you.  Find another way to advertise, please.

If you feel your comment has been erroneously deleted or edited improperly, drop me an email at  We’ll talk about it, and if I agree with you, I’ll repost it.  Thanks for your patience – mistakes do happen.

I’d like to keep this a place where we say what we feel like saying, while being courteous and respectful of  others.  Thank you all very much.


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